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Set after season 1 setsuna has returned to azidistan where there is a civil war. setsuna has no gundam and has lost most of his power. he is unable to do much so he decides to keep a low profile. setsuna learns that a new KPS has emerged and are set on returning azidistan to the old ways. setsuna doesn't know what he must do, he has no gundam but if he leaves things as they stand then azidistan will be greatly damaged.
Posted 6/28/08 , edited 6/28/08

Some where out side the earths atmosphere, there is a heavly damaged gundam decending down to earth.The gundam exia was in a battle agaisnt the gn flag which left the suit damaged and the pilot injured. The gundam falls some where in the indian ocean.

Moments later the pilot of the mobile suit ( setuna f.seie) finds him self wakeing up on a beach in siri lanka. Setsuna doesn't seem to remember anything " What is this place?, who am i?" says setsuna as he begins to walk. he then gets spotted by the locals " who is that, he has a space suit could he be a Union pilot, we better call the police" says the locals. setsuna is very confused and not haveing any memory makes things alot worse for him.

Soon after as setsuna was wondering the streets a police jeep pulls up beside him with its sirens on. " you stop where you are" says one of the police men. Setsuna is shocked by this as one of the police men begins to cuff his hands. setsunas natural refelxes forces him to knock out one of the police men with a punch and break the others ribs with a kick. Setsuna uses the chance to run as far as her can.

as setsuna was makeing his retreat he bumps into a old man. " sorry about that " says the old man. Setsuna helps the old man but then the sounds of police sirens begin to appear. The old man relizes that setsuna is on the run " why don't you come home with me plz hurry we don't have much time says the old man its just around the corner" says the old man. setsuna and the old man head to this small shak which is 2 miles away, they do this by takeing short cuts through ppls homes.

setsuna and the old man arrives at the old mans shak. "you sure its a good idea 4 me 2 stay here" says setsuna. the old man sits him self down " yes you should be safe here btw wat is your name young man" asks the old man. setsuna starts to look down on the ground " i don't know who i am " says a confused setsuna


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