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26 / M / Transylvania, liv...
Posted 6/27/08 , edited 6/28/08
This forum, is somewhat like story telling except you can do a "story" together. This is a Roleplaying forum. Here is the main rules for the game.
1. Please try to read what is going on before you type something that can't happened. Like if someone took a vacation, you cannont type that they are sitting next to u or u have to edit it or delet it.
2. Also you CANNOT judge who dies and who lives you are not god. Everyone can majority vote or if you created the character then u can "kill" he/she.
3. For the characters plz use the ones in the forum what dark creator are you? And if you don't have one plz make one in the forum, you may put a pic if you want. (i'm sorry if i spelled the forum wrong, forgot what it was called. But it is very similar to it.
4. If you someone is talking to you and you are not in the same place/scene, then simply ignore them or edit the post and talk to them but delete the sentence or watever that says you did leave, so that people don't get confused.
5. Lastly, have fun! ^,..,^ Enjoy!
(We have to start off, with the fact that the main setting is the castle or mansion, idk someone figure it out -_-)
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27 / F / i dont know
Posted 6/27/08 , edited 6/28/08
red:ppl talking to me
purple: thoughs in my head

it was a beautiful and raining night. the wind was singing through the trees. Inside the castle i was in the library looking up the story of the ritual to obtaining my soul scythe when popo(human form) opened the door.
popo: Mistress (bowing on one knee)we have found two boys outside the castle
Me: (still in the book) are they still alive
popo: yes mistress
Me: well bring them in (closing the book)
popo: but we dont know them
Me: popo its an order find out what you can about them as well. (turning to face him) i will be down there shortly
popo:(rising) yes
I could tell he was angry by my choice but i cant just let someone die infornt of my castle what would the villagers think. i went back to my room and changed into something more prestentable for guest to see me in.
When i finished i rushed down stairs to observe. one boy was up sitting in the corner who look hypmotized (mite be my beauty) the other was sleep.
popo: (standing close beside me) the one sitting in the corner is named Jd that all i have
Me:good boy, i wish i had a treat(patting him on his head)
popo:dont treat me like a pet im not a dog by choice
I just kept walking. i went to talk to nurse of the situation.
Me: How dose he look
Nurse: not to good
Me: the other
Nurse: he just sit there looking out the window.
Me: i wonder what happen? well dosent matter tomarrow i will take him for a walk in the village let him get to meet some people then maybe he'll talk to me i mean how could you resist me(evil laugh)
Nurse: she at it again(looking feed up)
me:say something
Nurse: no not at all ill set up his room and everything
me:also inform yamira when she returns
nurse: yes princess
me: well goodnight popo turn back into my puppy and lets go to bed
popo: stop insulting me or ill bite your face off(looks back at jd then walks out)
me:hurry up dog boy or you will be sleeping outside in the rain instead of in the bed with me that should make any creature in Darkon cry (evil laugh)
Popo: (whispers)your such a pervert you jackass
me: i didnt catch that popo say it louder(right behind him)
popo: ohh nothing mistress(nervousily laugh )
I walk away laughing into my room and close the door
popo: jeez what a pain in the ass(turns the knob but its lock)RAIN LET ME IN
me:goodnight popo(changing into my night clothes) dumb dog

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26 / M / Transylvania, liv...
Posted 6/27/08 , edited 6/28/08
As Jd was sitting drenched in water staring out into the lifeless void outside. He saw a women, walk into the hallway from one of the other hallways and wondered who she was. He figured that it was a very important person by her looks, then he definately knew that she was important from the way she was dressed and when the nurse called her princess. After a few minutes, the princess left the nurse asked. "Excuse me, but do you want to go to your room, your probably tired at this late at night, and i can tell your brother is too." *smiles gratefully* "Yes, that would be deliteful." Jd stands up and walks over to his brother and wakes him up. "Jonathan, wake up. Wake up. Wake! Up!" *shakes him* "Damn it." In grief, Jd decides to pick his brother up and carry him to his room. *grunts* They walk up 2 flights of stairs into a dimly lit hallway, pass a few empty rooms. "Here you go, you can stay in this room for now. This room is where you two will be staying tonight, but if you decide to stay for a while, i'll tell one of the helpers to move you to a more temperary room. I'll make sure the housekeepers, will bring you a pair of clean clothes tomorrow, Goodnight!" As she walks out the door and closes it, Jd sets his brother down on the bed and then goes to the other one and falls asleep.
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25 / F / Do you care?
Posted 6/28/08 , edited 6/28/08
purple: My troughs
blue: Others talking

:At the same time far away from the castle:
" The night is really dark today, and the rain dose not look like it will stop anytime soon"
I satt there and looked at the rain as it falled down like a waterfall. I knew it would not be as far as for most creator to the castle now, but I was tired.
I looked around myself, I was inside a clocktower of a church.
" Is just my luck to end up here isnt it ??" I stood up and walked down the stairs to the main hall. The church was old and worn and there havent been a soul there in a long time.... living souls of course. I could feel the souls around me, but I just ignored them those I ignored most where the prist and the monks that yelled after me.
" How dear you come and stain this pure place whit your black soul!!" and more...
"pure place? my ass.. I still smell the blood that have been spiled here... what a wast"
I rubbed my head, a headach was coming and those stupid guys behind me did not help.
and then my temper snapped.
"Wh..Wher did the woman go??" The munk and the priest looked around themself and gulped.
" You should just shut those damn mouths of your!"
My hands stabbed both the souls right trough their stormaches. And I could feel the spiritual blood like it was from a living human. No sound came out of them but their faces showed the pain that pirced trough their "bodies".
"Now go to your "Dear God".. I wispered in their ears husky and sexy and then drawed my hands out of them. A tortured scream came from them before them diseapeared into dust.
I looked at the dust as the wind played whit it over the cold stone floor, I looked at my hands.
I walked to the big and beautifull oak door and opned it. The rain was still falling, adn I was still tired but that I didnt really think right now.
Two big beautifull black wings came out of my back, and up into the night sky I flew.
I didnt really think as I travled over the sky, my troughs where more in the past then in this time. I growled as those stupid words agien entred my mind.
" Why do such a thing like you live!"
" You just hurt others and you enjoy it dont you! You monster"

I stoped and clenched my eyes shut, my hands griped my long silver hair and draged it. I did not want to reameber! not that past!
"wha... what am I doing" I shaked my head and straigted up my back. The vison was blury but I could see the castle, and a thiny smile came to my blood red lips.

:At the castle:
I landed infront of the big gate and my wings diseapered into my back.
I walked past the guards that stood there, but I could feel their eyes glued to my ass.
There is allways a price to pay when you where beautifull really... but in all those years as I have lived no man had ever really deared to touch me in any dirty way.
" It can have somthing to do whit my rumor.."
Finally inside the castel, my troughs where just around to have a warm bath, only that would not happen as fast. Beacuse of a nurse that was screaming my name from one of the hallways.
Me: What is it? *looking really bored and irritaded*
Nurse: U..umm * a little scared*
Me: are you going to say somthing or just play stupid * a little amused but dose not show*
Nurse: The princess wanted me to talk to you when you came back Miss Yamira * bows head*
Me: Okey... and what is it..
Nurse: There have been found two boys outside the castle today and we have taken them inside after order from the princess and they have gotten rooms.
" two boys?..."
Me: * crosses hands and looks out of a window whit back turned to the nurse* "let me gusse the little doggy boy didnt like it did he??"
Nurse: um yes... mister popo was not really happy about it but the princess ordred it * looks confused*
I held a my hand elegant infront of my face and tride to hide a amused smile on my lips.
" I just would sooo like to see that" *smirks* " Its just so much fun teasing him... and that is the reasult taht he dont really like me"
Me: * in my own world*
Nurse: Um... Miss Yamira
Me: ah... and the boys what creatur are they??
Nurse: *very nervous* um..w..we dont know miss..
Me: WHAT!! *turns around and looks at teh nurse*
Nurse: * hides behind clipboard* " Troughs: Great I knew this would happen" " Well you see they where both really tired and well I didnt really want to stress them.. and the princess didnt order it... and well ..
Me: I dont care if they where tired you could have asked them! you dont really need to go trough many tests and such and you have a brain right so you dont need the princess to order it!
I stoped myself before I continued... It wasnt really like me to lose my temper, and I woult be 100% sure that it was beacuse taht I reamebered my past.
Me: *turns around and walks up the stairs* You can leav now, Im going to bed.
Nurse: yes miss...

: In my chamber in one of the towers:
I laid down on my bed in my sleeping garment. and I petted Nightmare as the big anubis dog laid beside me. "Well then tomorrow Im going to meet the princess agein and Im sure Im going to her it for just leaving agein.
I closed my eyes and let the world of sleep take me away.
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27 / F / i dont know
Posted 6/28/08 , edited 6/28/08
It is moring i awake shaking and screaming in fear.
popo:(busting in) whats wrong rain(shaking me) get out of it
me:i need to see yamira now(rushing out of bed)
popo: but for what(looking confused)
me: tell her to meet me in the throne room ima go get ready i want you to come with her.
popo: okay the elders are here to speak to you on the 1st floor meeting room
damn why now? do they not understand no marriage me: fine i will meet with them 1st but popo when you go see yamira be nice dont get the fighting again kay
popo:she ask for it
I rush to the bath. my servants wash me up then i head out. i put on the red outfit one elder son gave to me on my 17th birthday. i rush to the 1st floor meeting room. i see the elders already sitting
me: you have summoned me(bows)
elder 1: we heard you have brought two unknown boys to the castle
me: yes(having a seat)
elder 2: have you lost it we dont welcome outsiders what do you know of them
me:nothing sir
elder 3: this is why we cant leave a foolish girl to rule
old bastard me: i can do just fine
elder1: i know you can but you must thinking about marrying to someone more mature and ready to lead like that vampire lord or demon prince
me: i will not have some man come and take what was left to me by my late mother and grimmy dear
elder 3:dont refer to your dads job nor nme in such disrespect.
me: whatever i have important matters to attend to we can pick this up another time
I got up and left. I know most dont think i can hadle ruling darkon because im a girl and only 17 but im doing fine and wont let o one take this away 4rm me if they try the die.
I head to the throne room to meet with yamira and popo. the are not here yet so i seat on the throne and wait
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26 / M / Transylvania, liv...
Posted 6/28/08 , edited 6/28/08
Bro's thoughts
Jd woke up before Jonathan early in the morning, and didn't know what to do, he noticed the showers and thought it would be a good idea. After he undresses, he gets in the shower for about 10 min. and then raps a robe around him, looking for clothes.
"now where are those clothes, that the nurse said."
Jd, finally finds them in one of the drawers near his bed. He slips into a pair of black pants and a nice, button up black collard shirt.
Then he puts on a cape.
"hmm, i wonder if i should just walk around, or just wait until something happens. I'll wait until Jonathan wakes up." Jd opens up the curtains of a window and waits for a few minutes.Jd, sits in a chair waiting for his brother to wake up and he finally wakes up...after being tortured by sunlight.
"The light! Clothes the damn curtains Julius!"
Jd just chuckles then closes them so his brother could get ready. After Jonathan takes a shower and gets dressed.
"hey do you want to go look around the castle? Maybe we can see the princess again?
Princess? I didn't know there was a princess here?"
"She appeared when we arrived, that was also when you were asleep and i had to carry you up 2 flights of stairs!!"
"Hey it isn't my fault i was tired from what hap- *he pauses after a sad look from Jd* pened."
"Hey, atleast were still alive and together. Were still family." "Comon, lets go look around the castle."
"fine, lets go."
As Jd, and Jonathan leave the room and go down the hallway to the stairs, they both wondered if they would see the princess or atleast meet someone.
"no we came from that way so we need to take a left."
No, we came from that way and we need to take a right.
"Damn they need a freakin map for this place, I wonder if we'll even get out of here."
Jd, take a left, then a right, then another right and end up in a living room. So they take a seat and just wait, they figured that someoen would pass by them, then they can ask directions.
"hey, maybe we can ask them where the kitchen is, i'm starving."
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25 / F / Do you care?
Posted 6/28/08 , edited 6/28/08
everything was peacfull, the wind that came from the big window I was sitting in was fresh and calm. A old book laid in my lap and i fliped ech page whit a caring hand.
I just love such old books I took the wine glass up to my lips and drank from it as I countinued reading. I feelt like nothing could desturb me...or mabe?
A loud crash came as the door to my chamber got opned in what looked like a death and life situetion.
Popo:*talks very rude* Hey yamira!! the princess wa.... BY HELL GET SOME CLOTHES ON!!
he smashed the door close as hard as ever.
"His own foult..." I got int my dressing chamber and took a long dark dress on not to pretty and not to comon, and my hair I didnt really care to do anything whit.
" You can come in now "
Popo walked in he was red in his face but I could know if it was a blush or just anger.
Me: " So what do you want doggy boy"
Popo: Dont call me that!!
Me: whatever....
Popo: the princess wants too talk whit you and I have no idear why she want to talk to YOU about *dosnt looked me*
Me: aww is someone jealous *pouts funny*
Popo: No Im not!! *reamebered what Rain said and tries to calm down* Can you just pleas come whit me to the throne room
Me: of course, of course
The walk to the throne room was silenc, and as we walked we meet some of the elders.
I bowed my head polit too them but I knew they had somthing ageins me, what it was I didnt really know but I could guess that they had talked to the princess.
I stoped outside the throne room and I knew the princess had allready scenced my prescens from inside the thorne room door...
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Posted 6/28/08 , edited 6/28/08
i was sitting bored in the throne room. when my devil eyes told me they where here. Also told me that the boys where lost.
me:popo, yamira enter
popo:(bowing on one knee) i got the witch anything else(looking fluster)
me the boys are in the main living room bring them to the throne room while me and yamira can have a girl talk he must have seen her naked again
popo: when will you throw those two lost boy out (standing up)
me: just go get them or ill make you sleep in yamira room
popo: yall both are some old hags(turning and walking away)
me: keep pushing it ad ill make you sleep in a cage(turning to yamira) report plezz and have you heard the news of our guest
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Posted 6/28/08 , edited 6/28/08
" Old hag??!! Im not that old "
*Turns to Rain and bows head*
" well there is not much to say only that the problems whit some lost spirits taht was hurting the pepole in the east are taken care of, but many got ill so they lost many. And I have too been to the wearwolf clan in the north and delivered the payment they was waiting for. And I know that it was stupid of me to not come back after I had comleteed my task but I got cought up in a little towns allway.
I lifted my head and looked straight into Princess Rains eyes. Many(mostly the elders) would say that I had no respect for doing such, but I had respect for the princess and she knew that I did not like to be seen as anyones "object" and that was one of the things taht made me work for her in the first place.
"And yes I have heard about our guest`s from the nurse. and I heard too that you let them inside whitout really controlling them? But I know you allways have a reason dont you?
*crosses hands* "But I know you never call me for such small things, so where is the fire?" I said whit a playfull smile on my lips
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27 / F / i dont know
Posted 6/28/08 , edited 6/28/08
damn vampire always so laid back.
I got up and walked by the window. it was silent for aleast five min.
me: i had a dream of my brother yoru who betrayed us and kill my mother and my oldersister daya. he was only a 1/2 brother but he more like my dad powerful as well. the came and spoke to me.
*showing the dream*
Me: where am i how did i end up in such a lonley place.
yoru: hello baby sister havent grew up nicely
me: who is there
yoru: aww dont tell me you dont remeber your own brother we use to play toghter all the time
me: why have you come to me
i could feel his pressence i could tell he had that smirk on his face
yoru: why you so mad at me Rain you are still alive aint that good enough what can i do to please you (showing himself and walking towards me)
me: you killed mother and daya dont you feel any shame if you want to please me bring them back(i could feel the tears coming)
yoru: why would i they didnt me like family so what i killed them but i left you alive for a reason(coming in close to my face)
me: (slapping him back)burn in hell bastard
yoru:(laugh)ill show why you shouldnt turn your back on me puppet
He vanished and i lost my sight. then all i could feel was people surrounding me clawing pulling i could feel there pain but i could fight back i could even scream
yoru: now when ill return make it a warm welcome ill see you rain(laying a rose on top of my lifeless body)
*end dream*
me:i never even got that far in lesson of how to enter dream but what do you take of it yamira is it jus a dream or is foreal

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25 / F / Do you care?
Posted 6/28/08 , edited 6/28/08
Even as I had my eyes closed I could feel her eyes on me.
" You have had many dreams that where somthing about your brother but they where just dreams" I opneed my eyes and looked at her her red devil eyes just looked at me and I could see that she knew what I was talking about.
" to go into a persons dream is a hard task and not everyone can make it, I dont really know much about your brother since I came her a good while after he murdered them." My voice was filled whit all respect as I talked about her familly, it was allways like that I had more respect for the dead then the living
" But as you showed me this..."
*strokes hair back ear*
" I have seen many nightmares and I can controll pepoles nightmares.... and I can only say thats this time dont take in to light but dont take it to hard or your heart will only sink in nothingnes."
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27 / F / i dont know
Posted 6/28/08 , edited 6/28/08
I took a deep breath. i walked close to my vampire friend.
me: this serious coversation isnt my style(pating her back hard) if he comes he comes i mean but what boy woudnt come for me(evil laugh)
i walked away back to the chair. i looked up at the picture on the wall of my father and brother. and smirked. i could feel yamira eyes on me and her iritation. She like my best friend she can always tell if something is wrong or not with me or anyone alot of the elders dont like her because of her history but i think she fine even though her aditiude is so damn cocky
me:i wonder would it be so bad for me to take a part in a romance and marry but i would want them to fight over my insanely good look. i think you need to get a someone to my vampire of doom have a little fun what you think i know alot of soilder who would like a private lesson in bed(laguh)
i must really want to die here
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25 / F / Do you care?
Posted 6/28/08 , edited 6/28/08
" I cant belive she said that* I looked at her whit a cold face, but I knew that my eyes showed the amusing that I feelt.
" so you mean you will drag me down whit you if you ever married ? But I know too that many guys are jealous of that little doggy beacuse of seeing me naked so often *loughs* but I dont think the elders would like us more if we did that "
I shaked my head and looked at the the familly photo I didnt really know why but whenever it came to "familly" I feelt sick but that too was in the past if just those elders could stop picking on me and make me tell and show them my past...
Memories flicked trough my head and I closed my eyes...
"really this is not the time to get flash backs" Then I felt Rains eyes on me and I quickly changed back to my normall face agein.
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27 / F / i dont know
Posted 6/28/08 , edited 6/28/08
me:marriage is a joke i mean i can do better on my own i dont care what the elder think i will rule my way. they tell me that you and popo are not of the clan but who really is now a days
I went back on the thoughts of my conversation with the elders. then the one with my father and mother of how i should marry and let him rule but thats just not me i have to prove just because im a beautiful young and got a nice body dosent mean i can rule Darkon with an iron fist.
me: yamira im not saying you should marry but to find someone to make you happy i know the past hunts you but you should find a ma who pleases you who know it might be our doggy friend popo(giggles) he seen your body so much he should know every part and how to use it. or it might be you like for him to look
i bust out in a laugh i know she is angry now. what dose she think of popo? should i ask her?
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25 / F / Do you care?
Posted 6/28/08 , edited 6/28/08
"Where did that come from!!! its not my foult he burst into my room a million time really" *pouts angry*
I knew I looked like a child right now, but it was only rain that I had ever showed that side...
I opned my eyes and walked to one of the windows and looked over the village.
" But I know that youre words are right, and I know its only the past that chains me down but I wont really die anytime soon so why shall I push myself"
*Turns around and smirks* "and if you ever marry then I will faint thats for sure* loughs*
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