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Posted 7/1/08 , edited 7/1/08
We don’t own ghost hunt .. My sister and I came up with this story while discussing the characters. Enjoy....oh this is a oneshot^^

Karaoke Naru


A normal day in SPR office , the café gang were driving Naru crazy with there loud noise .They were talking about what they did in the weekend .

"yesterday we went to a karaoke it was so fun".Mai said it with her usual cheerful voice.

"it been ages since the last time I went to one" Bou-san said.

"me too" Ayako and Yasuhara said in one voice.

"I haven't been in one before" Masako said.

"for real?!" Madoka said with a shock on her face "I never know that there will be another person who hasn't been in a karaoke"

"who is the other person??"Ayako asked.

"Naru who else " Madoka replied.

"How about all of us go to one now" Yasuhara said

Everyone agree with the a idea "let's take Lin and Naru with us" Madoka said.

"there no way that Naru would come with us to a karaoke" Mai said

"don't worry he can't say no to me" she said it while walking in Naru office

Naru was reading some files when he hired Madoka "Naru-chan"

He raise his head up with out saying anything "We are going to a karaoke to have some fun"
"why are you telling me this??" he said with his usual cold voice

"you are going with us"

"no way"

"you better come with us or "

" 'or 'what?"

"I'm going tell Mai that you love her"

He look at her while trying to stay calm "so are you coming or you want me to tell Mai your feeling for her"

"fine I'll go just close your mouth"

Everyone was shocked when Madoka come and Naru are following her but no one dare to say a word.

In the karaoke.

"Naru its your turn to sing" Madoka said
He didn't say anything but keeping looking at her with his cold blue eyes.

"or you know what am going to do"

Everyone though in their head 'so she use blackmailing ;that way he listen to her'

"I'll choose the sing for you Naru so don't worry" Yasuhara said with evil smile on his face

'that make me worry more' Naru said talking to himself.

"Oh! and Naru you must sing this song to the person who you hate the most" Yasuhara said it while ordering the song.

Naru stand up and everyone looking to him and the song start. Naru turn to Masako and started singing.

"I hate you, you love me

Your face is disgusting me

With a big kick and bite from me to you

wont you say you hate me too"

Ayako and Bou-san face was mixed between shock and laugh from what happen
Mai was happy that she isn't the person he hate the most. Lin was shock from what Naru just did now.

"Naru you are so mean" Masako said with tear in her eyes and she run out of the room.

" you over did it Shibuya-san?" John said it even so he still in shock

" I just did what you told me" he answered with ice cold voice

"even so you hurt her feeling" Mai said it with joy showing on her face.

"but you look happy" he replied.

"Eh?" she couldn't say anything 'cause he was right. Madoka was laying on the floor from the laugh. she said "too bad that I didn't bring my camera" and she continue laughing.

The end

Hope you enjoy it...
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