Ladies: Do you think Ren is hot? How about Sho?
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Posted 7/2/08 , edited 7/2/08
We just can't help it when it comes to beauty, no matter if it's just drawn especially when it's Japanese comic right?

In Skip Beat, the first guy that come to my senses is Sho.. it's for the first time when I found this pic:

It's with his wink that gets me..

But when I finally read the manga, Tsuruga Ren is the one who gets on my nerves better than Sho. Yoshiki-san it's your fault! (the manga writer lol)
He has this air of authority and dignity like his father Kuu said. He is serious but elegantly cool.. Well that's his stage image. There are still more to come in the next chapters!

So, do you think Ren is hot? How about Sho?

PS: If you answer Kyoko then forget about it nah just joshing! *joking*
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