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Posted 6/29/08 , edited 8/10/08
This is for the first 3 masters only, all members other than true vizards must join a squad here by choosing a mod to follow

So basically four master vizards get to choose a name for a squad of their own! then they must hire other master vizards/elites/vizards/trainees... Though even if u choose someone to join your squad they must agree to join, but noone may stay independent! they must have a squad!

NOTICE: The only ones who can stay independent are True Vizards! In other words
Shinji, kensei, hachigen, lisa, rose, mashiro, and hiyori don't have to join any squad! They may choose to join squads though.

(Choose a name for your squad)

(Choose a name for your squad)

(Choose a name for your squad)

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Posted 12/13/09 , edited 12/13/09
thats cool i guess... but i think it would be better if we could still stay independent even though we are not true vizards
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