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Posted 6/28/08 , edited 6/29/08
Mod in Charge: shakakuzougeiro, Chocolate_Ai, winx_11, aineko, sai_24, shoujiboy, Hiraki

Locked until there's a battle. if you want to challenge someone from the bingo book, go here:

Only when your challenge has been approved then i'll open this forum

Stuff that minus hp

Stuff that - 1hp

Stuff that -2hp
Giant Shuriken

Stuff that - 3hp
Projectile Weapons

Stuff that -4hp
Giant Mace

Stuff that -5hp
Triple Rashoumon

Stuff that -7hp
Iwagama *Only Possible is you have 2 Toad Summons and one is activated*
3 Blind Angry Spirits*Control 3 Spirits at once

Stuff that -10hp
Clone Technique

Stuff that -25hp
Desert Coffin
Desert Funeral
Area Clone Technique
Dynamic Action

Stuff that - 30hp
Earth Seal

Stuff that - 35hp
Front Lotus (can be used when you have more than 50 hp)

Stuff that - 45hp
Reverse Lotus (can only be used when u have more than 75 hp)

Stuff that - 50 hp
Jiroubou Seal
Tayuya Seal

Stuff that - 55hp
Kidoumaru Seal

Stuff that -60 hp
Heaven Seal

Stuff that - 70hp
Sakon and Ukon Seal

Stuff that - 85hp
Five Element Seal


Stuff that heal 10hp
Time Warp

Stuff that heal 20hp

Impereal Time Warp - Requires Time Warp

Miss turns

Stuff that makes your opponent miss 1 turn
Dynamic Marking
Transformation Technique

Stuff that makes your opponent miss 2 turns
Kanashibari no Jutsu - Temporary Body Paralysis Technique
String Been Bind

Stuff that makes your opponent miss 3 turns
Kasumi Enbu no Jutsu - Mist Walts Technice

Stuff that makes your opponent miss 4 turns
Dance Of the Cresent Moon - Earth,Water Element Jutsu
Shadow Clone Technique
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