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Posted 6/26/08 , edited 6/27/08

Come on everyone's got to have a vampire name.
Create a vampire character.


It's actually pretty easy.
For example Mine:

Name: Rose
DOB:February 16
Age: 15
Personality: Dark, Creative, Funny, hard to trust people.
Story: Her mother was human and her father was a very powerful vampire. But vampire hunters found and killed him, after the death of her father, Rose's mother left her to her father's brother. At the time she was only 6 years old. She is also a very powerful vampire. When her eyes turn black and so does her cross. All vampires should get away from her as quickly as possible. Because when she blows sunlight comes out of her eyes and kills any thats in her view. After this if she cries her eyes start to burn.Rose can also sing, calming any kind of beast that has gone wild or making someone obey her.

{can't put a picture up at the time, sorry}
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