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Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

wiki - Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (キングダム ハーツ 358/2 Days, Kingudamu Hātsu Surī Faibu Eito Deizu ōbā Tsū?, pronounced "Kingdom Hearts Three-Five-Eight Days over Two") is an upcoming action role-playing game developed and published by Square Enix for the Nintendo DS with assistance from h.a.n.d. Inc. It is an installment in the best-selling Kingdom Hearts series. The game features Roxas during the time period of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories after Sora entered a deep sleep. This game will explore the time from Roxas's creation until his confrontation with Riku that leads to his placement in the data-based Twilight Town in Kingdom Hearts II. It is said to be in full 3D as a single and multiplayer game. The game was announced at the 2007 Tokyo Game Show. Currently the title is only confirmed for a Japanese release, though Square Enix has plans for releases in other territories.

ign - The untold story of another hero.
Organization XIII, Number 13, Roxas

Roxas and Axel were watching the sunset from their usual spot on the station's clock tower after a long day of collecting "hearts" from the Heartless, as ordered by their organization. When their daily work ended, they often spent their evenings there. They talked about the day's work and other things over ice cream.

"Do you know why the sun looks red as it sinks below the horizon? It's because among the countless colors comprising light, red travels the greatest distance."

"You're just trying to show off, Axel!"

It was idle chatter between two boys without hearts...

In Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, you will explore a variety of Disney worlds in not only single- player mode, but also in multiplayer missions made possible by the unique networking features of the Nintendo DS in an all-new and mysterious Kingdom Hearts storyline!
Genre: Action RPG
Local Play: 4 Co-Op
Exclusively on Nintendo DS
Release Date: Unreleased

The gameplay is similar to the action role-playing game style of the previous games in the series. 358/2 Days will make minimal use of the system's touch screen functionality. The game will feature both single player and multiplayer gameplay. The single player mode will be story based focused on Disney worlds from past games, and will progress in days. The two modes will be linked in that character growth will be shared between them.

Cooperative multiplayer was one feature on display at the 2007 Tokyo Game Show demonstrating that players can work together, in addition to the traditional use of AI controlled partners. This is the second Kingdom Hearts game to feature multiplayer—the first was Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories. The multiplayer gameplay is separate from the single player story and will be mission-based, which include cooperative and competitive player battles. It will allow up to four players to play as one of the thirteen members of Organization XIII, with each member having different weapons and skills. 358/2 Days' multiplayer will also feature a chat system for communication between players, but will differ from PictoChat in that everyone will draw on the same screen.

358/2 Days revolves around the untold events of Roxas during his time with Organization XIII and will take place during the year Sora was asleep between the events of Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts II. Game director Tetsuya Nomura has noted the game's prologue will cover the "birth" of Roxas, but the gameplay will start from when he enters the Organization. Roxas' daily duties with the Organization, his doubts of the Organization, and his departure from it will also be included in the story. The initial trailer showed most of the events in Twilight Town. Other worlds, like Wonderland, have also been featured.

Like previous Kingdom Hearts titles, 358/2 Days will feature numerous Disney characters. Confirmed characters include Roxas, King Mickey, Riku, and the other members of Organization XIII, including a new female member. This new fourteenth member is considered a key character to the game. The reason why the Organization's name remained "Organization XIII" with this member will be explained in the game.

358/2 Days is being developed by h.a.n.d Inc. with Square Enix employees overseeing the process. The game is directed by Tetsuya Nomura and co-directed by Tomohiro Hasegawa. In 2007, Nomura mentioned he wanted to do a spin-off Kingdom Hearts game on a mobile platform and wanted the game to play slightly different than the other titles already in the series. 358/2 Days was announced alongside Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and Kingdom Hearts coded at the Tokyo Game Show on September 20, 2007. A trailer was shown in the Square Enix "Closed Mega Theater", a photo-prohibited theater presenting 40 minutes of trailers. A new trailer and a playable demo was shown at the 2008 Jump Festa in December 2007. Both single player and multiplayer demos were featured. The new fourteenth member of Organization XIII was also shown in the new trailer and in the multiplayer demo.

The game's logo uses warm colors as a reference to the sunset in Twilight Town. The title, "358/2 Days", is a code that Nomura has stated the player will understand the meaning of at the very end of the game. The word "day" is attached to the title as a reference to the daily life of Organization XIII. The Nintendo DS was chosen as the system before plans were decided. The development team wants to have gameplay similar to previous Kingdom Hearts titles, but have stated the number of buttons on the Nintendo DS is a problem. Some of the DS's functions, like the stylus, are not being used in order to retain the similar gameplay from previous titles. The team is also looking to incorporate Roxas seeing Sora's memories throughout the game and having different types of gameplay for each world. Though Birth by Sleep was the first of the three new games to begin development, 358/2 Days is expected to be released before it.

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Ooo... It sounds interesting.
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This sound really cool! I hope it makes it overseas!
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