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23 / F / In the Philippines
Posted 7/5/08 , edited 7/8/08
Crunchyroll UserName: Ino_Yamanaka_Hime
Name: Yuki
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Parents: Unknown
Rank: Genin
Clan: Uchiha
Village: Leaf
Personallity: Cold Hearted, loves to kill, Calm. and on special occasions she gets kind and sweet but she is mostly Cold Hearted
Appearance: Yuki has long brownish black hair and in battle she ties it up. she has fangs and has red or crimson eyes which glow in the dark or when she is angry.

Special jutsus:since yuki traveled she learned unusual skills such as
Dark Nightmare - which gives her black wings and unusual dark aura
Siren's Voice - allows her to control the enemy and make them do things unwillingly
Unknown justu - White cherry blossom petals surrounds the person and heals them
She also developed some bloodline justu's like the Sharingan she also learned the Kagebunshin justsu. some skills are still unknown and will just be showed by Yuki unexpectedly

History: Yuki's was born in konoha, she had two older siblings. her family later went to travel the world so she had to leave konoha... after a few years of traveling her parents and her older sister were killed in front of her. Yuki and her Older Brother managed to escape.. after the incident Yuki began being Cold Hearted and quiet, Yuki and her bother decided to go back to kohona were Yuki became a genin and her brother became a G.H.O.S.T/ANBU. Yuki's main goal is to kill the person who murdered her parents and protect Konoha
Other: Yuki Absolutely Loves chocolate, she has two pets which have unusual skills and she plays the violin and her weapon of choice is a katana which Yuki's dad made and her katana also has special powers and Yuki is a super fast learner and when I say super fast it is super fast
Crush: None for the moment

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Posted 7/5/08 , edited 7/5/08
Crunchyroll UserName:smiley022
Name: Neuro Nara
Personallity:lazy.,quiet.,.spends much of his time sleeping
Special jutsus:shadow manipulation..shadow blade(made of metal that are chakra-based)
History:continuing the his grand father's legacy, he joined team 10 with his longtime friend khezu akamichi
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26 / F
Posted 7/5/08 , edited 7/5/08

Crunchyroll UserName: sachiko22
Name: yan-chan
Gender: female
Age: 15
Parents: (-_-)
Rank: jounin
Clan: ogasawara clan
Village: leaf
Personallity: a protector and joyful
Appearance: strong, cute and always smiling
Special jutsus: cloning, medic skills and wind techniques
History: came to known family
Other: can control or can read others mind
Crush: naruto
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23 / F
Posted 7/5/08 , edited 7/5/08
Crunchyroll UserName: blancheee48
Name: Blanche(real), Yuri (anime)
Gender: F
Age: 13
Parents: -.-
Rank: Genin
Clan: Uchiha
Village: Sand
Personallity: Childish, demonic-like, shy, quiet

Her lost twin: v

Special jutsus: Illusion jutsu
History: When a group of mere mortals came to their town, they killed their parents and took away her twin sister. She got left behind but someone adopted her and trained her to be a jounin/genin.

foster-parent v

Other: She has a missing twin. And apparently, she is forbidden to use Sharingan
Crush: none YETTTTT XD

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23 / F
Posted 7/5/08 , edited 7/5/08
Crunchyroll UserName:aznangel_13
Appearance:punk/prep-medium layered black hair,dark brown eyes,glasses
Special jutsus:you'll have to find out yourself >:)
History:there was a battle between the monn and water village. my parents were in that war.they died fighting and i was left alone.some leaf village anbus found me and took me in. i was around a couple months then. they taught me and took care of me. i am very grateful and will do anything to help the leaf village.[my foster parents told me]
Crush:not gonna tell

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22 / F / Davao, Philippines
Posted 7/5/08 , edited 7/6/08
Crunchyroll UserName: orbunion55
Name: Caren Methathha
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Parents: Secret~
Rank: Any high Rank?? (How about Sanin?)
Clan: Methathha Clan
Village: Konoha/Leaf
Personallity: Perfect Lady

Special jutsus: Too many to mention..
History: -Want to know? Ask me...-
Other: Very strong, very powerful, very decieving..
Crush: Secret~
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F / In a corner .
Posted 7/6/08 , edited 7/7/08

Sid_ wrote:

Here you can make your own character, but u can only be 2 characters MAX, and remember; pm me with the characters u wanna be, any of the original or any of the New main made-up characters.

*This is how i want you to create a character.....please put a character picture if you can.

Crunchyroll UserName:
Special jutsus:

*When you are done with creating your character....please choose one team to be in if you want to be one of the main characters in the story.

Crunchyroll Username: EricaYulaAthha
Name: Sui
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Parents: Dead
Rank: Jonin
Clan: Uchiha
Village: Travels everywhere original Konoha
Personality: Active, Sporty, Funny, Hyper, Skilled, Nice, Generous
Special Jutsu: Chidori, Rasengan, Phinox Flower Jutsu, Puppet control, Sharingan
History: Her dad died on a mission and her mother died when she gave birth to her little sister. She always trained with her little sister or by herself. She graduated from the ninja acadamy at 6. She went to every village in the world. She plays most of the time with her little sister and she's rich for random reasons.
Other: She barely goes on Missions cause nowadays there r tons of ninjas

Little sis Hikayo
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F / Currently Off CR,...
Posted 7/7/08 , edited 7/8/08
Crunchyroll Username: Ashiru-Chan
Name: Hikayo
Gender: Female
Parents: Thinks of Big sis as parent
Rank: Chunin
Village: Travels everywhere(since her sis is rich she has a house in every village) born in Sand village
Personality: Hyper, Computer geek, Video game addict, friendly, Active, Sporty, Strong, Short Temper
(probabley shorter, shorter hair, and Black hair, not wearing dress)
Special Jutsu: Summons her pet dragon, skilled with weapons, controls puppets
History: Not much to say
Other: Food addicted. For some reason no matter how much she looks at a screen while computer and Video games and Anime she never has glasses. She plays guitar. She's a skilled ninja.
Crush: A childhood friend in the sand village that will remain nameless
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22 / F / ?
Posted 7/9/08 , edited 8/3/08
Username: game517
Name: Ami
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Parents: none
Rank: ANBU / G.H.O.S.T
Clan: Akino
Village: Leaf
Personallity: serious, smart, kind, quiet, and calming

Special jutsus:


Chiraikin - unknown
Engetsu Ittou (Cresent Blade) - unknown
Mikazuki Gai (Cresent Scythe) - unknown
Tsuki Kaiten (Moon Rotation) - unknown
Element Manipulation Jutsu - unknown
Chakra Blade Jutsu - unknown
Yami Ayatsuri (Darkness Manipulation) - unknown
Awai Ayatsuri (Light Manipulation - unknown
Chisoku Soujuu (Speed Manipulation) - unknown


Tenshu no Raikou (God of Lightning) - unknown
Souran Awai no Yami (Controler of Light and Darkness) - unknown
Kuro no Enkou (Black Flame) - unknown
Kuro Enkou no Yami (Black Flame of Darkness) - unknown


Musha no Awai (Warrior of Light) - unknown
Buke no Yami (Warrior of Darkness) - unknown
Tsuyoi Buke no Kouyou (Mighty Warrior of Elements) - unknown

Kekkei Genkai

Raikugan - Akino clan's bloodline trait

History:became genin at age 8 and chunin at 10. after completing so many A and B rank missions and train so hard, she became an ANBU at age 13
Other: She carries a sword on her back and wanted to be leader of the ANBUs and very skilled in martial arts, she possesed the Raikugan, a bloodline trait of the Akino clan.
Crush: none, has no time for such thing
Posted 7/30/08 , edited 7/30/08
Crunchyroll UserName: Ayumu-chan
Name: Chrome Kyouya
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Parents: (Deceased Mother) Saiyuki Kyouya (Coma-Father) Hibari kyouya
Rank: (New) Jounin
Clan: Kyouya
Village: Star
Personallity: Silent, cool, Kind When befriended, Extremly powerful, evil when harmed or see`s someone she dosent know
Appearance:Long Black Hair,Bloody Red Eyes, Sharp Fangs ( hehe Beautiful)

Special jutsus: Meikyugan: Chrome looks At The Person And Has The Abilty To Steal Their Techniques And Control Their Mind.
Controls Fire and Shadows at will with only using a bit of chakra every thousand attack.
Healing abiltys
Luia Sirosu: control time

History: Chrome Has A Curse Mark On Her Neck from her Father. It Keeps her Power Of A Demon from coming. It Also allows Her Father to Lend His Power To Her In Battle, and brings on great pain. she dosent know how her parents died but she can see their ghosts. Now She Lives As A Lone Wolf

Other: She Is A Cross Between Vampire And Demon
Shadow,Fire,Dark elements

Crush: Naruto Jr.
Posted 8/25/08 , edited 8/26/08
Crunchyroll UserName: Lucaria
Name: Lucaria Uzumaki
Gender: female
Age: 19
Parents: Hinata Hyuga and Naruto Uzimaki
Rank: Genin
Clan: Uzumaki clan
Village: Leaf Village
Personallity: Shy, quiet, timid
Appearance: Secretive, sexy, shy
Special jutsus: Sommoning justu's and lots of tijustu
History: Hidden
Other: hidden
Crush: Rin.

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23 / F / in your closet
Posted 9/8/08 , edited 9/29/08
Crunchyroll UserName: mitsuke246
Name: Kagami Mitsue
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Parents: murdured
Rank: Chunin
Clan: Mitsue clan
Village: Wind
Personallity: likes to hide in dark congested places, likes to draw, and.... erm.... a quiet girl who stays at the dark corner of the room reading her manga...
Appearance: white hair, black eyes...

Special jutsus: wind control, healing powers, flying ability, spirit summoning....
History: unknown.... her oldest memory was her mother's voice telling her to run as far as she could...
Other: lives alone...
Crush: why on earth would i tell you???
Posted 5/15/09 , edited 5/16/09
Crunchyroll UserName: Loxygirl
Name: Kala K. Akuaura
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Parents: She dosent rember
Rank: Anbu/G.H.O.S.T
Clan: Akuaura clan
Village: Hidden moon village but then moved to Konoha
Personallity: Quite,kind,sweet,caring,brave,outgoing
Special jutsus: Ryuugan (The ability to control all the elments and when she does her eyes change colors corresponding to the elements) A jutsu where she can control a persons actions with her eyes and read their thoughts
History: At the age of two her family was murdered by her older sister. She ran with her little sister but was cornered. The ten-tailed wolf saved her but in the process it got sealed inside of her. At the age of six she was already with a foster family but her sister came back and killed them. Kala was forced to kill her little sister but out of anger Kala murded her older sister. Now she lives alone traviling the world but settled down in Konoha.
Other: Her clan is enemys with the Uchiha clan and they hate each other.
Crush: No one yet
Oh can I be on team 2 plz
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21 / M
Posted 5/17/09 , edited 8/8/09
Crunchyroll UserName:Minorchrono
Name: Lawliet
Parents: Tiro Akimochi and Kiara Tomachi (dead)
Clan: Uchiha

Special jutsus:Levitition Jutsu and False Escape
Crush: none Yet
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24 / F / Kakashi's World
Posted 5/27/09 , edited 5/27/09
Crunchyroll UserName: julielananh
Name: Aoi Katsume
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Parents: Dead ( Killed By Crimininals)
Rank: Jounin
Clan: Katsume
Village: Konoha
Personallity: Selfish, Nice ( a little) , Negative, Tomboy
Special jutsus:
Kekkei Genkai:

Water of Darkness : A Juutsu By Using Our Strength With Concentration. That Juutu Can Paralyze The Enemy In The A Huge Bubble of Water. The Enemy Can't Move And Woke Up Before 23 Hours.

Honesutgan: Can See Through People Inside. By See them Can Destroy or Broke one of their bones. Single one crush by that, will be suffer for 7 days before to get healthy.
History: As Orphan, Aoi lived alone to learn how to fight against enemies and how to protect herself. Young Girl Lived ALone Cause Her Parents Been Killed By Evils Ninjas. So She learn a lot things alone even how to fight. She never learn how to had friends & Love. One Day, she realize to become a true ninja she need some training. So she enter to a school at the Village .... Konoha....

Other: Red and black hair, red eyes, clothes with dark colour with a katana (sword)

Crush:Kakashi Hatake
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