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Posted 7/1/08 , edited 7/4/08
Here you can make your own character, but u can only be 2 characters MAX, and remember; pm me with the characters u wanna be, any of the original or any of the New main made-up characters.

*This is how i want you to create a character.....please put a character picture if you can.

Crunchyroll UserName:
Special jutsus:

*When you are done with creating your character....please choose one team to be in if you want to be one of the main characters in the story.
Posted 7/2/08 , edited 7/11/08
Crunchyroll UserName: NeoTsukino
Name: Ren
Gender: f
Age: 14
Parents: none
Rank: Genin
Clan: Tsuki
Village: leaf
Personallity: queit, kind, loyal, mostly serious.


Special jutsus: (if I told you it wouldn't be so special)

History: I used to live in the Land of Water with my older brother and my parents until Orochimaru killed my parents and took my brother away from me. Now I live in the Leaf Village,
waiting for my chance for vengence.

Crush: unknown
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28 / M / ...Out of this Wo...
Posted 7/2/08 , edited 7/2/08
Crunchyroll UserName:DannyStorm
Name: Danny
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Parents: Unknown
Rank: ANBU / G.H.O.S.T
Clan: Storm
Village: Leaf

Special jutsus: Unknown
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22 / F / Trapped in hell.
Posted 7/2/08 , edited 7/3/08
Crunchyroll UserName:MaidenBella
Parent:Rin Kajitsu
Personality:Goth, Golden Hearted, and Shy

Special jutsus:Fan Dance, Summoning Jutsu:Water Cat, Poison Fruit
History: Mergetya(or Mer) and her mother where abandoned by Rin's father, Sho Kajitsu, and Mer wants to seek vegence. Rin was severly hurt after fighting Sho, and is slowly recovering. Mer is right now trying 2 find a person 2 teach her medical justu.
Crush:no tknown yet
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23 / F / American place, w...
Posted 7/2/08 , edited 7/3/08
Crunchyroll UserName:KajitHakuAirgear
Parents:Temari jr. and Sai

Village:Leaf and Sound
Personality:Shy, lonely, calm, fearless, creative.


Specail jutsus: Siren Song, Shadow Blade Dance, Shadow Form, bloody eyes.
History:As an outcast living in the sound village, Sakuranina was alone and had no friends. Since her parents couldn't stand her being outcasted, Sakuranina came to the leaf village to live. While She arrived, Sakuranina ran into Mergetya. They imendently became friends. Sakuranina looks up to Mer as an older sister. Her life long goal is to become the hokage of the sound, find Cho, and to help save Mer's mom.
Other:Lives with Mer because she has no place 2 stay.
Crush:Tsuki, and Mer's missing older brother, Cho
Posted 7/2/08 , edited 7/5/08
Crunchyroll UserName: Moonlight_Wolf
Name: Kyuuka Muzai
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Parents: Deceased
Rank: Genin
Clan: Muzai
Village: Formally Sand
Personallity: Extremely shy and very quiet, yet easy to get along with. Has a hard time adjusting to being teased since she is a cat demon.

Special jutsus: Bloodline traits natural healing abilitly, also can turn anything into water at will. The water acts like Gaara's sand.These do not require any chakura, nor use any up.
History: Not much is really known about Kyuuka, just that she's been living alone most of her life.
Other: Was banned from the Sand village by Gaara, vowing to kill her if she returned. Now resides in Leaf. Also kick-butt at taijutsu.
Crush: Possibly Tsuki
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27 / F / daet camarines norte
Posted 7/3/08 , edited 7/3/08
Crunchyroll UserName:seanu
Rank:ANBU/ G.H.O.S.T
Personallity:funny, easy going, friendly, love to eat and sleep,
Appearance:cute but dangerous..
Special jutsus:bloodline traits copying technique and every move of the opponent
History: she was born to be a killer. she was abandon by her mother an her father try to kill her..
Other: happy training with others...

Posted 7/3/08 , edited 7/4/08
Crunchyroll UserName: Ice-Wolf
Name: Niiko (neko)
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Parents: deceased
Rank: ANBU/G.H.O.S.T
Clan: Tsukineko
Village: Moon Village
Personallity: calm. gets angry at times. enjoys fighting.
Special jutsus:
~Kekkei Genkai~
~Cat's Eye Jutsu: Niiko gets cat like eyes that allow him to see through any condition (weather, darkness, ect.)
~Cat Claws Jutsu: Gives Niiko long, razor sharp cat like claws to attack his opponent.
~unknown justu name: gives Niiko cat ears and a cat tail. The ears allow him to hear 10 times better and the tail is just a tail.
Tsukineko Taijutsu: taijutsu that focuses on scratch like attacks and kicks.
Mostly genjutsu
wind style ninjutsu
Crescent Wind Dance (Kenjutsu/ANBU/G.H.O.S.T technique)

History: When Niiko got ANBU/G.H.O.S.T rank, his parents and he went on a mission but his parents didn't make it back. After that he trained night and day until he found the person that killed his parents, and killed him. He now protects the Moon Village from intruders and ocasionally goes to other villages.
Other: He carries a katana at the base of his back to use for his Kenjutsu. He has a metal bracelet that has his village symbol insead of a headband. he also has a crescent moon charm that he wares on a silver chain necklace that belonged to his mother.
Crush: none

~Can i be a main character but on a 1 man team. a loner.~
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M / Hidden Sound Vill...
Posted 7/4/08 , edited 7/13/08
Crunchyroll Username : Kabuto1987
Name : Shadow
Gender : Male
Age : 19
Parents : Unknown
Rank : ANBU/G.H.O.S.T
Clan : Uchiha
Appearance : Calm . Quiet . Serious . Creative .

Special Jutsus : Shadow Clone , Kage Bushin no jutsu , Bloodline Sharingan and Katon Goukakyuu , Ryuuka and Housenka no jutsu , Chidori
History : Shadow was a happy and loud boy at first . As he when back to his clan from the academy , he was being robbed and when he went back .. He was begining to be serious . Soon he found out who was the robber on his age 15 , he killed them . He gotten the 3rd Sharingan when he killed the robber .
Other : He is a Uchiha member who is like sasuke , he is very emo and serious everytime .
Crush : Ami
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25 / M / Where there are n...
Posted 7/4/08 , edited 7/4/08
Crunchyroll UserName: chidori888
Name: Naomi Moregai
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Parents: Kageto Moregai (deceased)
Rank: G.H.O.S.T./ANBU Special Agent = part ninja, part ANBU
Clan: Moregai Clan/Dragon Clan
Village: Leaf
Personality: smart, genius(prodigy), easy go lucky person...
Special jutsus: Cat's Eyes/Nekogan, Fire Dragon jutsus specialty, Flash-like speed, Power of the Eight Tailed Black Dragon...
History: He is the host of the Eight Tailed Black Dragon since birth. A best friend of Naruto Jr. One of the greatest ninjas in Konoha.
Other: His primary weapon is a large Dual Blade Sword.
Crush: none at the moment...
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29 / M / none...
Posted 7/4/08 , edited 7/4/08
Crunchyroll UserName: kyuubijean
Name: Khezu Akamichi
Gender: male
Parents: Crest and Krean Akimichi( both dead)
Rank: Genin
Clan: Akimichi
Personallity: a HapPy aNd cHeerFuL perSOn(to show his opposite feelings for his early loss his loveones),Kind,friendly,ReLiaBLe OnE yEt MoOdy oNe,,
Appearance: tHe rEd kaBuki aRmoR oF HiS gRanD fAthEr,HiS mUch aVeraGe Than HiS gRand FathEr wHo suPpoSe tO Be fAt,bUt wHen sOme oNe caLLs HiS gRad fAther a oLd fAt gUy,,HiS oN rAgE,,
Special jutsus: aT eArLy YounG aGe He maNage tO maSter HiS faTher aND gRand FatHeR's MuLti-siZe tEcHniQue (able to convert calories into chakra, which they then use in their hidden technique, Multi-Size Technique and its various related jutsu) DuE The paSt YeaRs KrEan aNd crEst mAde a nEw piLLs fOr tHere cLan,,ThE goLdeN piLL iTs eQuiValent oF 3 red piLLs aNd wHiTe PiLLs tHat wiLL cAuSE tO sAve tHe uSer oF tHe goLden piLL tO aVoid DeatH bUt iT wiLL hAve sOme siDe eFfecTs sUch aS,1 wEek cOma(
The pills, colored green (spinach), yellow (curry), and red (pepper)the red pill itself said to be fatal to the user. ,)

History: kHeZu's paRents DiEd iN wAr,,HiS fAthEr cResT aKimicHi wAs The LEaDer oF tHe ForMEr gRoUp 10,,wHeRe HiS gRandFatheR cHoJi fOrmEr gRoUp Led bY AsuMa sAruToBi Her MoThER KreAn sAruToBi ThE eLdesT dAugHter oF aSumA aND KuRenAi ( Kurenai is revealed to be pregnant with Asuma's child, making their relationship clear) KrEan wAs 8yrs oLdeR tHan cReSt wHeN tHey gOt mArriEd,,KrEan wAs tHe HeAd nUrsE dUrinG ThE wAr,,ThErE bOdieS nEvEr bEen FounD sinCe ThaT dAy eVen ThE oTheR boDies oF the NiNja's oF koNohA,,iTs BeEn a mYstEry iN tHe KonOha cOunTry...
Crush: mariel

(cAn tHis bE a Part oF The mAin sTory?or one of the protoganist)
P.S. yOu kNow NiCE gRoUp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yOu sEe i wAs aMazed bY tHe stOry oF tHe neW kOnoHa,,daMn!!!!!!
i wAs reaLLy amaZed!!!!!!
hehehhe,,,NiCe oNe guYs!!!!!!
Posted 7/4/08 , edited 7/4/08
Crunchyroll UserName:Lonewolf22
Name:Lee Sayotouya
Age: 16
Parents: Unknown
Rank:New genin
Clan:Unknown wolf clan
Personallity:kind, carefree, hostile tword certain peoplez, An A student in the academy.
Appearance: Blue hair, Blue jeans with a green jacket and a blue undershirt, and wolf ears he hides under a beanie.
Special jutsus:fireball jutsu, shadow clone jutsu, Rasengan (Later in the story),
History: Born in a differnt village Lee has recently been accepted into Konoha. His parents are already dead and he can't remember how they died. Hes really silent due to the fact that hes adjusting to his new village.
Crush:Not known.
Team: 7 or 9
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27 / M / ...loveless place...
Posted 7/4/08 , edited 7/9/08
Crunchyroll UserName: Overloed DLZ

Name: Bacura
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Rank: Jounin
Clan: Dracon
Village: Before- The village of twin moons Now- The Leaf
Personallity: Heroic, strong, but silent
Appearance: Calm, clean, Shy at times
Special jutsus: 1. Phycho Burgandy (A move that gives him wings of fire and incresses all Fire moves) 2. Eraser rain (A slash combo that cuts through enemy's with blinding light and break neck speed) and 3. Sommoning of Roxas (Sommons his Pheniox)
History: Named after the legendary Overlord, Bacura has no family, or friends of his own. Bacura's Master was killed the the imfamous Asher. Sence then Bacura has lived the life of the punisher. Defeating Evil in the name of the Lord, and defending the weak in the name of his master. Bacura's past is unkown to himself so as a leaf shinobi he seeks to find out.
Other: Bacura has dark, fire, and light elemental attacks.
Crush: Unknown for now
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Posted 7/4/08 , edited 7/6/08
Crunchyroll UserName:
Name:SilentX Rindraga
Parents:In Hell Chillin
Clan:Rindraga Clan
Personallity:Cold hearted likes to be alone and loves to kill and shed blood and Gangsta
Appearance: Jet Black hair, three curse marks on neck,fangs,crimson eyes,Black Jeans,Punk shirt

Special jutsus:
Other:Elemental powers controls darkness flames and gravity,bend space and time,
Posted 7/4/08 , edited 7/5/08
Crunchyroll UserName: DakillaofRPGs
Name: JJ
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Parents: ?
Rank: Jounin
Clan: Deoblo clan
Village: Sand
Personallity: Dark, and Gangsta
Special jutsus: ?????????
History: ?????
Other: Has a very crule demonic side
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