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Hana Yori Dango Final Movie-Spolier! (the whole entire movie in words)
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Posted 6/29/08 , edited 7/16/08
This is a HYD Movie Spoilerr so if u do not want to be spoiled then DON'T READ.

Hey everyone i know that Hana Yori Dango Movie is finally Japan!
but not for us folks that our not in japan are just waiting and some for subs too but since we do not know were to watch it yet and everyone is excited to watch it here's a movie spolier- THE WHOLE ENTIRE MOVIE IN WORDS. yep but if u guys don't want to read it and want to wait to watch then don't read.

p.s- i did not watch it yet or write this lol
credits: nyonyo

i know its pretty long but its worth it!


The movie opens on a black screen. Twangy country-ish music plays...and then we open, as always, on a closeup of Tsukushi's eyes, looking ahead as her hair blows in the wind. In an absolutely stunning shot, she slips a pair of mirrored sunglasses on, and you can see the Arizona scenery and the road ahead reflected in the lenses.

It cuts away to an amazing long helicopter shot of the Arizona scenery, as the credits play with the twangy music continuing. Finally, we see the red convertible, with Tsukasa at the wheel, speeding down a country road.

Cut to the highway. Tsukasa pulls over, and they get out to admire the scenery. Tsukushi looks agape at the view, amazed at how huge it all is. Tsukasa says, "This is the first time we've taken a trip, huh?" all dorkily excited, and Tsukushi admonishes him that this is not a vacation, they're on a mission. He agrees, wondering if they'll be able to "find that guy." He says if they "don't get it back," they definitely won't be able to get married, because his mother will absolutely kill him.

They get back into the car, and Tsukasa is talking to Tsukushi and looking at her as they turn a bend in the road...and a giant semi comes around, heading RIGHT FOR THEM. (I couldn't tell, but I suspect Tsukasa was on the wrong side here.) Tsukasa screams. Tsukushi shrieks, "ARIENAITTSU-NO!!!"

Cut to black.


Tsukasa is at a hotel, holding a Doumyouji Holdings press conference. Just in this scene alone, you can see how much more money they're pouring into this: the press conference setup has this wild spotlight show going on that is super-cool looking but looks like something out of a game show or something. Nishida introduces Tsukasa, saying that Tsukasa has an announcement.

Tsukasa announces, "I will be getting married in the spring. To the girl who stole my heart and never let it go...Makino Tsukushi. She's a commoner, but..." And here he makes some kind of epic language mistake I didn't quite catch, but Nishida goes to take a sip of water and totally does a spit-take. The press guy near the front row smirks way too loudly, "This guy's the president of Doumyouji Holdings, and he's this weak in Japanese?"

Tsukasa, heretofore acting rather professional, roars, "HEY! YOU! ARE YOU A MORON! ...there's no such thing as being weak or strong in language, 'cause they're just words! :D" (At this point it felt very, "Ahhh, no matter how expensive and showy the movie budget gets, nothing changes.) A countdown screen appears behind him, and he snaps his fingers as he introduces the love of his life to the world...

...with a photo of Tsukushi stuffing her face with ramen.

Tsukushi is, at that precise moment, at Bic Camera in the TV department, and stares around her in horror as every single screen reflects the photo. A little boy being carried by his father points at a screen and chirps, "That girl looks so funny!" The dad says, "Yup, she's got one weird face!"

Cut to Tsukushi stomping after Tsukasa in the Doumyouji Holdings building. This is NOT the building used for the drama, this location is absolutely jaw-dropping, huge, and expensive-looking. They walk through the main hall, Tsukasa's office, out the doors, the camera constantly moving them through lavish location after lavish location as they talk. Tsukushi cries out, "You didn't have to use that picture! There are so many other pictures you could have used! What are you thinking!" She tosses the magazine with the photo on the cover at him. "Look, this is how the world sees me!"

Tsukasa, walking through his office (ballroom-sized, with a lounge area with huge sofa chairs), says, "But that's how you really are, isn't it?" Tsukushi keeps yelling at him, and he says smoothly, "Don't worry. This is all part of the plan."

Tsukushi looks at him in horror as the camera cuts to each of F4 in flashback, helpfully showcasing that they helped Tsukasa plan to release the stupid-looking photo, because, as Rui says while happily playing the piano (a new addition to his room), "If we released a beautiful photo, wouldn't it be tough for Tsukasa if the entire world fell in love with you, too? :D" (Can't remember what Akira said here, but you see him posed with his sisters in a much more high-budget version of his house, with like a gazillion cute stuffed animals filling the room!)

I think here were the introductions to F4 again: Tsukasa says Akira and Soujirou are so busy nowadays he can't see them even if he wants. Soujirou has taken on the family business, and has started working a lot overseas to do lectures on tea (we see one in a HUGE auditorium, sooo high budget). And Akira has been sent all over the world to learn his family trade: we see him in Hong Kong with some goons, and a car blows up in front of them, leading to a chase scene and a shootout fight. Rui, however? Same as ever, hanging in his room, reading. XD

They walk out through the lobby, the entire time completely surrounded by bodyguards, and Tsukushi yells that even so she still can't believe he chose a picture that bad, and Tsukasa says dismissively, "You're going to be my wife, so you have to get used to your face being seen everywhere." Tsukushi indignantly complains about him introducing her to the world looking like an idiot, and as she says this she totally runs SMACK INTO THE LOBBY DOOR.

Cut to both of them in the car, Tsukasa driving what looks like a Rolls Royce. Tsukushi says, "This is just about how girls can't stand to have bad photos of themselves shown off! What is wrong with you! You're completely unable to understand the heart of a woman!"

As she says this, it cuts to the two of them at Ebisu Garden Place. Their bodyguards have formed a ten-foot perimeter around the statue for their date, and are frequently shooing passerby away from getting closer. Tsukasa laughs and says in response, "Duh, I'm a guy! Do you want me to be some girly person who understands girls and totally gets their feelings?" Tsukushi's like, you totally do not get it, do you.

She makes some mention of Rui, maybe how she expected more from him in this case, and Tsukasa freaks out asking if she still has feelings for Rui. She says she absolutely does NOT, thank you, and Tsukasa gets all stuffy saying well GOOD because WE ARE GETTING MARRIED RIGHT. Tsukushi keeps complaining, though, saying that with his announcement, things have become tough for her family.

Cut to a news reporter in a helicopter the following morning, flying overhead Tsukushi's family apartment, remarking to the camera that she really is a commoner, living in an ordinary apartment building. There are press lined up for about a block around the building, and her dad wonders if he should call in to work.

Susumu calls that they're talking about Oneechan on TV, and they tune in to see ancient, horrible photos of Tsukushi's parents being shown off. Susumu notes, "Mama looks like an idol and Papa looks like some comedian." The news goes on to add that Tsukushi has always been known for her strong sense of justice, and shows a video of Tsukushi as a kindergartener, doing her trademark jump and punching a boy in the face. XD

The news cuts to Yuuki and Okami-san, whose faces are censored and voices are disguised, but it's obvious it's them. Yuuki is freaking harsh and says she always was rooting for Tsukasa's friend, Hanazawa Rui, to work things out with Tsukushi. XXXXD

After this, cut to Doumyouji's house. The two families have met in a tatami room, with Tsukushi in full kimono. Susumu is stuffing his face, and Tsukasa says grandly that little brother should eat as much as he likes, and Susumu says through a mouthful, "Oh, I am."

Kaede says, not unkindly, to Tsukushi that she's going to have to face many challenges as Tsukasa's wife. Tsukushi's mom says, "But...can Tsukushi really handle all of this, do you think...?" Tsukasa responds, smiling warmly, "It will be all right. Because she's the woman I chose."

Tama walks in then carrying a box, and Tsukushi tries to turn around to see her, bowing and saying, "Senpai, it's been a while!" But when she turns herself around, she ends up falling right off her cushion and sprawled across the floor, making quite a display in her kimono. Tama greets her, and then walks around to open the box, revealing a tiara with huge stones, saying it's the proof of their engagement since it's been passed down through the Doumyouji family.

Kaede says, "It's the lucky charm of the Doumyouji family. And my gift to you." Tsukushi thanks her, bowing deeply. The Makino family gather around the box, looking at it admiringly.

Cut to a giant hotel room, where the Makinos continue to gawk at the tiara, in its box on the table. Susumu is jumping on the bed freaking out about how huge the room is. Tsukushi and her mom are left sitting alone, as Tsukushi shuts the tiara box.

Tsukushi's mom asks, "Tsukushi, aren't you nervous...?"

"Well, yeah. I am."

"You can call it all off anytime, you know. If it doesn't feel right, you can quit right now," her mom says gently.

Tsukushi smiles and shakes her head, at which point Tsukasa strolls in to invite everyone to dinner. The Makino family bows out, saying they're going to eat on their own, so Tsukushi and Tsukasa can have some Private Time (which is apparently increasingly rare as Tsukasa is in charge of the company). Tsukushi objects, but Tsukasa is totally GLEEFUL about the prospect of Private Time. Which, I think it is fairly obvious, he is hoping will turn into Sexy Times.

The family files out, and Tsukushi complains to Tsukasa for agreeing so easily not to have dinner together. He spreads himself out on the couch and asks, "Are you that miserable being alone with me?"

"Of course not. But..." She flops down and lies down on the other couch across from him. "I'm feeling a lot of pressure here..."

Tsukasa nods sagely. "Ah. Marine blues."

She stares. "How can you make these mistakes when you're fluent in English? Marriage blues, moron."

"We're talking about feelings, not colors, stupid!" he says firmly.

She sighs, and then rolls over on her stomach. Her butt is slightly in the air and her skirt is really short, a fact that does not go unnoticed by Tsukasa, who cackles in glee, "Makino...I can almost see your panties...!"

She leaps up off the sofa like it's red hot, and starts yanking down her skirt. XD Tsukasa stands up and crosses over to her, both of them sitting down on the couch. He leans over and says earnestly, "You may be feeling pressure, but I swear I will protect you for the rest of my life. So just follow me." He smiles at her, and she's visibly touched. He touches her shoulder, positioning her for a kiss, and leans in...

And the giant hotel picture window smashes, and a guy in black (who I will refer to as the ninja, because really) swipes the tiara on the table, and runs for the door.

Tsukushi and Tsukasa freeze for a moment, then Tsukushi shrieks, "THAT WAS THE TIARA!" and Tsukasa goes flying out the door, hollering, "STOP RIGHT THERE!!!"

What follows is a lavish, big-budget chase and fight sequence that goes on for probably five minutes. Tsukasa chases the ninja all through the giant hotel lobby, up the escalators, and several times Matsujun performs some freaking amazing leaping stunts (think the giant jump Tsukasa made in the Returns finale when he went to save Tsukushi in the snow, but JUMPING FROM THE DOWN ESCALATOR TO THE UP ESCALATOR, and they're NOT THAT CLOSE, it was freaking amazing and I'm really curious how they pulled that whole thing off). The ninja is constantly waving and taunting Tsukasa silently, and Tsukasa chases him through the hotel ballroom, tearing through a ton of hotel staffers decorating it for an event.

Then they get into the kitchen. I was literally weeping with silent laughter, that is how epic and ridiculous this fight sequence is. They break EVERY BREAKABLE THING in that kitchen. It goes on FOREVER. They knock out all the ceiling lights. They fight near the oven and the ninja catches on fire. Then they swing on chains from the ceiling and kick at each other. Then the ninja grabs a knife and there's some knife fighting. Then Tsukasa gets backed against the giant aquarium, and they break THAT and water goes all over (poor fishies...well, they were dinner anyway I guess...). Then Tsukasa starts to win and he throws an entire bookshelf over the ninja along with all the plates and cutlery on it, but right when Tsukasa nabs the tiara, the ninja leaps up and they tussle. Tsukasa loses the tiara but manages to yank off the ninja's mask, and then the ninja waves and takes off again.

Tsukasa gives chase up to the roof, where Tsukushi joins him. The ninja is poised on a crane coming out from the roof, still holding the tiara. Tsukushi cries out, "That's a really important thing to us! Please give it back!" Tsukasa, clearly thinking this is going to be another suicide moment, tells the guy to back down and that he can't be thinking of jumping.

The ninja waves again and...jumps off the building. Tsukushi and Tsukasa stare in horror... a helicopter rises from below the building, the ninja clinging to the bottom of it. The OTP watch helplessly as he makes his getaway...

...and, returning to the hotel room, are shocked to find the window repaired. Tsukasa goes to check the room number, thinking they're in the wrong room, but it's definitely theirs. The Makinos can't figure out why they're freaking out, and asks if whatever happened wasn't a dream. Tsukushi screams that it's not a dream, because, "It's gone! It's gone!"

"What is?"

"The ti-"

"No," Tsukasa cuts her off. "It's nothing. Nothing at all." (It should be noted he is bruised and bleeding while saying this and it's all rather ridiculous.)

Both of them head down to the front desk, and Tsukasa starts getting violently angry with the desk clerk, who claims they haven't had a single report of theft, broken windows, or wild ninja chases, especially not ones that took place in the lobby for everyone to see. Tsukasa grabs him by the shirt and snarls, "It hasn't even been a half-hour since it happened!" Tsukushi tries to calm him down, but the clerk continues to calmly deny everything.

The OTP head off into the night, Tsukasa stomping off as they walk down the street with a stunning night view of Tokyo Tower. Two girls try to take photos of Tsukasa, and he kicks them and screams, "DON'T BE TAKING PHOTOS, BITCHES," and Tsukushi trails after him, apologizing to the girls frantically. They wonder what they can possibly do, and who could have stolen it...

Cut to a guy the next day. He's an older man, and cooking in a rather fancy-looking house: traditional Japanese place, tatami, rock gardens, very elegant...

Cut to Rui's room. Rui calls up Shizuka, who is in France and looking stunning in her wedding dress. "Why didn't you invite me?" Rui asks petulantly.

"We've decided for it to be just the two of us at the ceremony. It's easier that way: I've cut ties with my family, after all."

"What about Makino? Have you called her to tell her?"

"It's really not the time for that, is it? She's got so much going on."

"She does, yes."

Shizuka smiles. "What's wrong, Rui? You sound lonely."

"Of course I'm lonely. My longtime crush is getting married, how else should I feel?" Rui says playfully back. Shizuka wonders what Rui's doing with himself, though? Is he going to take on the family business like the rest of the boys have? Rui responds that he's not cut out for that life like everyone else is. He leans back in his chair, saying seriously, "Shizuka, congratulations. I'm praying for your happiness."

She smiles huge and says, "Thank you." Then the church bells start to ring, and she hangs up.

Rui says to himself, "I wanted to be there, to say 'congratulations' to her face, you know... It's time for me to graduate, I think, from quite a few things..."

At that point, Tsukasa comes up the walk and Rui greets him from the window. Then asks, "...what happened to your face?!"

Cut to later, Tsukasa standing at the windowsill while Rui stretches out. Tsukasa says quietly, "Hey, Rui. This is a one in a million chance, but... If, one to a million...something happens to me...I want you to take care of everything."

"What are you talking about?"

Tsukasa looks away. "I don't want to say."

"Is Makino okay?"

"Yeah. And what's going's our own problem. But. I'm just saying...if something happens to're in charge of everything, okay."


"Everything," Tsukasa confirms.

"Why are you asking me?"

"'Cause Soujirou and Akira are too busy for me to ask them anything."

"And Hanazawa Rui is the only one with a free enough schedule to take on your problems?"


"But, you know. You can't just expect me to agree without even knowing what's going on."

Tsukasa gets up to leave. "Like I's a million and one chance. But if anything happens..." He turns and looks at Rui for a response.

Rui looks at him, then silently salutes in response. Tsukasa grins back, and walks out.

Cut to Nishida in the Doumyouji mansion, having investigated the owner of the hotel. The Doumyoujis haven't had dealings with him, so it could be hard to track him down...but they know he's vacationing in Vegas. And so, in the interest of tracking that hotel owner down... Tsukasa says excitedly, "Makino! We're going on a journey! OFF TO AMERICA!"

Cut back to Vegas and the impending car crash with the semi!

Tsukasa manages to swerve off the road at the last second. The semi pulls over too, and Tsukasa starts hollering at the truck, until the door open and this truck driver who looks like he must weigh like 300 pounds gets out.

Tsukushi takes one look at the guy and flees back to the car, but of course Tsukasa stomps right up to the guy and is screaming in English, "WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!" (Matsujun's English: LEVEL UP! I could actually understand him without the Japanese subtitles helping me this time! *v*)

He gets RIGHT IN THE GUY'S FACE, and the driver stares in shock and exclaims, "I know you! You're that Doumyouji guy!"

Tsukasa slips his sunglasses on and says, "No no no no no!" and says he's got the wrong guy, but the truck driver knows it's Doumyouji, such is his WORLD-FAMOUS-NESS, and is all smiles. Tsukushi looks on in shock as Tsukasa then casually asks if there's anywhere good to eat around here, and the driver cheerfully answers that there's a place up the road and the food is pretty good. Tsukasa thanks him. AND THEN THEY HUG. Tsukasa strolls back to the car and tells Tsukushi that he asked where they should eat, and the truck driver grabs a magazine from his car and chases after them, asking for Tsukasa to sign it: the magazine is "Peoples" magazine, with Tsukushi and Tsukasa's wedding announcement on the cover.

Cut to them eating in front of the car. Tsukushi is eating a GIANT hamburger and looks like she is having the time of her life. Tsukasa is amazed she can eat all that, and she says, "You don't want yours, I'll take it!" He hands over his burger, and she shrieks with glee.

"Makino, you're probably the type of girl who'll totally let herself get fat after you get married, huh," he says teasingly.

She grins. "Could be. What will you do, if I get fat?"

He shrugs. "If you got fat? I wouldn't do anything. I'm not in love with you for what you look like, I'm in love with you for who you are inside."

She smiles, clearly won over, and then he adds teasingly, "After all, if I were concerned with looks, I wouldn't pick a girl as ugly as you in the first place!"

She freaks out, exclaiming, "You really think I'm ugly?!!!" and he denies it, saying of course not. He chose her out of all the women in the world, so that follows she's the best woman in the entire world.

"Just what about me is number-one in the world?" she asks playfully.

"EVERYTHING!" he yells haughtily back to her, like she's stupid for having to be told this. XD

Back in the car, night falls as they pull onto the Vegas strip! Tsukushi jumps up in the car to look at the view, and he jerks her back down. They look for the hotel Nishida booked them, and Tsukasa stares in horror as it turns out it's a totally shady motel.

Tsukushi is delighted. "LOOK! FOUR THOUSAND YEN A NIGHT! SO CHEAP!" Tsukasa is pitching a fit, and Tsukushi reminds him of what Nishida told them...

Flashback to them leaving the mansion. Nishida warns them, "You cannot stand out in your usual showy fashion. If you act as you usually do, your mother is sure to hear about it, and she'll realize the tiara is gone."

Tsukushi says gleefully, "Wait, mean we're going on a trip on a poor person's budget? LEAVE IT TO ME!"

They open up their hotel room, and it is one of those cheesy places with the bed that folds out from the wall. XD Tsukasa is horrified, but Tsukushi says she thinks it's fine. They dump their luggage and head back to the car to track down the hotel owner. As they're waiting in line to park the car at the casino, Tsukushi looks ahead in front of the casino lobby, and sees Shigeru!

She cries out, "Shigeru!" and leaps out of the car, both of them clutching hands and shrieking with glee to see each other. Tsukushi says Shigeru hasn't changed at all, and Tsukasa strolls up, greeting her with, "Yo, monkey." Shigeru delightedly asks if they're there on their honeymoon? Tsukushi asks what she's doing there, anyway?

The three of them head to dinner in the hotel, and Shigeru says she was invited to dinner by a man who's doing business with her family. Tsukushi excitedly asks if he's her boyfriend? Is he American? Shigeru looks cutely embarrassed and says he's neither, but he's really cool, and...the owner of that one hotel in Tokyo, do you guys know it? (DUN! DUN! DUN!!!!!!)

Tsukushi and Tsukasa freeze, and say, "You have to be kidding."

Shigeru asks, nervously, "Is there a problem...?"

Cut to Fujiki. (I can't remember his character's name.) He's throwing around money at the casino, to amazed onlookers who ooh and ahh. Shigeru waves to him cheerfully, and he says, "Shigeru-chan! You're late!" She says cutely, "I know, I'm sorry! It's just that I ran into my best friend by total chance!" She gestures to Tsukushi and Tsukasa, and Fujiki clearly recognizes them.

Tsukasa wants to have a Little Talk with Fujiki in a lounge above the casino. He asks if Fujiki stole the tiara, and Fujiki says it wasn't him. All that happened is that he recieved an anonymous call two weeks ago: "'One week from today, something will happen at your hotel. I'll send you five million in cash to pretend that nothing happened that night at all.' I know nothing else, and had nothing to do with your tiara getting stolen."

Tsukushi asks why he'd do such a thing, Fujiki shrugs and said it seemed like a good deal. "It was just business." Tsukasa screams, "For five million dollars, would you not have cared if someone got killed?!" He grabs for Fujiki, and Fujiki says dangerously that Tsukasa better watch himself. If he tries to start a fight in the casino, Fujiki's men will be all over him. The only reason he's listened to them this long is because Tsukasa's a friend of Shigeru's. Tsukasa snarls, "The only reason I'm holding back is because you're a friend of Shigeru's!" He grabs Fujiki and backs him against the ledge, but true to Fujiki's word, bodyguard-types surround them instantly. Fujiki gets right up in Tsukasa's face IT'S PRETTY HOT I WON'T LIE I WANTED THEM TO MAKE OUT A LITTLE and says, "This is America. Make one wrong move, and..." He makes a gun with his finger, and goes, "Bang!"

They leave the casino and go to eat at a diner (Tsukushi still stuffing her face), and Tsukushi wonders what on earth they'll do: they're at a dead end. Tsukushi wonders, "Are our whole lives going to keep having troubles like this? Until I met you, I only had ordinary troubles, you know."

"Could be," Tsukasa says amiably. "But will you stay with me? Even if it's like this for the rest of our lives?"

"Who knows," Tsukushi laughs. Tsukasa gets upset and scoots over to her side of the booth, asking how she can say that. He says, "After all, it'll be okay. I'm the great Doumyouji, after all!" Tsukushi retorts that she is perfectly ordinary, herself. He says, happily, but you're Makino Tsukushi, the (insert language mistake here), right? Tsukushi yells, "It's Makino Tsukushi, the WEED!" "Yeah, that," he says indifferently.

" know..." She looks troubled. "My weed power, I feel like it won't be enough. I think I've got to be stronger than just a weed, for a life like this, you know? I feel like I'm starting to understand your mother, Doumyouji. They call her the Iron Woman, don't they? But I see now, she wasn't born that way. She had no choice but to become that woman."

Tsukasa looks troubled at this, but then his cell rings. It's Akira in Hong Kong, and he says, "You know that tiara? I've heard tell it's on the market in a black market auction. It's gotta be a fake, but I thought you should know..."

Tsukasa yells, "It's the real one!" Both Tsukushi and Tsukasa fly out of the diner and run for the car. "Track that auction down!! How much is it going for?"

"Bidding opens at six million dollars."

Tsukushi and Tsukasa retreat to their motel. Tsukushi asks what they'll do, and Tsukasa says they'll have to go to Hong Kong and bet on the tiara themselves. Tsukushi freaks out: "Six million?!! How can we afford that?! You have that kind of money?!!"

Tsukasa pulls the bed out of the wall, saying, "Well, if I rely on the company money, there's really no price that's impossible." Tsukushi points out, "Yes, but if you use the company money, your mom will definitely notice."

He agrees, and flops down on the bed miserably.

...then is like, "...! *LIGHTBULB!!!!*" and spreads out on the bed and asks Tsukushi to come to bed. XXXXXXD

Tsukushi is like, I BEG YOUR PARDON.

Tsukasa says wheedling, "We're getting maaaaarried!" and Tsukushi is like, I FAIL TO SEE YOUR POINT, SIR.

It should be noted that Tsukushi was still standing in the front doorway, and right at this point, naturally, Fujiki strides into the motel room behind her, holding a giant bag. Tsukasa rolls over and starts throwing a tantrum face-down on the bed all, WHY ARE YOU HERE RUINING MY SEXY TIMES (I don't know if this was on purpose but um Tsukasa sort of grabbed the sheet off the bed and wrapped it around his waist here while having his DAMMIT TOTALLY COCKBLOCKED flounce moment. I was like, DID THEY SERIOUSLY GO THERE?!!! OH MY GOD ROCK ON HANADAN, WAY TO STOP BEING PG!)

Anyway, Fujiki tosses the bag on the bed. "There's five million cash. That's the money I got for working with the thief. Let's make a deal: either you can refuse it, or you come to the casino tomorrow and bet the five million there."

"So it's a challenge?"

"Because Vegas is a city of luck, after all," Fujiki agrees. Tsukasa accepts the challenge, and Fujiki exits.

Tsukushi follows him back down to his car, asking why he would help them. Fujiki says, "When he said I wouldn't care if someone got killed for five million, that got to me. It's the least I can do. But...if you don't mind me asking, how old are you?"


"And you're marrying the president of Doumyouji Holdings?"

"Well, that's the plan."

"Getting married that're not worried?"

"Well...I'd be lying if I said I weren't, but... I really think it will be okay."

Fujiki slides into his car. "You should call it off."


"You're young. You could meet a better guy," he says to her, then speeds off into the night.

She stares after him, clearly affected, as Tsukasa leans over the balcony upstairs and asks what she was talking to that guy about. She says, ", it was nothing at all."

Cut to Tsukasa in the motel bathroom, having changed into his pajamas (pajama pants and a sparkly t-shirt that is way too nice for bed, but uh I think it is clear that an ordinary non-sparkly t-shirt is not good enough for tonight if you get what I'm saying). He is clearly like, "Oh yeah, SEXY TIMES AHEAD." Oh my god, Jun's FACE.

He looks so self-satisfied and confident and cutely nervous and as he walks out of the bathroom it is fairly clear just from his face that he is expecting Tsukushi to be dressed in um the Tsukushi equivalent of sparkly pajamas intended for SEXY TIMES.

She is, however, in totally plain t-shirt and pajama pants, curled up on the sofa, gazing out on the strip. Tsukasa notices her distracted expression.


He freaks out and starts yelling at her about what was she talking about with Fujiki! She insists it was nothing and for him to stop freaking out, but he goes totally postal and is screaming about her being a cheater, and she's shrieking that she only TALKED to the guy, and he says THAT IS CHEATING ENOUGH, YOU CHEATING CHEATER WOMAN WHO CHEATS!!!! (This is all more comedy-style than OMG ANGST, they're being SUCH an old married couple here.)

And then Tsukasa like WELL I'M GOING TO BED, and he flounces off and jumps into the bed and wraps himself up in the covers. And Tsukushi gets totally steamed, stomps over to the bed, and RIPS the covers off of him to take them ALL back over to the couch for her to sleep. Their FACES through this whole thing were HILARIOUS, I cannot describe how funny Tsukasa's flouncing and wrapping himself in the covers is. This was very close to being my favorite scene in the movie, the whole transition to POSSIBLE SEXY TIMES to FLOUNCE was just brilliant.

They head back to the casino the next day, and Tsukushi is still pissed.

"Are you STILL MAD? I'm the one who got cheated on, I should be the one angry here!"

They, however, manage to chill out and put everything behind them, as they head into the casino's high roller's section. Tsukasa hands off the bag of cash to the roulette table, asking them to put it all into chips (in English! again, Matsujun continues to be understandable!).

He explains to Tsukushi how roulette works, and then as the casino worker hands them the chips, Tsukushi takes a single $2000 chip and places her bet. He asks what she thinks she's doing, and he puts it ALL ON THE TABLE. Tsukushi freaks and asks what the hell is wrong with him, is he crazy?! Five million on one bet?!! Why not put half on red and half on black or something?!!!

He staunchly refuses, saying that the fact that they've met is a miracle in itself, and he's willing to bet on them. She looks at him, touched. They watch as the roulette wheel spins...

...and spins...

...and right then, Tsukasa gasps as he looks over Tsukushi's shoulder.


Tsukasa yells, "You stay here!" and JUMPS ON THE ROULETTE TABLE in hot pursuit. He chases the ninja all through the casino, outside, down the strip...but loses him. "DAMMIT!" he screams, crouching down on the sidewalk miserably. But in back of him, footsteps approach...

...and as he looks up, he recognizes the person standing in front of him...who tosses him an apple. :D

Meanwhile, the ball stopped right on the spot of their bet....EXCEPT WHEN TSUKASA JUMPED ON THE TABLE, THE BALL SHIFTED AND THEY LOSE IT ALL. Tsukushi starts screaming bloody murder about how they totally won and it's not fair and tries to grab the chips, and casino security is called. She shoves one guy down into a fountain without meaning to, and as she leans down to check on him, accidentally decks the security guy behind her, More security surrounds her, and she is thrown out of the casino flat on her face. She looks completely miserable and wails why has this happened to her? But then she looks up...

And there is F4, standing in front of a stretch...Jeep? idek. In all their glory. Rui and Tsukasa both with apples in hand.

F4 takes Tsukushi to another lounge, bought out for their sake, and they all toast to the wedding of the happy couple. The rest of F4 says they've come to help. Tsukasa says delightedly, "After all, you wanted to come be with me!"

"Nope," the other three chorus.

Rui says cheerfully, "We came to help Makino. Because it's F4's motto, isn't it? We'll always help Makino Tsukushi in her time of need!"

Tsukushi is completely touched by this, and she really is overwhelmed, and bursts into really serious tears, thanking all of them for coming.

Rui says, "After all, you've been having it rough, being dragged all over the place by Tsukasa, right?"


Tsukasa yells at her, "You can't be all that miserable, being with me, can you?"

"OH YES I CAN," she bawls.

"IS IT THAT SPICY (KARAI), BEING WITH ME?!!" he yells at her.

"YOU MEAN PAINFUL (TSURAI), IDIOT," she wails through her tears.

Rui smiles at her and tells her not to cry, and she says, "I'm crying because I'm happy!" as Tsukasa roars, "WHICH ONE IS IT?!!"

I know here Soujirou said something like of course they have to help Makino because she's sooo bimyou, and Tsukasa gets riled up because we know he cannot stand other people referring to Makino as bimyou, and screams at Soujirou that SHE IS NOT BIMYOU OKAY!

Then Rui pats Tsukushi on the head as she stops crying, and Tsukasa rushes between them jealously: "DON'T TOUCH HER, RUI!"

"Why not?" Rui pouts.

"BECAUSE IF YOU TOUCH HER SHE COULD CATCH YOUR SPACEY PERSONALITY AND I WON'T HAVE IT, OKAY!" He stands next to Tsukushi and says smugly to the other three, "After all, seeing the two of us're all wanting to get married too, right!"

"..." F3 stares at him thoughtfully, then chorus, "Nope, not at all."

But, they're all willing to help. Akira says he'll show them around Hong Kong, and they all head off to retrieve the tiara...

Meanwhile, the ninja is talking to the aforementioned older man from the traditional Japanese house, though the current locale is at a desk and looking much more modern and lavish. "There's a problem," the ninja says. "His friends are helping him." The man says, no. They can still pull it off...

They all head to Hong Kong, in F4's wedding present to Tsukushi and Tsukasa: a PRIVATE JET THAT SAYS "FLOWER FOUR" ON THE PLANE. The inside is huge and spacious, and Akira remarks that it doesn't feel like you're on a plane at all when it's this big. Tsukasa is touched by the gift, Tsukushi is freaking out at the extravagance. Tsukasa is still concerned about the tiara auction though: as he points out, if they can't recover it, his mother will kill him and the wedding definitely will not be allowed to go on.

Akira says, "Follow me!" in English, and takes them to a table that has details of the auction house on paper. He explains how the auction will work: it's all underground, and because there's the concern of bank accounts being traced, all deals are done entirely in cash, no matter the sum. Tsukushi says wonderingly, "Even tens of millions, all in cash?" "That's the idea," Akira agrees. I'm kind of fuzzy on remembering the details here, but for whatever reason they're convinced that the culprit will be at the auction and they'll be able to catch them.

F4 says Tsukasa doesn't have to worry: they will handle the money issue entirely themselves. Tsukasa is touched, but Tsukushi looks really freaked out at the idea that her wedding is basically being bought for tens of millions of dollars.

They head to the auction site, and as they walk in, who's ahead of them but...FUJIKI. Tsukasa yells, "I KNEW IT WAS HIM!" but Tsukushi says, "No, I really don't think it is." Tsukasa looks totally betrayed by her siding with Fujiki, but Akira says never mind it, they need to head into the auction room.

All of the bidders have their own private rooms surrounding a chamber where you can see the objects being bid on. The auction official walks out and places the tiara on a table in the chamber, and F4 watches as the electronic bidding war starts, taking place by computer.

They put in their bid, and we see the older man, watching their bidding war go on...

The bidding tops around around sixty million dollars, with F4 as the winners. Akira calls his associates and requests for them to bring the cash. Tsukushi is agape at the price going to sixty million. Tsukasa even looks a bit stressed at the price, and he shakes hands with each of F4: "Thank you, all of you. Now we can get married." Soujirou says kindly, "For your happiness, it's a cheap price."

They return to their Hong Kong hotel with tiara in hand. Tsukushi wakes up the next morning and is really stressed out after everything, and looks over a balcony down on the hotel courtyard. But something catches her eye down there, and her eyes widen...

Fujiki calls to her, and strolls up next to her on the courtyard balcony. "Did you get the tiara back?"

"Yes...but what were you doing at the auction?"

"Because Shigeru-chan asked me. 'Get that tiara back for Tsukushi, no matter what it takes.'" He smiles. He tells her he still thinks she's making a mistake by getting married: he's been married before, and he thinks she isn't making the right choice. But he offers her his card, saying that she can call him if she needs help anytime.

Tsukushi takes the card, and warns Fujiki as he walks away not to make Shigeru cry. He waves an affirmative hand over his shoulder in response as he walks away.

Tsukushi then walks off only to run into Tsukasa in the hall. He's got the tiara box under his arm, and she hesitantly says, "Um...I've got to tell you something. I saw something. Just now."

"Saw what?"

"Look...I may have seen wrong. But...but Hanazawa Rui...he was here in the hotel, and he was talking to the guy who stole the tiara."

Tsukasa looks at her increduously. "You saw wrong."

Tsukushi looks absolutely miserable, clearly not wanting to believe it or be saying this either. " the end...they shook hands." A flashback is shown, showing exactly that.

Tsukasa insists, "You saw wrong!"

Tsukushi shakes her head and says quietly, "I...really don't think I did, though."

Tsukasa says, shocked, "Are you doubting Rui?!" Tsukushi tries to defend herself, but Tsukasa brushes past her in the hall angrily.

Tsukushi then runs across Rui, stretched out on a hotel staircase with a book. "Oh, Makino."

"Hanazawa Rui!, hey. Were you talking to someone just now?"

Rui's face is even more carefully expressionless than usual. "Talking to someone? No."

"Over there? In the courtyard?"

"No. I've been alone this whole time."

She persists, "Didn't you just shake hands with a guy?"

"Shake hands? You're seeing things, aren't you, Makino?"

Cut to F4 and Tsukushi on a night cruise on a private boat. Tsukushi keeps stealing suspicious glances at Rui and can't settle, and Tsukasa keeps getting more and more angry as he watches her do so. I can't remember what happened, but Rui says something that sounds even more sketch, and Tsukushi leaps up and walks over to Rui, saying, "Hanazawa Rui, I'm asking you one more time, weren't you talki-"

Tsukasa leaps up, grabs her arm, and yells, "COME WITH ME, MAKINO," dragging her out of the room and down the stairs to the deck below. Rui watches them exit, looking skeeeeeetch.

Tsukushi screams, "He's acting too weird! This whole thing is too weird! He shook hands with that guy!"

"I'm telling you, you SAW WRONG!" Tsukasa screams back at her. (even if they're on a boat, I swear they're loud enough for F4 to hear this ENTIRE THING.)



"WHY ARE YOU BELIEVING THEM INSTEAD OF ME?!" Tsukushi yells, almost crying. "Are you saying you can't trust me?"

Tsukasa stalks off back to F4 without comment, leaving Tsukushi looking miserable. Cut away to F4 in a fancy hotel room. Tsukasa is clearly affected by Tsukushi's speech, though trying (very badly) not to show it. He thanks everyone again. Soujirou asks, "But where's Makino?"


"Oh man. Did you guys have a fight again?"


"Tsukasa! We went to all that trouble to get the tiara back, and now you're fighting?!"

At the comment about the tiara, Tsukasa FLIES OFF THE HANDLE and starts screaming about the tiara and what does he know about it? Akira breaks it up, and they ask, bewildered, what is up with Tsukasa. He says, "I'm just saying, the friendship between us guys, it's important to me!"

"If we're important to you, don't yell and turn violent on us," Soujirou snaps. Tsukasa flies off the handle again and starts trying to hit Soujirou, and Akira has to settle him again, and Soujirou says angrily that Tsukasa is utterly unmanageable without Makino: she's the only one who can serve as his handler. Tsukasa screams at the top of his lungs, "DON'T TALK ABOUT ME LIKE I'M A WILD ANIMAL!"

Cut to Tsukushi, who is in a low-budget restaurant, stuffing her face. "It's delicious!" she Fujiki, who she is eating dinner with. Fujiki says fondly, "This kind of restaurant is more your speed, isn't it?" She looks embarrassed a bit, but admits it's easier for her to relax in this kind of place.

She asks him about his ex-wife, and playfully asks, "Why'd you break up, then? Did you cheat on her?"

He laughs. "Not at all. Even now, we're quite close."

"Then why did it end?"

"Hmm... Well, my ex-wife is a designer. She's really creative, always giving work her all, trying to stay on top of the trends and come up with new ideas."

"That's wonderful."

"I thought so. At first."


"You see... I have my business and it's important to me, but I realized, looking at my wife, that I couldn't relate to the kind of passion she had towards her own career. And one day I asked her: 'What is your dream?' I realized our dreams weren't the same at all: both of us were after different things, and neither of us were capable of putting the other first before our careers. So we ended it. Our values, they were just too different..."

Tsukushi looks visibly shaken at this point.

Cut to Tsukasa, outside the lounge alone, scowling and looking out at the bay. Rui walks out and asks what's got him so upset, sitting down next to him.

Tsukasa says hesitantly, "Hey, Rui. I can trust you...right?"

Rui looks at him cryptically, and Tsukasa says quickly, "No, no. Forget I asked. I've decided to trust you. No matter what."

Rui looks out on the bay, and says, "You asked me, remember?"

Tsukasa looks at him. "What?"

"You said I was to take care of everything. I've been thinking really hard about that. What it means to have that kind of responsibility: to be in charge of taking care of everything..."

The next day, they're back on the private jet, but only Tsukushi and Tsukasa on the plane this time, flying home to Japan. Tsukushi wakes up and peers around the corner at Tsukasa, who is sitting in the plane chair with his sunglasses on, the tiara box in his lap. She looks upset, but gathers her courage and goes to sit next to him.

He takes off his sunglasses and looks at her, and she takes a deep breath. "I don't know if we should really get married."

He looks at her, stunned, on the verge of tears. "Are you seriously hesitating now?"

Tsukushi looks out the window miserably. "I've just been thinking, you know. Our values, aren't they too different?"

The stewardess (played by Becky!!!) walks up at this point, and offers them both champagne. Both of them down it in the style of "if we're going to break up then neither of us want to be sober," and Tsukushi, looking totally unhappy, looks over at Tsukasa and asks, "Doumyouji...your dream...what is it?"

He looks over at her and says softly, ""

His eyes shut: he's asleep. Tsukushi starts looking woozy just a second later, and she realizes the champagne was drugged. Both of them pass out, and someone gently moves Tsukasa's hands off the tiara box, taking it away...

Cut to Tsukushi's eyes, snapping open. She's on her back, seeing nothing but sky. She takes that in, realizes that's not right, and jumps up to see that they've been dumped on a beach, their luggage around them. She shakes Tsukasa, calling for him to wake up, but he's still totally drugged and out of it, and just giggles like a total LOON in his sleep (ALHD;EWHRF;EWUHRF;EWHRF SO CUTE)

She starts walking down the coast, and realizes, "It can't be, that this is a..."

"Deserted island?" Tsukasa calls behind her. "Looks like."

They look at each other, all business, and agree to go through all of their belongings and figure out what they have packed that can help them survive. They try to make a fire, and find a cave-like area to sleep in. Tsukushi remembers something they were told when Kaede gave them the tiara: the jewels in it are from America and Hong Kong. "It's the same route we've traced. Isn't that odd?" Tsukasa, still not having luck with the fire, says next stop for them might be heaven...or hell. Finally the flame catches.

A montage follows of the following days: them searching for food. Many gratuitous shots of Tsukasa swimming underwater in pants and a wifebeater. They cut up Tsukasa's Visa card to use in place of a knife to cut things with. Tsukushi tries to gather fruit but everything she tries to eat tastes gross.

Tsukushi is trying to grab a fruit from a tree, but she falls down and ends up landing in the water. She jumps up, drenched from head to toe, and just as she gets out of the water, it starts to pour rain. She sobs, "I WANT TO GO HOME!"

She returns to the cave, and Tsukasa comes up with firewood, only to see her still drenched and dirty and shivering in the rain as it pours. "What were you doing?!" he says, upset. "Don't push yourself!"

She buries her face in her knees. "If we don't push ourselves, we won't survive."

He takes off his jacket and puts it around her shoulders, and she stares into the rain dejectedly. "I never should have agreed to marry you. Then this never would have happened."

He says sharply, "You'd better not be saying that seriously."

"But it's true, isn't it? If I hadn't agreed to marry you, I never would have been given the tiara. It never would have gotten stolen. We never would have gotten stuck here. I never should have agreed to it. Even if we spend the rest of our lives together, will things really work out?"

He stands up, and tells her tightly, "No. Even now, I'm still not having any hesitations about wanting to spend the rest of my life with you." Angry and upset, he stalks off into the rain.

The next day, Tsukushi is out looking for food again, and near the water, she takes off the Saturn necklace and gazes at it thoughtfully in that way she does. And right then, the wildlife starts going crazy, birds flying away and stuff, and...she hears a roar in the woods behind her.


Yes. Tsukushi is being chased by a freaking bear.

Considering the island has since appeared to be tropical, this seems roughly as likely as the Lost polar bear. Anyway, she runs for her life through the water, stumbling, and not realizing it, she drops the Saturn necklace on a rock in the water.

She makes it to a clearing, and can hear the bear around her roaring. She bursts into tears, and says, "Why is this happening! I just want to be happy and live in peace! I won't die like this!"

So she faces the bushes the roars are coming from, and...the camera closes up on her feet. She begins to jump.

As the bear jumps out at her...

She punches it in the head.


She flashes back to punching Tsukasa in the face for the first time, and smiles to herself, remembering her feelings for him up until now. Her hand drifts to her neck, to touch the necklace...

...and she realizes it's gone.

She starts running through the forest and back into the water, frantically looking for it. She gets dirty, and as the sun sets, she bursts into tears as it gets dark. She flashes back to the plane scene, remembering Tsukasa telling her it was the first present he'd ever given to a woman, and if she lost it he would kill her. "KissHug" by aiko plays as she sobs to herself, continuing to search through the forest and water for the necklace.

Tsukasa is worried as it gets dark back at the camp, and he lights a torch and starts running through the forest, calling to Tsukushi. He finds her passed out on the beach, and he wakes her up. She's clearly completely exhausted, and he says gently, "Come on. We're going home." He wraps her arms over his shoulders, and lifts her up to carry her piggyback, trudging through the water to get back to camp.

She's half asleep as he carries her, then starts to stir. Her fingers tighten around his neck, and she cries, "I...I lost it."

"Lost what?"

"The necklace. Even though...that so, so precious to both of us," she says tearily.

He goes completely silent, and she digs her fingers into his shirt, crying, "I'm so sorry, Doumyouji..."

He says softly, "Don't ever worry me like this over something so stupid, ever again." He continues to walk on through the water, shifting her weight as he trudges on.

The next day, he's up in a tree, and excitedly sees a bird's nest with eggs in it. "BREAKFAST!" he yells triumphantly. He climbs the tree, and when he grabs the egg, he sees something in the nest...

Tsukushi is back at camp, and Tsukasa comes back brandishing the eggs. "Will you cheer up with a breakfast like this?"

"Yeah," she says, smiling.

"And maybe this will help, too." He fishes in his pocket, and dangles the necklace in front of her face.

She freaks out. "Where was it?!"

"In the bird's nest I found the eggs in!"

"A bird picked it up...!" She fastens it back around her neck, looking unbelievably relieved.

Tsukasa looks at her expression, and smiles, then quietly sits next to her. "Maybe it's not so bad, getting stuck here."


"I feel like...the two of us, we were to be us, together."

There's a pretty shot of them from the back, and Tsukushi nods, and leans her head against his shoulder.

Another montage. Apparently cut-up Visa cards can be used as a shaving razor. LOL. Tsukushi pokes Tsukasa in the face as he shaves. They chase each other through the forest, laughing until Tsukushi falls down a pit. Tsukasa laughs at her as soon as he sees she's okay, and they grin at each other as he offers a hand to help her up. They sit on the beach: Tsukasa shampoos Tsukushi's hair, and Tsukushi shampoos Tsukasa's hair in turn. (SOOOOO CUTE.)

Then Tsukushi sits on the beach, watching as Tsukasa swims in the ocean in front of her, shirtless. Tsukushi smiles as she watches him, and calls, "How long do you think it's been since we got here?"

"A month?" he suggests.

"No way! It's gotta be longer! It must be spring in Japan, now!"

He laughs. "Makino. You missed graduation!"

She freezes. "Oh god! I did! ...but I didn't sit my finals, so I couldn't have graduated anyway, right?"

"Damn. I was planning on having the wedding the day of graduation, too. We have to reschedule."

Tsukushi stands and walks down to the water. "It's not so bad, being here, actually."

"It's not," Tsukasa grins. "It's just you and me. And nobody can get in our way."

"And I realized: with it just being the two of us, we can share the painful things, so they're only half as painful. And we can share the happy things, so we can have twice as much happiness."

"That may be right."

"And I asked you before, but...Doumyouji, what is your dream?"

He gazes up at her from the water, and points at her silently for a long moment. He drops his hand, and smiles, "It already came true."

She stares at him, and he says, "I love you." ("Aishiteru." !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

He moves up to the beach, looking at her, and then hugs her. She throws her arms around him, crying into his shoulder, with him looking near tears too, as the camera spins 360 degrees around them...

Then we see them lying down, hugging on the beach next to their "HELP" message spelled out for airplanes to see. He says quietly, "I didn't ask you, yet. What's your dream, Makino...?"

She turns to him, and says, very quietly and softly, "My dream? It's..."

And of course, they're interrupted as a spotlight shines on them from the distance: it's a helicopter! They're saved!! Tsukushi screams, "HELP US! HELP US!" in English, and Tsukasa grabs her arm and says, "No, this is too weird. A helicopter out of nowhere?"'s the ninja. Who says he's come to take them home.

Cut away to the older man's traditional Japanese home from the start. Tsukushi and Tsukasa are taken directly there, still in their island clothes. The guy - I will call him Mastermind Guy - says they must be hungry, and offers them some lunch. Tsukasa flies off the handle and demands to know who he is and what he did all this for.

The ninja walks in and puts the tiara box on the floor in front of them. Tsukushi rushes to open it, finding the tiara intact inside. "It's here! It's okay!"

Mastermind Guy smiles. "But did you know? That's an imitation."

"An imitation? You's a fake?"

"The Smile of Venus tiara never existed in the first place."

"What the hell is going on?!" Tsukasa demands.


Mastermind Guy was hired by the Makino family and Kaede. Both sides of the family were concerned that the OTP were not going to work out if they got married with misgivings, so they hired this guy ("an old friend" of Kaede's) to TEST THEIR LOVE. Apparently this includes dumping them on a desert island for a month to possible starve to death. I expect this shit from Mama "LOL LET'S FAKE MY SON'S FRIEND'S SUICIDE THAT WILL BE AWESOMESAUCE" Doumyouji, but THE MAKINO FAMILY?!!!!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS?!!!!!!!!!

Tsukushi's mom and dad then show up, and hug Tsukushi and apologize for putting her through all this pain. And then they both turn to Doumyouji, and drop to the ground, bowing and apologizing for what they did. Tsukasa pulls them up, and says because of everything that's happened, he's only grown more determined to spend the rest of his life with Tsukushi. "I swear I will make Tsukushi-san happy for the rest of her life. She's the person she is because she had such an amazing mother and father raising her." He bows to them, then: "Thank you for having Tsukushi as a daughter. Thank you for raising her the way you did..."

They all exit the room, and Kaede walks in to talk to Mastermind Guy. She thanks him for everything he's done, and he says, "You raised your son well. Those two are going to be happy together." She smiles and shrugs, "I hope so." He says rather harshly to her -- and Tsukasa said these exact words to Tsukushi earlier in the movie but I can't remember where -- "Don't be so wishy-washy." So it's pretty clear that this guy is Kaede's long-lost-ex: the guy she could have chosen but didn't, and I was actually really amazed by this entire scene because Kaga Mariko was acting the shit out of this in how wonderfully subtle it all was. I've never ever really thought Kaede was deserving of sympathy, and I could never forgive her in Returns for the fake suicide maneuver. But this entire short scene showed that she probably had exactly the same issues Tsubaki did, the same troubles, and it fleshed her out and suddenly so much of her actions made sense over the past three years worth of TORTURING THE OTP.

Tsukushi and Tsukasa are stretched out outside in the courtyard, lying next to each other in front of a beautiful rock garden. Tsukushi glances up and sees Kaede standing across from them. Tsukushi smiles at her and calls her "Mother," and Kaede rushes over to both of them and says, "Okaeri." Tsukasa smiles and says, "Tadaima," and Kaede looks teary and hugs both of them, and I really don't think I should be buying this (I REALLY liked how they ended on Kaede in Returns) but somehow Kaga Mariko sells it THAT HARD so I was like, okay, I'll buy.

Then Tsukasa and Tsukushi face the ninja. Tsukasa says, "You...I can't quite forgive, though. Let me punch you once and we'll call it even." Tsukushi and the ninja both object, but Tsukasa winds up, and...

...stops just short of the face, simply tapping the ninja on the head with his fist instead, walking away laughing.

Tsukushi and Tsukasa chase each other out of the house giggling at each other, and Soujirou and Akira call to them at the door...revealing that Rui tracked down the ninja, and he explained it was ALL A TEST OF THEIR LOVE, and Rui was like, well then we have no choice but to work with you, then! Soujirou adds that they felt really bad about tricking them the whole time, and Kaede has already paid F3 back the money they put in the auction.

Tsukushi asks, "But...where's Hanazawa Rui?"

Soujirou and Akira share a Look, and laugh, "Oh, you know Rui. He's shy. Now, come with us."

Tsukushi and Tsukasa get into a car with F4, and both drift off to sleep against each other. When the car stops, it's nighttime. Akira calls to Tsukushi, "Makino, Makino. Wake up."

Tsukushi stirs, and she and Tsukasa get out of the car...

Only to see EVERYONE (I mean EVERYONE, it's every single person who was at the prom at the end!) in full formal dress, lined up in front of Ebisu Garden Place...which is all decked out for a wedding.

Tsukushi and Tsukasa are stunned, but Soujirou and Akira say it's their present from F4: a ready-made wedding.

Ken, across the courtyard, calls out, "BANZAI!" to them, and Tsukasa's face cracks into a huge grin when he sees Ken.

Tsukushi and Tsukasa both are hustled off to get ready, and it cuts to some time later. Tsukasa is in a white suit, looking absolutely gorgeous, standing next to a priest.

Tsukushi, in a gorgeous wedding dress with a massive skirt, holding her father's arm, slowly begins to walk down the aisle past everyone...

Shigeru is on the piano, playing the wedding march.

Sakurako works the spotlight.

Yuuki and Okami-san are in charge of the wind machine that's blowing rose petals.

Shizuka walks up just in time, calling her congratulations.

The Lillies are there, and congratulate Tsukushi in their typically irritating way. XD

Nishida smiles as Tsukushi walks past him.

Tsukushi walks past Kaede, who smiles at her, the kindest she's ever looked.

And then Tsukushi's father gives her away to Tsukasa. They both bow to each other, and then Tsukushi takes Tsukasa's arm, smiling.

And just as they approach the priest...all of the lights go out, leaving it pitch dark.

A second later, the lights come back up, and IT'S RUI IN THE PRIEST'S PLACE, DRESSED IN THE SAME OUTFIT.

He smiles brilliantly at Tsukushi and Tsukasa, and Tsukasa asks what's going on. Rui smiles, "You told me, 'Take care of everything,' right? And I told you I thought about what that really meant, right?"

Tsukasa grins huge at him, and Tsukushi cluelessly asks what's going on, but of course it's one of those Guy Things between those two. XD

It cuts away, and Rui says, "Now, prepare the rings. Do you, Doumyouji Tsukasa, swear to take Makino Tsukushi as your wife, making her happy for the rest of her life?"

"I do!" Tsukasa says, looking absolutely overcome with happiness.

"And do you, Makino Tsukushi, take Doumyouji Tsukasa as your husband, and swear to make him happy for the rest of his life?"

"I do," Tsukushi says, tearing up.

Rui smiles. "You may now kiss the bride."

They turn to each other, and Tsukushi kneels down so Tsukasa can get her veil off. They lean in, then grin and just laugh at each other in total giddy joy...

And then they kiss, and I am not kidding when I say this is the best J-drama kiss I have ever seen, ever. I've never seen a J-drama kiss this absolutely perfect, but there it is. They are both completely into it, and Tsukasa actually has his hands in her hair to pull her head in tighter, and when they pull apart they just keep looking at each other in total perfect happiness and he lifts her up into the air, and she pecks him on the lips really quickly one more time and touches his face, and IT IS ABSOLUTELY PERFECT.

Fade away...

ONE YEAR LATER... (One Love plays as the final credits roll over this.)

Akira is in Hong Kong with what looks like hundreds of people, I'm guessing his crime syndicate minions, all sitting down to dinner. He makes a speech in English that they're not going to be bad people anymore now that he's in charge, and will use their powers for good and not for evil. XD

Soujirou's written a book on tea and is doing a signing. Yuuki appears in front of him and grins, asking him to sign her book. He looks at her. She smiles at him. He...MAKES A MAD DASH THROUGH THE LINE, KNOCKING OVER BOOKS TO ESCAPE. "NISHIKADO-SAN! STOP DOING THIS!" she hollers after him.

Rui is in his room, holding a photo. We can't see what it is. He places it on his windowsill, and says, "Ittekimasu!" and walks out the door. He had a voiceover here, but I can't quite remember what it was: I think it something like that flowers cannot live forever, and life is full of goodbyes...

And then we cut back to the deserted island. Tsukushi looks absolutely stunning, and Tsukasa is next to her on the beach. She says, "Hey. Am I really the most important person in the world to you?"

"Of course," he scowls. "I said you were, I'm sure not going back on it now."

" know...I think I'd be okay, with being your second-best."

"Excuse me? What the hell is wrong with you?"

"I'm just saying, I could live with being your second-best." She grins at him, and says, "You remember asking me what my dream was?"


"Well, it's come true." She turns her back to him and yells out at the ocean, "AND I WON'T MIND IF YOU'RE BORN WITH A PERM, EITHER!"

Tsukasa looks at her, baffled. "What are you talking about?"

She turns back and grins at him, touching her stomach.


She grins.


She smiles wider.

Tsukasa's jaw hits the floor and he SCREAMS, "ARIENAITTSU-NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

He rushes over to her and presses his head to her stomach, as she laughs, and he starts running around the beach screaming, "YESSSSSSS!!!!!! YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSS!!!!!" and then finishes his victory lap back next to her, head against her stomach again. The camera moves away from them, he hugs her, lifts her up, then quickly puts her back down again as they fade into the distance...

And the final shot?

The photo frame Rui left in his room: it's F4 and Tsukushi posing at the wedding, Tsukushi laughing and shooting a peace sign at the camera. And the photo fades away...turning into a perfect likeness of the manga characters.

Next to it, the text reads, "Goodbye..."

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Posted 6/29/08 , edited 6/29/08
this is too much! you posted the whole story..
i cant read it
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Posted 6/29/08 , edited 6/29/08
you are seriously awesome for posting this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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34 / F / USA
Posted 6/29/08 , edited 6/29/08
Oh my god...thank you so much for this! This just made more more excited to wait for the movie. Thanks again!
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Posted 6/29/08 , edited 6/29/08
I am so tempted to read it!! BUT I won't. I'm holding myself back. Well, I'll try
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31 / F
Posted 6/29/08 , edited 6/29/08
thank you so much for posting this!
i read it with the widest smile on my face..
i wish i could see the film now! ahahaha
thanks again.
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Posted 6/29/08 , edited 6/29/08
I want to read it so bad but I know that if I do read it i will want to watch the movie
and stuff.
So i will be a good kid and not read it.
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Posted 6/29/08 , edited 6/29/08
That was awesome. It seems like it was a great ending to the best drama ever. I can't wait to see it now. Thank you.
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Posted 6/29/08 , edited 6/29/08
Thanks for posting this.
I read through some of it, but I don't want to spoil all of the story.
:D I can't wait for it to come out w/ subs.
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Posted 6/29/08 , edited 6/29/08
i read it....and i cant wait to watch the movie!!!!!!
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Posted 6/29/08 , edited 6/30/08's so good...can't wait to see it...but wat does this mean???>>> Okaeri ???
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Posted 6/29/08 , edited 6/30/08
sugoiiiiiii!~ but I'm gonna hold back from reading it and wait for the movie ^^
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Posted 6/29/08 , edited 6/30/08
Now I really want to watch this.
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Posted 6/29/08 , edited 6/30/08
tnx 4 e post. cant wait to watch e movie..
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Posted 6/29/08 , edited 6/30/08
i Totally want to see it ahhh can't wait for to be released well as long as i see it im just satisfied
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