naruto v.s bleach contineud
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hey guys this isnt my idea im just pasting it again so we can contineu to state our opinions of who would win here have fun

by the way bleach would win because think about it itachi versus aizen in hypnosis theyre both about the same level im guessing, but in physical strength aizen is 10x more powerful everyone saw how aizen stopped everyone with his bare hand bet itachi cant do that also im guessing naruto's about 16 and how old is ichigo....18 so i think since naruto's older it may not make a diffrence because ichigo is way older and he has had more serious wounds naruto didnt get any majors except in the fight with sasuke ichigo nearly got sliced in half by aizen almost got sliced in half by kenpachi and lets not forget almost got cut down between by renji ichigo got in way more hurtful situations than naruto and if naruto got nearly cut in half he would be dead in ten minutes because remember he may be good in the new season but remember what he said to kyuubi i dont wanna see your face anymore and after sasuke blew kyuubi up he said you may not see me anymore now without kyuubi there goes naruto's regeneration and ultimate power so hes finished another reason why bleach would win
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I know you want to be banned.

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