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Posted 11/6/09 , edited 11/6/09

Starzy_ wrote:

Ello~! You can call me by either Starzy or Seri; honorifics are embraced. If you know me on FF --or have read my fics-- you can also call me by Sky. You can seach me up on FF as The Sky's Bouquet.

I'm just another one of those girls that are looking for their place in this world. I think that explains enough about me, doesn't it??

I'm also one of those people who wear faces and hide to the truth because it just hurts too much. I'm a rather bittersweet person, that has a optimistic side hidden underneath the layers. I guess I'm the stereotype people refer to as...The Type A. I strive in the area of academics and can express myself better with words.

Yes, I have a critical personality; I can be sensitive at times and easily insulted. I give strong, frank reviews that are both polite and harsh (if needed, of course). You can call me a perfectionist, since I tend to worry over the tiniest of details. Oh well. I act differently online so that doesn't really matter at the moment.

It's nice to meet you all.

Hi Starzy! I read one of your stories in FF. I left a review. A long one, so sorry. I tend to babble in my reviews. PurpleSkye here in CR and PurpleSkye in FF are one and the same. So there won't be any confusions. Anyway WELCOME TO WRITER'S BLOCK~! I'm sorry for this late welcoming but I've become quite. . . . quiet in CR lately. (since June, actually) but that's because school is a

It's nice to meet someone like me - I'm a freakin' perfectionist too. lol. So I can really relate with you. Haha. Again, Welcome!
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