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°Event° Caption Battle #2
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Posted 6/28/08 , edited 6/28/08
"Its finally the time to judge the entries for the Caption Battle!"

and only one of them will be the winner~! (for each contest :3!)

•The winner for each will have his/her status change from "moe-taku" to "honorary moe-taku".! :3
(which would really make them somewhat unique in the group...)
"honorary moe-taku"s will have access to sneak peeks for next the next week's feature.
•and of course they also get an amazing sig prize, care of flamie.

1) Members will vote for the best caption among the list.
2) The names of the senders will not be viewable and shall be kept secret.
3) Voting will be possible until the last day of July.
4) Names of the senders will be revieled when the winner is chosen.
5) In case the winner for each is the same person, there would only be one winner.

•To the senders please avoid telling if your entries are present in the list.
(Fail to comply = automatic disqualification).

Entry #1 (read from Left to Right ->)

Entry #2 (read from Right to Left <-)

Entry #3 (read from Right to Left <-)
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