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Post Reply Deidara..... Girl or Boy???? Going to DIE?!!!! Or NOT!!!!!!????
Posted 8/26/08 , edited 8/26/08
hes a boy. with a girl name <it happens>
and just so happens to look like a girl too...
<that i cant explain>
yeah soo sad TT__TT *sniffles he dies
but hes alive! <i wish =[>
Posted 11/16/08 , edited 11/16/08

Zarutobi wrote:

yeah i think he's a guy..cuz konan is the only girl in Akatsuki

Ya that's right!
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Posted 7/29/09 , edited 7/29/09
guy lol
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Posted 8/9/09 , edited 8/9/09
heay and diedara are dudes since we joined the akatuski and he's ahalf robot guy..
well i've got to see he's ahot guy and he's cool, yeb
right deidara?
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Posted 9/16/09 , edited 9/16/09
deidara is a guy...
& he died when he was fighting sasuke ...but he killed himself
anyway...i don't care 4 him 2 much...
the akatsuki members that i care for them r itachi & konan ...& quite sasori
but my fav character is neji
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Posted 11/28/11 , edited 11/29/11
I don't like Itachi and Sasori

but I totally love Deidara and he lives in my heart forever!
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