Roof Tops
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Posted 6/30/08 , edited 7/1/08
It was the day after the big Super Junior accident. The accident involved Shindong, Eunhyuk, Eeteuk, and Kyuhyun. The super junior members had received news that Eunhyuk and Shindong were okay, nothing except a couple of bruises and scratches. Eeteuk had glass shards in his back and he had a large cut near his eye that required stitches. The most injured was Kyuhyun, the baby of the group. He had a broken pelvis, ribs and other serious injuries. Every member was affected by the accident differently and every member was taking the situation differently.
“Has anyone seen Sungmin?” Hankyung asked the rest of the members.
“No but maybe he’s in his room” Siwon said.
“Right. I’m going to go check. Thanks Siwon.” Hankyung said as he went off to Sungmin’s room.
Sungmin’s door was shut and there was no light coming from under the door.
“Sungmin?” Hankyung said as he opened the door. He let his eyes adjust to the darkness. Sungmin’s room was neat and everything was in perfect order. Sungmin’s bed was made and Sungmin was nowhere to be seen.
“I can’t find Sungmin any where!” Hankyung screamed as he ran back to the room where the Super Junior members where.
“What do you mean you can’t find him” Yesung said.
“Yeah. He’s not in his room, not in the bathroom, no where!” Hankyung screamed.
“Come on guys we have to find him” Kibum said.
“Yeah he could be hurt or stuck some where” Kangin said.
As the members searched all over the house and floors of the apartment, Hankyung went up to the roof to see if Sungmin was locked outside. As Hankyung opened the door he saw someone standing close to the edge looking out over the city.
“Sungmin” Hankyung said as he realised whom it was.
As Sungmin turned around to see who had called him, his feet got twisted and he slipped backwards and began to plummet to the ground below. Before Hankyung could realize what was happening his body reacted. He half ran, half flew towards Sungmin’s falling body. Hankyung reached out his hand to Sungmin’s and managed to grab it.
“Sungmin what ever you do don’t look down or don’t let go.” Hankyung said to the terrified Sungmin.
While Hankyung pulled Sungmin back to the roof, Sungmin prayed that Hankyung’s hand did not slip from his.
“What were you thinking?” Hankyung asked Sungmin when he was finally safe on the roof.
“I wanted to come out here and think, I propped the door open but the wind blew the door shut and I got locked out here” Sungmin said trying to stay calm.
“Wait, the door locked?” Hankyung asked sounding surprised, “I didn’t leave it open!”
“Well I guess we’ll just stay here until someone else comes” Sungmin said sounding a bit calmer.
“But look. When you stand here over there you can see the hospital that Shindong, Eunhyuk, Eeteuk, and Kyuhyun are staying at and it makes you feel a bit closer to them doesn’t it?” Sungmin said sounding very calm.
“Yeah” Hankyung said, “ I wonder what else you can see from the room tops.”
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that was sweet
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That was an awesome story.
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sooo sweet....
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