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Posted 6/28/08 , edited 6/29/08
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(Mods are to update the ryo earned or lost my a member in the konoha bank page)

Challenge anyone to a contest, if you want the object type "take it" if you don't want it type "leave it"

Over here, the objects you challenge ppl with are not your own so you can make up any object.

However, if you type take it, you earn 1000ryo while the person who betted the money gets back the the original amount betted and an additional 50% of the amt betted. e.g. someone bets 1000 and wins, he gets back his original 1000 and another 500ryo. Make sure you have enough money before betting or the bet will be invalid

If you type leave it, nothing will happen to you but the person who bet the money will lose all of it

subject : Shuriken
Bet: 50,000 Ryo

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