JULY Poetry Contest
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Posted 7/1/08 , edited 7/1/08
Our poetry contest is now officially a montly contest. Just use your imagination and creativity and get a chance to win, so try to join and do your best! The rules are simple, just look below.

Poetry Contest Rules:
1. All CR rules apply to this contest
2. Length should not be too short nor too long.
3. The theme is dreams.
4. It should be creative.
5. Do not copy somebody else's work.
6. You can send more than one entry.
7. Deadline would be July 31, 2008.
8. Winners will be chosen by daddyluvboo and the mods. Winner will be announced on the first week of August.
9. The poem that wins will be posted in the group profile for the entire month of August.

Judging/ Rubrics:
originality 35%
creativity 50%
choice of words 5%
flow of the poem 10%

BONUS: Anyone who was able to put and fit the word ice cream in the poem will get an additional one point but those who can put the flavor of the month which is Rocky Road additional 5 points in the scoring.

For any other questions, please post in this forum.
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Posted 7/1/08 , edited 7/1/08
Hello, hello! [: Here is my poem:
Trapped in an Ice Cream Dream
Walking up the stairs from reality to a vision
Next thing I know, I'm laying on a lair
I have come to a very puzzling decision
Am I sitting on a real or fake chair?

Is that wall just a hallucination?
What about that filthy cot?
Struggling my way out of this tiny station,
I see ICE CREAM in my hand, hot!

Licking it *thirstily and greedily,
I start to think this place's not that bad
Then I see my room again, *sweatily
Where is that Rocky Road I just had?

*Forgive me if they're not words :DD
Posted 7/3/08 , edited 7/3/08
Ice Cream Land

Walking and walking deeper into the land
What I see, what you see, is it even true?
Suddenly an ice cream appeared on my hand
The ice cream I just had was a flavor that I never knew

What flavor is it?
Why is it brown?
I started to lick it,
But it gave me a frown

It turned into a toad
And had hopped away!
The flavor must've been Rock Road!
Since no other flavor is bad this way

So then I knew,
This was all a dream
But I wished that it had been true
Then I went back to sleep

Posted 7/9/08 , edited 7/9/08
Dream dream dream
My fave flavor ice cream
Dream dream dream
When I see it, my eyes gleam

Chocolate, mint, strawberry
Can't decide which 2 eat
Vanilla, mango, raspberry
Ice cream is such a treat

But what's this I see,
Rocky road is this months flavor
The more there is for me
To taste and savor

I can't decide how I should eat it
In a cone, waffers or with a chocolate flake
Either way should be a big hit
Cos u know it's gonna be tastier than cake

Dream dream dream
My fave flavor ice cream
Dream dream dream
When I see it, my eyes gleam

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Posted 7/12/08 , edited 7/12/08

i dream for a perfect chocolate ice cream
but i dont know when will i can taste that
i taste almost the brands but nothing is perfect to me
so, i felt that my dreams wont come true..

oh.. "thats look yummy", but doesnt taste good
where in this world can i see
the perfect chocolate ice cream?
is it there? no. it isnt

I saw the sparkling eyes of the child
i saw him eating a chocolate ice cream...
so, i decided to buy and taste
and that was the perfect chocolate i ever eated

i said "Thank you Lord.." for He given me a chance
as i sleep.. i know i'll be contented for i dont know
if i'll be going to wake up still....

Ice Cream Lover
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Posted 7/17/08 , edited 7/18/08
it was twelve o clock midnight
but i seem to not go to sleep
tick tock tick tock few minutes past
twelve - ten o clock
oh why can't i go to sleep
then something was bothering my head
maybe i have to go sleep i said
suddenly there was a big gust of wind
alot of icecream was moving in
oh my what are they doing here?
we came from rocky road they said
and came to find a new bed
few months past
and i end up sleeping on the floor while they use my matress
and for a blanket is my favorite dress
then suddenly i yelled "GIVE ME MY BED BACK OR ILL EAT YOU"
later all the icecream yelled and scream
the door is lock the window is shut thiers no icecream sized hole...
thier now stuck
my hands took a 5 cones and i ate them
happily.. but theres one more left when my hand was going to it i suddenly opened my eyes and it was morning and i was in my pajamas and i was drooling... but wheres the last icecream? i checked the closet my favorite dress
was not a mess
my bed is not cold and the floor has no smudges meaning this was a dream?
even if it was one i still wanted some icecream >:D

Posted 7/18/08 , edited 7/18/08
I wake up in my dream
to find I'm stood in a que for some ice-cream
my belly was grumbling
people around me were mumbling
I got to the till and surprisingly asked for an enormous ice-cream
Ben's(the ice-cream man) hands were getting tired from scooping
and all i could do was stare into my dream....

Rocky Road, Coffee, Caramel Whipped Cream,
French Vanilla so sweet, and Mint Chocolate Green...
Chewy Cherry Chocolate Chip, and Crunchy Crunch Bar,
Marshmallow Mushy Fudge, my favorite so far!
And Bubble Gum, and Spaghetti, and Pizza ice cream,
Taco, Egg Roll and every flavor I dream!
And when Ben was quite done,
Scooping sweet stuff,
He gave it to me and said,
"Kid, I hope this is enough..."

I took the cone,
That was piled so high,
That the cold from my ice cream,
Brought rain from the sky...

It reached so far up,
That the man on the moon,
Took a few licks, then took out a spoon.

Ice cream so high,
That it hurt me to think,
Was I really not hungry?
Or did I just wanted a drink?
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Posted 8/1/08 , edited 8/1/08
Congrats to our winner, kaybibi! We would like to thank all the participants for joining, don’t worry if you didn’t win since this a monthly contest. Try again for the month of August.
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