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Tenkai and Dmitri walked through the ruins of Besaid. Finally they came to a black two-story home. It had not been damaged much.
“Stay here,” ordered Tenkai.
Tenkai went into the house. He couldn’t find anyone. He went outside to continue walking with Dmitri. They came to the town square. Bodies of citizens and gods littered the ground. Tenkai recognized one of the corpses with a blade through the stomach.
“Who is that?” asked Dmitri.
“Kairi Reono, a scientist,” said Tenkai, “she discovered the Demi form. Her son is a Kim-un-Kur too.”
A horse rode into town. It was Matthau Ashford with a traumatized girl. He got off.
“So this is what happened to Besaid,” said Ashford, “the Old Elder Gods must be stopped.”
“Who’s the girl?” asked Tenkai.
“Her name is Saria Sarou. The entire town of Tsucari was slaughtered right before her eyes.”
“Do you know where the Old Elder Gods are now?”
“My intelligence tells me that the Old Elder Gods are searching the Desert of Kaidva for the remnants of the HyBreed.”
The HyBreed. An army of hybrids once commanded by Solomon Gregorovitch, commonly called Grindell, that tried to eradicate all humans. They failed and Grindell was killed with half of HyBreed. For the last millennia they had lived in secrecy in the Desert of Kaidva in order to increase they’re strength again. It was said that the new leaders were Seithreen and Tsarfardeia.
“I want you to watch Dmitri while I go on a search for Izen and the others responsible,” said Tenkai.
“Okay,” said Ashford, “stay safe.”
Ashford helped Dmitri get onto the horse. Ashford got on himself and they rode off for Zelcova. Tenkai turned into his Divine Dragon Form and flew off for Sibilis.

Two years went by. The armies under the control of the Old Elder Gods were getting impatient. Izen and Darmadia, the leaders of the Hybrid Crusade, were thinking about forgetting HyBreed and continuing exterminating the other hybrids. They were at Atlantis speaking with Count Zyko Rocain, head of the vampirian clan Rocain, when an angel named Joel walked into the room.
“Master Izen, Master Darmadia,” interrupted Joel.
“What!” demanded Izen and Darmadia.
“A party from SALIGIA is here.”
SALIGIA, this can’t be good, thought Izen.
Izen dismissed Zyko and Joel. The party from SALIGIA entered. They consisted of Lord Valentine de Invidia, Lady Ashley de Superbia, Sir Kira, and Va’ashear.
“What is the pleasure that the Sinners of Envy and Pride would come here,” said Darmadia, her expression gave the impression she was not pleased.
“A compromise,” said Ashley.
“For what?” asked Izen.
“We give you the locations of HyBreed and the Kim-un-Kurs in exchange that you leave the rest of the hybrids alone.”
“Kurs? You mean there’s more than one?!” Izen turned his head to Valentine. “What is the meaning of this, Lord Valentine. Back when you were working on Grindell, you told there could only be one Kim-un-Kur at a time.”
“Apparently I was wrong,” said Valentine. Izen could see the look in Valentine’s eyes that he was lying.
“Fine,” agreed Darmadia.
“You can’t be serious!” protested Izen.
“I know what I’m doing. Be be quiet.” Darmadia turned to face Ashley. “You have a deal, Sinner of Pride.”
Kira and Va’ashear took out a giant map of the Desert of Kaidva. Ashley took out her umbrella and pointed at a location called Dry Man’s Point.
“There’s an abandoned mine there,” informed Ashley, “you should be able be able to find them in the central shaft and the shafts connected to it.”
Kira and Va’ashear put the map away.
“Valentine, tell htem where the Kim-un-Kurs are,” ordered Valentine.
“Do I have to?” complained Valentine.
Ashley gave Valentine a dark look. Valentine sat down on the chair used by Ryko.
“The first is Tenkai Hyachi, the hybrid who killed Ppelono at Faralda, is at Tyruna. The other is Sirberius Reono, who is at Zelcova.”
“Thanks for the business,” said Darmadia, “hope to do more in the future.”
“I doubt it,” said Ashley.
Ashley left the room, dragging Valentine. Kira and Va’ashear left right behind them. Ryko and gods named Duun, Mewt, Cardovia, and Tempisius went inside.
“Cardovia, Mewt, you’re coming with me,” said Darmaida, “we’re going to the Desert of Kaidva. Duun, lead a force to Zelcova…”
“And me and Tempisius will go to Tyruna,” finished Izen.
“As you request,” said Duun, Mewt, Cardovia, and Tempisius.

Valentine, Kira, and Va’ashear arrived back at the Castle in the Sky. They entered the hidden chamber that held Blue Satan. Also in there was Javex, a new colleague of Valentine’s.
“Damn that Ashley,” said Valentine, “she could ruin everything.”
Valentine and Javex left to talk. Kira went over to Va’ashear.
“Sirberius must not die,” said Kira, “I need you to make sure he doesn’t get killed.”
“Understood Lord Kira,” said Va’ashear.
“It’s sir, not lord. I haven’t gotten my brother’s position… yet.”
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Ashford and Dmitri walked into the main shaft of Dry Man’s Point. Their guide, Arov, was taking them to HyBreed’s hideout.
Ashford and Dmitri had gone searching for HyBreed in order to mend old wounds and create a new alliance; one that could oppose the forces of the Elder Gods.
The two humans entered the main shaft. All kinds of hybrids were staring at them. Some surprised and others enraged. One tried to attack but was blocked by Arov.
Finally they arrived right before a throne where Seithreen sat, with Tsarfardeia standing next to him.
“Welcome humans,” said Seithreen, “I am very amused that the Young Coordinator himself would come.”
“He has his duties,” said Ashford.
“One where he goes in blind into the heart of an enemy stronghold.”
“Because you won’t attack,” said Dmitri.
“Why you little-” Tsarfardeia began.
Seithreen cut him off. “Such brave words, Young Coordinator. Are you sure you want to test our patience.”
“Because, you are willing to listen, to forgive, to have a chance to stop the massacres of the Elder Gods,” Dmitri went on.
Seithreen chuckled. “Young Coordinator, could you please remove your sunglasses.”
Ashford was about to protest when Tsarfardeia gave him a dark look. Dmitri took off his sunglasses. His golden yellow Hawkeyes were now visible.
“Bless the Holy Lord,” said Tsarfardeia, “he has Hawkeyes.”
Seithreen stood up. “Young Coordinator, do you think you have what it takes to make an alliance with the enemies of humanity?”
“No,” said Dmitri.
“Coordinator Valenti!” whispered Ashford.
Dmitri ignored Ashford and kept on going. “Rather I would like to make an alliance with a mutual ally against a murderous force.”
Even with Hawkeye, Dmitri could tell Seithreen was thinking deeply.
“Give us ten minutes,” requested Seithreen.
Seithreen and Tsarfardeia went into the next room to discuss The Order’s proposal.

Tenkai and Zel had just arrived at Tyruna. For the past two years, Tenkai had gone on raids against the Elder Gods and their followers. On the journey, Tenkai met Zel, a shinigami/angel hybrid, who later joined him on his journeys.
Tenkai and Zel went to the nearest inn. They checked out two separate rooms.
From the corner of the street watched an angel.
“I’ve found you,” said Joel.

At the Temple of the Exiled Ones were four people. Not much were known about them except they went by the name Four Heavenly Rulers, reference to the poem Ruby’s Kiss. They included Nemesis, Duo, Athius, and Phaethon. Athius was communicating through a mirror.
Kira walked in.
“So this is Sir Kira you told me about, Phaethon,” said Nemesis, “looks just like Valentine.”
Kira frowned. “We’re twins, of course we would look the same.”
“So why are you here?” asked Duo.
“As Phaethon has probably told you, I want to replace my brother as the Sinner of Envy. What I need to do is take control of his ‘toys’.”
“The Kim-un-Kurs,” explained Phaethon.
“I have an idea. Currently I have an agent in place at Zelcova where Sirberius Reono is. I don’t think he can defeat Sirberius but maybe an “other”. Most likely he’ll try to use your power, Draethius, I mean Athius, in order to resurrect him. You could trick him into making a deal trapping him into the Death Dimension.”
“The only reason I’d do that is to get new recruits,” said Athius, “why should I hand over…”
“You’ve mistaken what I mean. I don’t care if I get the Kim-un-Kurs, I just want them out of the picture but still alive.”
Athius grinned. “Then we have a deal.”
“What about the other Kim-un-Kur, Tenkai Hyachi?” asked Nemesis.
“Tenkai Hyachi can handle himself,” said Kira, “besides, I only need one Kim-un-Kur alive.”
Kira walked out of the room. A Frozen Sand eye dematerialized.

“Do you actually think I don’t know Kira?” said Valentine to himself at the Castle in the Sky.

Tenkai and Zel got up early the next mourning. The only other people in the café were the bartender and a cloaked figure.
“Angel at 8 o’clock,” whispered Tenkai.
That was when the attack came, not from the cloaked angel but the bartender. He tried to hit Tenkai with a sledgehammer but had his weapon deflected by the angel’s sword.
The angel slit the bartender’s throat.
“I thought angels were suppose to be peaceful creatures,” said Tenkai.
“No where did you hear such a ridiculous story like that,” said the angel. The angel removed his hood. “The name is Joel and I’m here to let you know that an ambush is on its way to attack Tyruna.”

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