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Posted 7/1/08 , edited 7/1/08 just wonderin how you guys like the first chpter of my story before i post it on REVIEW PLZ!

A/N This is a crossover between Stephenie Meyer's new book The Host. I thoroughly enjoyed that book and I believe that it was better than twilight. In my opinion of course.
Disclaimer: Oh, and I am not Stephenie Meyer! Nothing belongs to me......sadly TT^TT

Hosting a Soul

Prologue (a/ not sure if this "chappie" is a prologue. Its more of......iunno. But i dont idk if this is a prologue because when i read it after, it didnt seem like one . O.O

It couldn't be true. I can't be hosted. "I'm a fighter, I'm a fighter, I'm a fighter, and I'm also quite clumsy." I yelled trying to raise my self confidence only to be depressed again.
"I have to protect Edward but she already has an image. I let my wall slip for about a millisecond but that was all she needed before she too was amazed by Edward." I kept on talking to myself. nerves are getting to me. I groaned. I could've banged my head against my bedroom wall but it wasn't my head to be banged, it was now Risa's.
My motto ( which I had been yelling out for about 10 minutes) was:
“Risa…get out of my body! You don’t belong here. All of you souls don’t belong here!”
I waited smugly for her reaction proud that the 'Try and Irritate Risa to get her Annoyed by Me While forgetting About Edward' plan was coming along quite nicely. I didn't chicken out and she was very irritated.
“Bella, Bella, Bella. Don’t you know that you’re precious Edward”, she sneered, “is in the palm of my hand." I laughed internally. Not yet he isn't.
"So behave." I felt her clenching her fists trying to control her anger and irritation :).
" When I find him I can make him think whatever I want , and that’s not necessarily a good thing now, is it?”
Then it dawned on me,I wasn't helpless, I now realized. If Edward is still safe and she could hear me and maybe if my persuading skills had improved, Edward would be saved. She wouldn't find out where or what Edward was. My presence in my mind hadn't been erased. I was still somehow alive and kicking.
“Oh, and we do belong here. We made your world a better place no violence, no confusion, everyone lives in harmony. You should be grateful.” I was slightly confused by what she said before I had realized the irony in her statement. She had used the word your instead of this meaning that she believed that they (the souls, the aliens) still see the world as not theirs, but ours; the wild humans.

When the souls had taken over I hadn’t really noticed. I guess I was quite preoccupied with Edward and his dazzling smile to notice anything strange.
As clueless as I was, I somehow escaped from being hosted for about 5 months before the humans found out that Earth had been invaded by body steeling alien thingys; souls to be exact.

I remember the first time I noticed something strange, it was with Jake.

It was yet another gloomy day in Forks when the phone rang.
“Bella! The phone’s for you, its Jacob.”
Oh great, I subconsciously told my self but later slapped myself internally.
“Hey Jake, what’s up?”
“Uh…” he stammered, “can you come over? I need to talk you…in person.”
“Sure, I’ll be there right after I get Charlie off my back from my C in English.”
HAHAHA…my C in English…I’m getting pretty good at lying am I?
“Ok…take care…in driving?!...” He sorta yelled…which was weird. Awfully perky…Jake? No way.
There was an awkward pause before I said, “Kay…see ya.”
Driving towards La Push had been terrible as far as I could remember, and that day, it was considerably worse.
“Ah!” I yelped, “my butt….stupid giant rock!” I cursed the rock internally.
Right after my “cursing the rock incident”, it had started pouring cats and dogs; the dogs being the literal part.
Out of nowhere Jake and his friend, Tom or Bob was it? Fell down from what I assumed the sky right onto the headboard of my baby, the trustworthy truck.
IM DOOOOOONNEEEE.............tell me whats confusing or opinions and ill try and fix it before i post it on

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