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Set after season 1 setsuna has returned to azidistan where there is a civil war. setsuna has no gundam and has lost most of his power. he is unable to do much so he decides to keep a low profile. setsuna learns that a new KPS has emerged and are set on returning azidistan to the old ways. setsuna doesn't know what he must do, he has no gundam but if he leaves things as they stand then azidistan will be greatly damaged.

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Some where in space, there is a heavly damaged mobile suit drifting in the direction of the earth.The mobile suit appears to be the GN 001 EXIA GUNDAM which was in fierce combat against the GN flag piloted by Graham acre. The Exia carries the scars of battle as it drifts through space, The mobile suit has very little power and the pilot is injured. Setsuna lies motionless in the gundam, he is unable to regain consciousness and it appears that his fate is sealed in the cold darkness of space. The gundam will be drifting into the earth atmosphere and as a result setsuna will be killed by the intense heat.

Soon after the gundam is floating just outside the earths atmosphere. Setsuna begins to hear a voice of a women" soran you mustn't die yet, the world hasn't changed you must return to me so that we can change this distort world" At first setsuna wasn't able to recognise the voice but he then realized that it is the voice of marina ismail " marina ismail, i have done all i can and my time here has come to an end" says setsuna. setsuna appears to of accepted his fate but he then begins to hear the voice of marina " Soran it is not your time, you must return to me so that we can change the world together".

setsuna then begins to regain consciousness " what was that, was it some kind of dream" says a confused setsuna as his gundam gets closer and closer to the earths atmosphere. " what if it isn't just a dream?, what if it is a sign" says setsuna. The damaged exia begins to decend down the earth and parts of the gundam begins to burn up. " i must survive this so that i can see for my self if the world has change, NO I WILL SURVIVE THIS" says setsuna.

As the gundam goes through the atmosphere, setsuna begins to scream in pain as he feels the intense heat of the earth atmosphere but there is one thing that is keeping him going, " i will get through this and see for my self if the world has turly changed" says setsuna

To be continued
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