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Posted 6/28/08 , edited 6/29/08
These questions will let us know where dormitory you are in..!
You are sort according to how do you know well all about jap and tai. and about also this group.

Your dormitories will be these:

Burlywood~for freshmen.

Goldenrod~for novice

Dimgray~for expert

Your sorting question are as follows:

1. What of japanese bands has a unique feminine dressing?

2. Which has no Sakura name in their charcters in this list of animes?
Note: This is not only based in their protagonist but all characters on this animes

a. Tsubasa
b. Cardcaptor Sakura
c. Alice Academy
d. Naruto
e. Ultra Maniac
f. Honey X Honey Drops
g. Da Capo II
h. Sakura kiss

3. Who is the protagonist of 1 liter of tears..?

4. How many seasons does Gokusen have?

5. Is Yuki a Vampire in Vampire Knight?

6. Who is the Prince of Tennis?

7. Is Da Ye the brother of Chen ling in Zhan Shen?

8. How amny photos have you uploaded in this group?

9.Are you a mod or do you want to be mod?

10. Why do you love Japanese and Taiwanese dramas and animes?
Note: There must be a reason. NO REASON will have a penalty of 5 points minus on its scores.
Posted 9/14/08 , edited 9/15/08
question not sure morning musume maybe?
question #2:Honey X Honey Drops??
question #3:(did not watch this...)
question #4:3??
question #5:yuki is a pureblood vampire
question #6:ryoma echizen
question #7:not sure...
question #8:2 photos
question #9:no im not a mod but i do want to be one is it possible?
question #10:i love them because they have great stories and meanings in them they are also funny sometimes
(the sad ones make me feel sad with it)
Posted 11/8/08 , edited 11/8/08
Question #1: Alice nine
Question #2: Alice Academy
Question #3:
Question #4: 3 Seasons
Question #5: Yes
Question #6: Ryoma Echizen
Question #7:
Question #8: None
Question #9: I'm not a mode and I don't want to be a mode
Question #10: Because sometimes the dramas is soo funny and they make me addicted to the dramas
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28 / F / veGAs ^^,
Posted 11/10/08 , edited 11/10/08
Question #1: mine is NEWs and hey say jump
Question #2: Alice Academy
Question #3: i think its aya
Question #4: 3 Seasons
Question #5: Yes
Question #6: Ryoma Echizen
Question #7: uhmm...not sure...
Question #8: None
Question #9: I'm not a mode
Question #10: when i have my own laptop...and then watching super juniors..i got addicted in asian dramas..coz eventhough i dont understand...sumtyms i can relate on dramas...and now theres no days i cant wantch so addicted now...well,, no one can stop me in doing this...but...honestly,,sumtyms i dont watch anime coz im addicted in dramas....
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