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Posted 6/27/08 , edited 6/27/08
This hasn’t been posted anywhere official yet, but over at the daum bulletin boards, Cassioppeias’ are outraged.

Micky Yoochun of DBSK was taken to the hospital on the 26th of June after vomiting after filming. He was taken to the hospital and made to rest, meanwhile canceling all the rest of his daily schedule.

It seems that the reason for his illness is overwork and not eating meals on time, or at all.

It’s not clear where or how the Korean Cassioppeias got their news, but I think from past experience they are quite a reliable source.

Recently, plenty of stars have been sent to the hospital for exhaustion, (just last week MC Mong, Lee Dahae and Big Bangs’ Taeyang were admitted to the hospital for just that reason), and it’s bordering on inhumane from their management companies. I have heard of plenty of stars being sent to the hospital after fainting, but waiting for someone to start puking before getting them checked out is ridiculous. >:(

These management companies need to stop thinking about making the most money as possible and realize that they’re stars are only human beings and need to be taken care of accordingly.

Health and mental well being will elongate a stars career, allow them to perform better and thus create more opportunities to gain money. Management companies are solely responsible for their health and must see it as their number one priority.

I recently watched an interview with the Brown Eyed Girls and they were saying how before their concerts they had to get IV injections. Stars shouldn’t carelessly inject Ringer’s solution into their body just to have enough strength to move on. This is the epitome of human exploitation and slavery. When has the entertainment industry become a market for human trafficking?

Shape up SM, YG, JYP, DSP and all other management companies with their stars frequently visiting hospitals. If you continue to wear them out, they won’t last any longer, and your livelihood and theirs will be at stake.

And on a final note, PLEASE get better soon Micky Yoochun oppa! We LOVE you so very much!!! XOXOXO

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Posted 6/27/08 , edited 6/27/08
aww thats sad=(
Posted 7/26/08 , edited 7/26/08
>< micky yoochun and everyone! >< ME CRY...
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Posted 8/24/08 , edited 8/24/08
your right it is ridiculousto not have checked them befor
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