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Posted 7/2/08 , edited 9/9/08
This might sound really strange to you, or you might be annoyed there but......

When do you think Ren and Kyoko will kiss??

How about Sho and Kyoko? Do you think that might happen to someone who even throw a woman's presence away?

I know in one chapter when Ren helps Kyoko from falling by holding on to her, he almost kissed her. But that act is the other side of him considering in the past as he said, he likes type of girls who are slim and having soft hair. That attracts him most and perfect for him. But he holds himself from that urge to kiss Kyoko aside from having really deep feelings of love and care for her.. That drives me nuts! Ren just kiss her! And he was about to kiss her too! In one of the field film shootings, in the van he also was about to kiss her! It made me laugh when having Kyoko's lap as his pillow is the only idea that got into his mind when he gets to the senses of seeing Kyoko's shocked expression.. hahahhaa! geez Ren just go! I think it's reasonable being that way, because Kyoko is still not emotionally and physically ready for that. She doesn't have any experience with love relationships having those moves at all.
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