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Posted 7/1/08 , edited 7/1/08
I`m for Natsume.His cool and sweet.I like him.
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Posted 3/22/15 , edited 3/23/15
Natsume Hyuuga and Ruka Nogi, two bishies who always have their backs for each other. Their friendship is the best in the Gakuen Alice series.

Ruka always shows concern to Natsume and Natsume also cares a lot for Ruka, despite of their rivalry for Mikan's affection yet they still remain good friends.

I am just happy that Ruka still remains supportive towards Natsume and Mikan's relationship, even though Ruka himself still have affections for Mikan.

Tsubasa Andou is also pretty cool, I always wanted to have a big brother like him.

How about Youichi? He is so adorable.
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