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30 / F / Amatsuki
Posted 6/28/08 , edited 6/28/08

I'm just curious... Because I'm playing the game and watching the anime,
and there are some questions on my mind that needed answers... =.=

I don't think people here can answer though, but I will fire the questions anyway.
Maybe we can all discuss the best possible answers... right?

I'm not familiar with the old Angelique series (anime or game) so I don't know
if it's the same or not with this Neo Angelique Abyss series (anime or game).
Can anyone who's familiar with both say if they're the same, similar, or different?
Because in the description of Neo Angelique Abyss, it's said that she has to
But in the anime (and the game) there are ONLY FOUR. Correct me if I'm wrong?!
And WHO THE HELL made Angelique search for them? Who made the damn decision?
And WHO CHOOSES THESE ORB GUARDIANS??? God? I don't think there's any GOD here!
Mathias? Rene??? The Silver Tree????? Themselves???????????? Angelique??????
How come someone can be orb guardian and someone cannot?
Because if you say "PURIFYING ABILITY COMPATIBLE" for God's sake,
then JET can be one of the ORB GUARDIANS, right???
And why can't ROCHE or BERNARD or MATHIAS or RENE be one of them???
Because if they all become ORB HUNTERS then Angel will have NINE ORB GUARDIANS.
Instead of just four... Is it possible that KOEI can't count in English? =.=;;

When the four orb hunters were attacked by Jinx and then Angel fire up her power
and released herself from the bondage... WHY IS JET NOT AFFECTED BY IT?
Why only the FOUR ORB HUNTERS can be revived?????
I thought that Angel's power will affect people + orb hunters + artifacts (because JD is an artifact).
But when she releases that power to EMPOWER the orb hunters, JET didn't get any reaction at all!
THIS IS CONFUSING... Isn't JET the same with JD? Then why isn't he affected, too?
He should become stronger, too, with Angel's power... right?
HER POWER WILL HAVE AN EFFECT ON?? This is one possible answer, but isn't it just cruel?

Mathias said that Tanatos is created because of bad intentions/thoughts from people.
If it's true, then the only way to get rid of them is to make all the people think good stuffs, right?
Make them behave themselves so Tanatos won't be created anymore, right??
If Angel tell them what Mathias told her, then the people will behave themselves surely!
Or is it just my imagination that Mathias did say that???? Why do they need Angelique then?
What can Angelique possibly do when she becomes Queen??????
If she becomes Queen, then what? Her power increases? Tanatos will disappear? WHY???? HOW???
Because the more I think of it, it's useless whether she's queen or not, right? Nothing will change?
Except that the people now has a Queen instead of just ELDERS????

They're not stupid questions. I have thought about these questions over and over again.
Can't find the answers in the anime OR the game. Somehow it makes me hate the creator!
Angel's being bullied and pushed over by everyone for something even she can't change!!!!!

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31 / F / Momo iro no Kuni~~
Posted 6/29/08 , edited 6/29/08
I've played all the Angelique games, except for the ps2 ones, because I don't have a ps2 =(
Neo Angelique is a completely different story... The only similarities are that the main girl is named Angelique and has to become queen... and that she's surrounded by bishies =D
I think the anime and the game have some differences too... But I haven't played the game, so I can't tell you =(
As for the Orb Hunters... they're only four, as far as I know >_> And... Angelique wasn't searching for them... (I think Hyuga was searching for her, the Queen's Egg...?) I don't know who wrote that xD They just joined Angelique when they met her because... they wanted to help the Queen's Egg fight the Thanatos, I think ._. ...I'm sure she wasn't searching for them, and they're not chosen Orb Hunters ^^u People just named them that when Bernard published that story about them on the newspaper xD
At least in the anime is like that... I don't know if in the game is so T_T

About question #2... I think Ange just sent her power to her friends, for them not to get hurt anymore... So yeah, maybe she can choose who her power will have effect on n_n

And about #3... I'm asking myself the same things, lol xD

I hope this helps you =3
(and I hope I didn't make mistakes... I'm not a native English speaker, lol xD)
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30 / F / Amatsuki
Posted 6/29/08 , edited 6/30/08

Thanks for replying... ^^ But even in the KOEI homepage and the websites of the game, it's always said that Angel has to find 9 orb guardians. That's why I said it's weird... A lot weirder than Kiniro no Corda (because even though Kiniro no Corda has faeries, it's still can be considered "plausible"...). ^^

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