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Posted 7/2/08 , edited 7/2/08

I was a little bored with the opening but as the action rolled in I couldn't stop watching!

This was a great action movie - kept me captivated and rooting for more xD

BTW - did anyone after watching this movie feel like wanting to learn a few of those wicked as moves?

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Posted 7/3/08 , edited 7/3/08
Watch Tom Yum Goong or other thai martial arts movie. The action-packed movies really crack me up! (Although most of the plot are just totally lame)
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Posted 7/5/08 , edited 7/6/08
She's so good!

hardly recognized THAI BOXING as an element....

its mixed martial arts right?

So cool!
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Posted 8/17/08 , edited 8/18/08
I agree, Emyraulde.. especially she was under the duct works ontop of the roof, it almost felt like monkey kung fu mix with mauy thai. It was funny she started acting like Bruce Lee a little bit at the beginning of her fighting. I hear you mamd_nz, it would be nice to learn it.
Posted 9/24/08 , edited 9/24/08

well this movie, i've been waiting for it since i was in thailand.. and when it was shown hell yeah! i got me crazy! then i watched the making of the movie.. i felt even more crazy for it...! love muai thai!
Posted 10/10/08 , edited 10/10/08
one of best movies i ever see,,,,^^
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Posted 11/12/08 , edited 11/12/08
It was quite good! The story is a bit over the top, but that Lady owns, rocks, pawn and lots of other things!
You gotta love Martial lady's that know how to dish out and are not afraid of getting hurt!

We need more of her!

Nice to see Abe-San too!
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Posted 11/17/08 , edited 11/17/08
One of the best martial art movies i've ever seen

Yanin had to train for 2 years before making this movie. She was a higly skilled taekwondo artist, but she had to learn gymnastics, muay thai and weapon usage.

She's really cute, but still soo sick ;D wouldn't mind learning some of this stuff
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