Why do you like Dir en Grey? What do you like the most?
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31 / F / Poland
Posted 7/2/08 , edited 7/2/08
I just love their music. All sounds, vocal and lyrics. I like Diru image and amazing PV.

What about the rest of you?
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27 / F / Hasselt, Belgium
Posted 7/28/08 , edited 7/28/08
I love them because they're so different from what I have ever heard. They were my entry into the world of heavier Jrock.
I love them because Totchi is such a cutiepie.
I love them because Kyo is a total freak at some times, but he also seems so deep and mysterious. You gotta love him.
I love them because the first time I read the lyrics for Zakuro, I was shocked to see how good Kyo had described the feelings I felt at that very moment. It was scary. I cried reading those lyrics.
I love them because they're PV's are something else.
I love them for the crazy band they are!
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25 / F / Denmark
Posted 8/23/08 , edited 8/23/08
I really like them all.. Especially Kyo and Kaoru.. It's my favourite band, because I enjoy listening to they're kind of music,even though I don't understand that much of, what they're singing? I can listen to they're music, no matter what moode I'm in.
And I loove them all..
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