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Allen Walker is a young Exorcist who has a cursed eye that can see the suffering of the Akumas created by The Millenium Earl. He travels to England to the Headquarters of the Exorcists where his Master has sent him to meet with the other Exorcists. The battle with the Millenium Earl and the Noah Family vs. the Exorcists intensifies when some of the best Exorcists begin to get killed by hoards of Akuma. Japan takes center stage in this end of 19th Century plot in order to not let the entire human race be turned into Akumas and the Exorcists have the power of "Innocence" that was given to them by God on their side
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Ages of ppl in DGM

Allen Walker : 15
Yu Kanda : 18
Lavi : 18
Lenalee : 16
Komui : 29
Miranda : 25

the rest of the ages n spoilers are on wikipedia, just search on D.Gray-Man :)
peace out babaye !!!!!
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how come there are only two comments here
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i guess i'll post about their birthday..

birthday of ppl in dgm

allen walker-25th december
kanda yuu- 6th june
lenalee- i didnt remember some day in february.. i think its 2nd february
komui- 13th june
miranda-1st january
arystar- some day in september or october
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opps... i'm sorry... actually,there's something wrong with my post earlier.. here is the right one...

lenalee-20th february
arystar-1st december

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what arystar is the same birthday as me
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Character info ( from my own knowledge, because i was bored xD )
allen walker --
exorcist, parasitic type, innocence on his left hand, cursed, left eye is different & allows him to see the souls which are bound inside the akumas, marian cross' pupil, mana walker's adoptive child, white hair, cheats while playing cards ..
lenalee lee --
exorcist, equip type, innocence - dark boots, komui's sister, very dramatic and cares a lot for friends, long green hair ..
yu kanda --
exorcist, equip type, innocence - mugen, has some flower inside this glass thing, very antisociable, blue hair, the guy who tried to kill allen when he first came to the order xD
lavi ( future bookman ) --
exorcist, equip type, innocence - oudzuchi koudzuchi ( hammer ), is to be the future bookman & disciple of BOOKMAN, red hair, .. he's cool (:
komui --
supporter of exorcists - head of science department, lenalee's brother, very funny guy, makes many versions of "komurin" which are robots which are supposedly meant to help out with work at HQ .., very knowledgable guy, loves lenalee x)
general marian cross --
exorcist (general), equip type, innocence - forgot o.O " .. but i remember there was a gun in there somewhere, allen's teacher/master, loves gambling & women & drinking, leaves debts behind for allen, irresponsible .. powerful exorcist (:
miranda --
exorcist, equip type, innocence - ... some clock looking thing, joined shortly after crowley .. nd yeh o.O
arystar crowley --
exorcist, .. uses akuma's blood as a power source by drinking it, vampire looking guy, lived in a castle, loved Eliade .. who was an akuma ..
bookman --
exorcist, equip type, innocence - acupuncture needles, an old panda-looking gramps who knows heaps about the history of the exorcists and noahs and everything involved, bookmans' job is to be on the side of the church to simply record down what happens in history .. nd there was a long explanation from bookman to lavi in one of the current eps, but i forgot .
wong bak --
supporter, head of asian branch, cool guy with attitude, in love with lenalee, yellow hair .. yeahhh ...

nd thts all for the charac profiles lol (: ignore the spelling errors and such --
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