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Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack - Beltorchika Children
Written by: Yoshiyuki Tomino
Cover Art by: Haruhiko Mikimoto
Mechanical Illustrations by: Yutaka Izubuchi
Published by: Kadokawa Shoten
-Original story of the CCA movie
Londo Bell
Amuro Ray - MS squad leader of Ra Cailum. Eternal rival of Char Aznable.
Bright Noah - Commander of the Londo Bell Force. Captain of Ra Cailum.
Beltorchika Irma - Girlfriend of Amuro and member of the Londo Bell.
Astonaige Medoz - Chief mechanic onboard Ra Cailum.
Melan - Co-captain of Ra Cailum.
Char Aznable - Son of Zeon Zum Deikun. Leader of Neo-Zeon. Came back to settle the score against Amuro.
Mesuta Mesua - Former head manger of Neo-Zeon's newtype labs. Girlfriend of Char. (aka Nanai from the CCA movie)
Glab Gas - Neo-Zeon's artificial newtype MS pilot. Doesn't fully trust Char. (aka Gyunei from the movie)
Quess Paraya - Daughter of Adenauer Paraya. Has strong interest in newtypes. Joins Neo-Zeon.
Rezun Schneider - Neo-Zeon pilot and the Geara Doga squad leader. Dislikes newtypes.
Ryle - Captain of Rewloola.
Adenauer Paraya - Earth Federation government official. Came to space to negotiate a peace treaty with Char.
Hathaway Noah - Son of Bright and Mirai. Is attracted to Quess.
Cameron Bloom - Former fiance of Mirai. Currently working at Londenion.
Mirai Noah - Wife of Bright. Currently living in Hong Kong.
Cheimin Noah - Daughter of Bright and Mirai.
Londo Bell
RX-93--2 Hi-Nu Gundam
RGM-89 Jegan
Ra Cailum - Flagship of Londo Bell
Ra Clop class ship: Ra Zym, Ra Eym
Base Jabber - MS Carrier
Earth Federation
RGM-89 Jegan
Salamis Kai
Ra Clop class ship
Base Jabber (MS Carrier)
MSN-04II Nightingale
NZ-222 Psyco Doga
AMS-119 Geara Doga
NZ-333 Alpha Azieru
Rewloola - Flagship of Neo-Zeon.
Musaka class ship
Shackles (MS Carrier)
launch - used to enter Londenion by Neo-Zeon
MS - Mobile Suit
Chapter 1 - Amuro and Beltorchika
Starts out in Amuro's home in Side 1 where he and Beltorchika both wake up. They are living together, but not married yet. After checking his computer system and newspaper, he tells Beltorchika that tonight will be departure date for Londo Bell. Meanwhile, Beltorchika gets ready for her trip to help Anaheim Electronics prepare Nu Gundam.
Scenario switches to India back on Earth. Manhunter, an organization in charge of looking for illegal residents, is looking for Quess Paraya. The search was ordered by her father, which is the only reason why Manhunter is doing this (normally this is not their job). Manhunter successfully captures Quess.
Back in space on board Ra Cailum, Amuro and Bright talk to each other for the first time. Bright Noah joined Londo Bell a month ago. Due to his past battle records as the captain of White Base and Argama, EF Government kept him on Earth. As one of the few experienced captain left in the EFF, Bright was called up after Char's Neo-Zeon took over Sweetwater. It also mentions that Amuro forced the construction of ReGZ since Londo Bell lacked any capable MS (it was only equipped with Jegans). Once Londo Bell's reinforcement was approved, AE started developing Nu Gundam based on Amuro's design which included his version of psycommu system. Explanation for lack of Gundam type MS for Londo Bell is EFF didn't want a Gundam type MS under the hands of newtype pilots like Amuro. EFF treated this matter the same way as nuclear weapons.
Last, there was a small talk between Amuro and Kayla. Kayla teased Amuro about having a wife, but Amuro quickly refuted that he doesn't recall having a wife. However, Amuro did say he will marry Beltorchika if they ended up having kids.

*NOTES* Londo Bell consists of 1 Ra Cailum class ship and 3 Ra Clop class ships. Ra Calium holds ReGZ and 9 Jegans in its MS deck.

Chapter 2 - Above Quess' Head
Starts out in Delhi Airport where Adenauer, Chara (his current partner), and Quess are getting ready to depart for Hong Kong. This part of the story is similar to the movie and contains most of the movie dialogue. Some additional information: Adenauer keeps referring Chara as "mother" to Quess, which Quess hates. Adenauer also bought a home in Side 1 Londenion. Quess asks about her real mother, but Adenauer tells her he hasn't heard anything from her since she moved/left to Colony.
Scenario changes to 5th Luna area where Londo Bell is about to engage Neo-Zeon. Much of the sequences are the same as the movie version. Instead of Jagd Doga, Glab is piloting Psyco Doga. Char enters combat in Nightingale for the first time to help out Glab. Amuro is frustrated because he was not able to prevent 5th Luna drop and finish off Glab's Psyco Doga. The combat description: First, Amuro successfully destroys all 6 funnels. As he went for the kill, Char intervened to save Glab. Amuro quickly recognizes that he is at a major disadvantage because of the MS difference. He quickly retreats after having their infamous conversation from the movie. Glab, showing his inexperience, goes after Amuro and nearly gets killed. Glab saw Amuro's counterattack as supernatural move. His Psyco Doga lost both legs and Char forced him to abandon it.

Chapter 3 - Aftermath of the Meteorite
The setting is Hong Kong airport. The entire setting/dialogues are the same as the movie version. Mirai and her kids tried to board on a shuttle to Londenion, but Adenauer interfered using his position within the EF government.
Battle at 5th Luna is over. Amuro returns to Ra Cailum bringing back ReGZ's BWS and the abandoned Psycho Doga. Amuro and Bright have similar dialogue from the movie version. At the end of the conversation, Amuro heads to the MS deck to prepare for the 2nd wave.
Back to the shuttle in HK. Again same as the movie. Shuttle launches, nearly avoids 5th Luna, and Lhasa is destroyed.
The scene switches to Rewloola. Char makes the same speech he made in the movie after the battle. After the speech, Glab questions Char in the hallway. The conversation becomes intense because Glab accuses Char for intentionally leaving behind Psyco Doga. As Char is leaving, Glab continues to argue. Mesuta slaps him on the face and tells him "Col. Char made the right decision." The chapter ends with Char, Glab, and the political advisors preparing to board a shuttle.

Chapter 4 - Together in Space
Neo-Zeon launches their MS for the decoy mission. This is the same part of the movie where Char's launch heads to Londenion. Amuro goes out in a Jegan to defend Ra Cailum. Meanwhile the civilian shuttle captain sees a combat taking place while their ship is under repair. Amuro notices the civilian shuttle. As Adenauer is crying and banging on the cockpit door, he tells the captain to fire a civilian code flares. The captain blames Adenauer for the situation they are currently in. Rezun sees the flares and orders her squadron to retreat.
Ra Cailum picks up the passenger from the shuttle. Bright meets Hathaway and Adenauer in the hallway. Same as the movie version.
Amuro has a dream with Lalah in it (same as the movie version). He wakes up and recognizes that the psycommu from Psyco Doga was a perfect match for Nu Gundam. Then he gets a call saying Nu Gundam has arrived piloted by Beltorchika. She brought October Saran along, who will help with the final preparation. Amuro shows both of them the captured Psyco Doga. Both are very curious about its psycoframe. On the way, Amuro bumps into Quess, who is with her father and Hathaway. They were at the MS deck playing the MS combat simulator (same as the movie). Amuro and Quess exchange some few words. Quess comes out with "Amuro is a nice person" impression and is highly interested in him.
The chapter ends with Char's launch entering port of Londenion. Conversations in the launch are the same as the movie version.

Chapter 5 - Young Boy and Young Girl
As Londo Bell fleet nears Londenion, Hathaway and Quess is talking to each other. Their dialogues are similar to the movie version. The novel reveals that Quess has studied Char's philosophy and explains Christina's newtype theory, which is similar to Amuro's. Christina is the woman, who Quess followed around in India.
With ETA of 30 minutes left until Londenion, Quess decides to head back to the MS deck. She wanted to meet Amuro again. However, she bumps into Beltorchika instead. Their conversations are similar to one Chan and Quess had in the movie version. New details in the novel version of their conversations : Quess tells Beltorchika that Beltorchika is pregnant. Quess felt a life inside Beltorchika's body. However, Beltorchika is not sure that she herself is truly pregnant. Quess asks a follow up question if it will be Amuro's kid and Beltorchika replies yes. After hearing this Quess decides to leave and feels betrayed by Amuro. Quess quickly lost all interest in him.
As Ra Cailum approaches Londenion's port, Amuro and Bright are talking to each other in the bridge (same as the movie). Novel reveals new info regarding both Londo Bell and Neo-Zeon. Char's fleet was built in the outer orbit (this area had small Island 1 type colony which were used as base-colony during the Colony Construction Period). Londo Bell Force was created few years back to quell anti-EF groups, which included remnants of Haman's/Zabi's Zeon and Titans. Londo Bell was not fully equipped early on because EF feared they might rebel against them. After Ra Cailum docked Bright and Adenauer exchanged few words similar to the movie.
Amuro and October were working together trying to re-equip Psyco Doga's psycoframe into Nu Gundam. This was preventing both of them from leaving the ship. Beltorchika wakes up and notices Amuro was sleep talking again with Lalah. Amuro wakes up and asks Beltorchika if he was doing it again. Amuro tells Beltorchika that he figured out what Lalah meant by, "Char's intentions are pure". Amuro explains how all of this is a setup for their final battle. He tells her that Char purposely let him capture Psyco Doga so both of their MS will be even (i.e. equipped with the same psycommu system). Of course, Beltorchika thought this was a ridiculous theory.
Chapter 6 - Adults
Meeting between Adenauer and Char took place in the Canberra Hotel. The negotiations between Char and Adenauer with Cameron Bloom participating are portrayed exactly the same as the movie.
Quess calls up Hathaway via Bright (same as the movie version). Amuro ends up babysitting both of them. Yes, Haro appears. Beltorchika decides not to join because she is planning to visit a doctor.
The negotiations are over. Char briefly talks with his advisors and they do the "Sieg Zeon" salute (same as the movie).
Amuro is driving around the lake as part of the Londenion's sightseeing for Quess and Hathaway. Amuro sees Char. Rest of the sequence is same as the movie. While Amuro and Char fight each other, Glab piloting Hizack comes in to rescue Char and picks up Char and Quess. At the end, Char tells Amuro, "I'll evenly fight you and win. That's my true victory!" Amuro hearing Hathaway's voice reminded him the three-way relationship between Char, Lalah, and himself.
Cameron tells Bright about the negotiations (same as the movie). Meanwhile, Glab's Hizack enters the industrial port of the colony carrying Char and Quess (same as the movie).
On the other side of Londenion, Bright is trying to tell Adenauer that he is wrong (same as the movie). When Bright tells Adenauer, "Londo Bell will act on its on", one of his bridge crews taped Adenauer's reply , "Yes, if the Earth is threatened, do whatever you want too." After this Bright receives a call from Amuro about how he met Char and how Quess went with Char. Meanwhile, Hathaway is in a state of shock and Beltorchika learns that she is really pregnant. She also has a bad feeling about the current situation and says, "Char is always around us" to herself.

Chapter 7 - From Curiosity
Quess with Glab acting as an instructor goes out in the Hizack for a ride (same as the movie). Once Musaka picks up Char's launch, Char and Quess talk to each other (same as the movie).
Londo Bell is ready to depart. Nu Gundam is completely painted and equipped with Psyco Doga's psycoframe. Here Beltorchika asks Kayla, "How do I make Amuro quit as MS pilot?" Kayla replies, "After this war is over." Meanwhile, Hathaway purchases a mini-MS from the junkyard (same as the movie). Hathaway bought one because he has to bring back Quess from Char and needs to learn how to pilot a MS.
The scene switches back to Rewloola where Quess is testing out Alpha Azieru near Sweetwater. Glab is helping her out in his 2nd Psyco Doga. This scene is similar to Quess testing her Jagd Doga in the movie version. When Char first met Quess, he thought she could pilot Alpha because he felt the similar strength in her as Lalah. In his mind he also realized that Quess might take the same road as Lalah. After the test is over, Mesuta informs Char that Quess is a newtype and ready for combat. Quess was joyous after the test. She thanked the mechanics and hugged Glab.

Chapter 8 - Coiled Up
Inside Sweetwater: Char, Glab, and Quess are onboard a linear train. Someone hands a bouquet to Char. The crowd chants, "Sieg Zeon" and sings a song praising Char. Next, they board a limousine (same as the movie). Char gets off the limousine and enters his mansion. Mesuta was already waiting inside. After Char takes a shower, he and Mesuta talk (similar to the Char and Nanai conversation in the movie). Extra information from the novel: Mesuta questions about Char's decision of letting Londo Bell capture the damaged Psyco Doga. She also asks why Char did not take out Amuro at 5th Luna when Char had the superior MS. Meanwhile, Char has a flashback from the fateful battle in OYW (same as the movie). From that battle, Char heard Lalah saying, "Please stop!" and saw an image of her protecting Amuro. Mesuta always wondered why she couldn't ask, "Did you start this war against Amuro all because of Lalah?" She wants to know because she always heard Char scream, "Lalah" in his sleep. His sleep talking led her to do some researching on Lalah. She was able to get a good idea on Amuro and Char relationship.
Glab and Quess are at a party. They have a conversation (same as the movie).
Back in Hong Kong, Mirai was unsuccessful at getting a ticket to Space. She talks with her daughter Chemin (same as the movie).
At Sweetwater Char gives his famous speech (same as the movie). Neo-Zeon has about 10+ ships outside of Sweetwater. His political advisor wants him to quit as a pilot, but Char tells them only after this war. Neo-Zeon prepares for its decoy plan (fake surrendering at Luna II while Char hijacks Axis). Scene switches to Adenauer, who is onboard Ra Clop. He and the captain have a conversation (same as the movie). The chapter ends with Cameron giving Bright the details on the 15 nuclear warheads that Cameron stole.
*Side Notes from this Chapter. Mesuta's background info - She first met Char when he was preparing the Neo-Zeon fleet. Her parents were ousted by Zabis via asteroid research job. Her dad died shortly after this and she grew up staring at the coin-sized earth. She became interested in Char's artificial newtype research because one day she might able to create a human that live in a vacuum (no air).

Chapter 9 - Surprise Attack
10+ Ra Clop class ships and Salamis class ships were waiting for the Neo-Zeon fleet to arrive at Luna II. Of course, Adenauer was onboard Ra Clop to oversee the fleet's surrendering. The dialogue and the attack sequence are similar to the movie. Major difference from the movie: Quess goes out in the Alpha and Alpha not getting damaged in the battle. Meanwhile, Char's other fleet (Rewloola and 3 Musaka class ships) heads toward Axis.
Back at Londenion, Bright tells Cameron to look after Hathaway. Hathaway sneaks on board Ra Cailum (same as the movie). Ra Cailum along with 3 Ra Clop class ships departs Londenion. In the bridge Londo Bell was calling every colony fleet for assistance. Londo Bell got a 'No' for all of the answer, which pissed Bright off. Amuro enters the bridge telling Bright that Char's fake surrendering is weird because Londo Bell will get to Axis sooner than Char. They play the Sweetwater footage and both Amuro and Bright notice how 3 of the ships didn't have any main guns shown. Meanwhile, Char's other fleet takes out EFF's 2 ships escorting Axis. Char says to himself, "I'm going to drop this on Earth, Amuro! Will you be watching this while you're biting your fingers?"
At Luna II, Mesuta gives order to load up as many nuclear weapons on the 4th Musaka ship. Quess enters the bridge complaining and Mesuta slaps her (same as the movie).
At the MS deck of Ra Cailum, Astonauge equips ReGZ with the BWS. He and Kayla have a conversation (same as the movie). Londo Bell comes across 4 nearly destroyed ships belonging to the Luna II Fleet. They hear what happened at Luna II and what Neo-Zeon are doing with the nukes from the survivors. Bright ends the discussion with, "Not all of Char's fleet is at Axis. Our firepower is equal. If we attack now, we can win!" (Amuro said something similar in the movie).
Quess decides to leave Musaka. Glab tries to stop her. Captain, being cynical, tells Mesuta that letting Quess go will be a big benefit as Musaka will have a lighter load and Alpha can make it there quicker with the external fuel tanks. Angry Quess leaves the briefing room and heads to Alpha (she's naked too). Mesuta orders Quess and Glab to prepare for launch. Glab tries to calm Quess by saying Mesuta used Char to rise within the Neo-Zeon ranks. Quess quickly refutes by saying she will get rid of Mesuta and Glab is simply jealous.
The chapter ends with Londo Bell preparing for their first attack on Axis. Hathaway gets caught by Kayla (same as the movie). Amuro tells Hathaway if a crew is not wearing his/her normal suit after the hatch is open for 5 minutes, the punishment is "2 weeks of solitary or 1 month of no pay." Hathaway replies, "Even the civilian?"

Chapter 10 - Fire from the Heavens
Char's Axis fleet detects Londo Bell. Char heads out in the Nightingale and says, "They were quick" to himself (this is the opposite from the movie). He destroys the incoming missiles with funnels and takes out the missile armed with nukes.
Back at Ra Cailum Hathaway is slapped by his father (same as the movie). During this Beltorchika couldn't reveal Amuro that she was pregnant. Axis ignites its nuclear pulse engines. Londo Bell dispatches balloon dummy decoys and prepares for the launch of the 2nd wave. Beltorchika takes Hathaway to a room and gives him an intercom (same as the movie). The remaining Neo-Zeon fleet returning from Luna II launch their MS to attack Londo Bell (Rezun is part of this). Last, Amuro goes out in the Nu Gundam.
The battle is taking place around Axis and its surrounding rock debris. Both sides' MS are maneuvering around the debris, using them as shields, or accidentally running into them. Kayla is facing a decision: attack the 4 ships or the nuclear pulse engines. Facing heavy resistance from Neo-Zeon MS, Kayla decides to go after the engines. Meanwhile, Rezun is attacking the Londo Bell fleet. She says her line from the movie along with, "Only if he didn't have a lolita complex" (talking about Char). Near Axis, Quess is searching for Char with Glab chasing after her. Once she found Char, she releases Alpha's external tanks and leaves Glab behind. Right after this, Glab detects missiles with some of them equipped with nukes. He releases his funnels and destroys 5 nukes (same as the movie). When this occurred, Amuro said, "What nukes got destroyed?! Char is powerful? No, this is someone else." Quess sees the explosions of the nukes and finds Char too. She jumps out of the cockpit into Nightingale's cockpit. The conversations between them are similar to the movie. Char does say this to her, "Stay here and learn. Once you learn the fear of battles without entering the battlefield, you will become a true Newtype. Then you can lead the humans to become newtypes and save the world." Quess replies, "Isn't that your job?" Char answers, "I'm only opening the road, your generation will make it happen." Meanwhile, Amuro goes to the rendezvous point and notices there are no MS here. He is worried that Kayla may have gone too far out. Same time Glab feels a strong pressure and sees Kayla's ReGZ.
Londo Bell is under a major attack. Beltorchika is doing the exact same thing Chan did in the movie. She takes control of one of the AA guns and takes out Rezun's Geara Doga. When she did this, she heard a voice saying, "Mama" (Beltorchika did not have a sample piece of psycoframe with her). Quess starts to see/feel everyone's' presence in the battlefield (same as the movie). ReGZ is near the rear of Axis now. Glab finally catches up with it. The battle sequence is the same as the movie. Glab keeps referring ReGZ as a "Gundam" and assumes Amuro is piloting it. Amuro reaches the scene. Glab notices and is surprised that there are Two Gundam. Glab grabs Kayla and demands Amuro to give up his Nu (same as the movie). Amuro says to himself, "Is he (Glab) acting hysterical because of Char's presence from the above?" Amuro agrees to surrender and gives up the beam rifle and the fin funnels (same as the movie). Of course, Glab mistakes the funnel for a heat sink. He squishes Kayla and orders the Geara Dogas to kill Amuro. Amuro's funnel reacts and counters Glab. Glab is surprised that it was a funnel and retreats (much of the sequence is same as the movie). Quess is terrified and Char notices Amuro is using his new Gundam.
Chapter 11 - Time to Look Up
The first assault is over. Using anti-missiles, Londo Bell fleet slowly distances itself from the Neo-Zeon fleet. Jegans are returning. The crews of Ra Cailum are using wires to retrieve them (same as the movie). Amuro returns and brings back Kayla's body. Astonauge cries about her death (same as the movie). Amuro says that he can't die without stopping Char first. Beltorchika hears this and tells him to stop saying that. She finally reveals about the baby (3 months pregnant).
In the briefing room of Ra Cailum, Bright and Amuro reveal the next plan to other captains and MS squad leaders. The plans are:
1) Charge at Axis and fire Hi Nu's Hyper Mega Bazooka Launcher to destroy Axis' engine. The Mega Bazooka Launcher will use Ra Cailum's main engine as its power source.
2) Use the nuclear missiles to blow up Axis.
3) If everything else fails, go inside Axis and blow it up via explosives.
At Axis, Neo-Zeon is busy preparing for the final course and waiting on the 4th Musaka, which is loaded with Luna II's nukes, to arrive. The drop site on Earth is Mexico City. Mesuta tells Char that she wants to put Glab and Quess together in the battle. This will bring out Glab's full potential. She also mentions that Glab is becoming more irritated because he thinks Char is going to take Quess away from him. Inside Axis, Quess and Glab have similar conversation from the movie. However, Quess gives a different reply to Glab at the end, "You go to hell! That's why I hate young guys!"
Londo Bell is almost ready. Beltorchika goes inside Hi Nu's cockpit to have a final word with Amuro.
Amuro: Thank you
Beltorchika: ...Why?
Amuro: After being left behind by my parents, I never thought I would be a parent. I'm a lucky man. Give birth to a healthy baby. Therefore, I won't let you overwork. I've asked Bright to keep you in the bridge.
Beltorchika: Don't do that.
Amuro: I want to see it.
Beltorchika: Soon. After this battle is over...
Amuro: Yeah... *kisses her*
Beltorchika: Don't do crazy things. I can feel Char's grudge in this battlefield. Good luck.
Amuro: Char knew about Nu Gundam's construction. He then gave me a chance to use the psycoframe. I understand Char's feelings... I cannot pass up on his challenge. If I do, I will never become a father and never be above Char.
Beltorchika: ...are you confident?
Amuro: I'm prepared and going to win for the baby...wait. Char never met a woman like you and never gotten a baby. I have you and the unborn baby. This difference is the absolute power.
Beltorchika: Ah...Amuro. I'll be waiting, Amuro.
In the bridge, Hathaway is writing out his will. Meanwhile, Hi Nu Gundam grabs a tube from Ra Cailum. This will connect to the Mega Bazooka Launcher. Melan and Hathaway have a conversation (same as the movie). Bright looks at the display brought by Claire. He notices that the remnants of Luna II Fleet, Side 2, and Side 5 Fleet are all mobilizing (similar to Bright and Melan's conversation in the movie). Back on Earth, Mirai and Chemin are stuck in traffic. They see the sun with Axis in the middle of it (same as the movie).

Chapter 12 - Rhythm
Mesuta calls Glab up and tells him, "Even though Colonel is the leader of Neo-Zeon, he is personally going out there as a pilot to face Amuro. Go protect him!" She adds on, "Take care of Quess. By doing that you will protect Colonel, Neo-Zeon forces, and we can live peacefully forever!" Glab wants one condition in return that Mesuta will hold onto Char. Ryle, Rewloola captain, receives a warning that EF fleet from Side 2, 5, Earth Orbital, and Luna II are approaching this way. From the Axis' port, Geara Doga is being launched. Inside Axis, Quess starts talking to Char and asks him if she is a replacement for Lalah (same as the movie).
Char: I'll forget Lalah (note: this is a lie) If you don't believe me, leave one of Alpha's funnel. When I betray you, use that to kill me.
Quess: Colonel...
Char: For now, please fight together with Glab. If you don't use him as your bodyguard, you can't survive this.
Quess: Colonel!
Char: You keep promises because you have a partner so don't die.
Quess: Thank you, Colonel.
Char: I'll be going out in the Nightingale. I don't care if Mesuta gets angry with me. I'm more worried about Quess.
After this, Char runs into Glab. Their conversation is same as the movie. Alpha and Psyco Doga head together to the battlefield. Quess takes out bunch of dummies and missiles. Glab is impressed by that. Amuro notices that someone took out the missiles and feels a strong pressure. Amuro says to himself, "Is it Quess?" Same time both Quess and Glab feel a strong pressure (Amuro) as well.
Char enters the bridge of Rewloola. He has his final conversation with Mesuta. (Below are most of dialogues)
Mesuta: Looks like you were able to fool Glab.
Char: Not an easy person to fool. I told him the truth.
Mesuta: Now is the truth...what about after the war?
Char: I'm prepared to take on the stigma for causing the nuclear winter. On top of that, I gave Amuro Psyco Doga's psycoframe.
Mesuta: ....?
Char: I did what I can. It is now up to the heaven. I'm going to MS deck. I'll go out immediately when needed.
Ryle: Yes, sir.
Mesuta: What did you just say, Colonel? *Char keeps walking away* Colonel! Colonel! *about to cry*
Char: ...?! I just told you the situational fact.
Mesuta: Gave the psycommu to Amuro... Did you do that in order to die?
Char: Be quiet. There's no point in beating Amuro piloting a crappy MS. Sometimes a man has a petty temper. If I don't fight an even match against a frail man, it will forever bother me. That's all. So Mesuta... Today is the day I say farewell to my stupid side. Please remain silent and watch me.
Mesuta: .... *Char kisses her goodbye*

In the battlefield, Amuro is destroying Geara Dogas at will and signals a flare. Ra Cailum sees this and extends a tube (*note there are 2 of them). This will connect to the Hyper Mega Bazooka Launcher. Same time Londo Bell scatters more Minovsky particles and launches the 2nd wave of MS. While avoiding the Geara Dogas, Amuro searches for the tube. Glab catches Amuro and releases 4 funnels at Hi Nu. Amuro releases 2 fin funnels and dummies to counter Glab. Glab starts to rush himself as his funnels are being destroyed and noticed that they are inferior compared to Hi Nu's. During this combat, Amuro somehow connects the tube to the Hyper Mega Bazooka Launcher. Glab sees this and fires his remaining funnels/beam rifle to take out the Launcher. Quess joins this battle and screams, "Glab! With this Colonel will DIE!" Alpha releases its funnels as well. Hi Nu releases another fin funnel, which takes out one of Alpha's funnel. Hi Nu simultaneously destroys 2 more funnels using its beam saber. Quess cannot believe what she saw. She felt a sharp pain going through her mind as her funnels were being destroyed. She says to herself, "So that's Amuro being mad...!" She concentrates on the remaining funnels and manages to cut the tube. Amuro begins to look for the 2nd tube.
At Ra Cailum, Hathaway is starting to feel Quess and leaves the bridge (same as the movie). At the MS catapult, Beltorchika is heading towards ReGZ's cockpit. Astounage sees her and tries to stop her. Their conversation is the same as Chan & Astounage in the movie. Some of the differences: Beltorchika tells him, "My baby is telling me to go!" Hathaway hears the word "baby" as he was looking for a MS. Astounage has the same death portrayed in the movie. Hathaway grabs a Jegan and takes off. Claire in the bridge yells, "Who's the idiot that took off in the middle of the AA fire." Bright saw this Jegan on the display as well.
Amuro finds the last tube and connects it. Amuro yells, "If this is Quess, stop it!" Amuro uses his 5 fin funnels to form a beam barrier around the Gundam. Quess sends her funnels at the Gundam, but their attacks were deflected by the barrier. Quess is puzzled by this. Amuro sets up and fires one shot of Hyper Mega Bazooka Launcher. The shot hits and destroys the Mussak, a Musaka class ship. Mussak served as a shield which means the Axis engines are still intact. Mesuta tells Char that Mussak was destroyed by a powerful beam. This prompts Char to go out in the Nightingale.

Chapter 13 - Mother and Child
Quess screams, "Amuro!! Don't Torment Me! Don't Torment me!" Using her last funnel, she successfully cuts the tube off. Hi Nu throws away the HMBL and heads toward Axis. Ra Cailum is preparing to fire its last treasures (nukes) at Axis. During this, Ra Cailum is being shielded by Ra Zym and Ra Elm from Geara Doga's attacks. As Ra Elm sinks, Bright orders the firing of the nukes. Char detects the missiles and releases 5 funnels. He successfully destroys all but one of the nukes. The one that got away destroyed one of the Musaka class ships. Seeing the nuclear missiles have failed, Bright orders Ra Cailum to go forward and land on Axis. He tells the crews to get ready for it (same as the movie & notices that Hathaway isn't there).
Hathaway is still looking for Quess. Glab detects Beltorchika's ReGZ. Glab still has one funnel left, but he uses a beam saber for the kill. He notices the ReGZ is only equipped with grenade launcher so he ends up firing his beam rifle. Glab hears, "Don't do that!" and sees an image of a baby protecting ReGZ. The image deflects the beam rifle shot and makes the ReGZ look glowing. At other part of Space, the Side 5 Fleet and remnants of the Luna II Fleet see the glowing. They are wondering if Londo Bell needs help. Pilots are asking their captain for permission to help them. Another fleet's (Side 2?) captain is asking the pilots if they can make it to Axis using the Geta (MS carriers). On Earth, Mirai and Chemin are walking away with their suitcases.
Those who have survived the Luna II surprise attack (still near Luna II) starts to look for any ships that can move in order to participate in the battle. The Earth Orbital Fleet near Side 4 orders the launch of their MS in hoping to break apart some of Axis. Another Orbital Fleet gives out the same command. Their captain tells the pilots, "If it is not within the range, use 1 MS to push another MS. At least 1 will make it to Axis." Ra Cailum successfully lands on Axis with Jegans providing protection.
Glab is still stunned by the image. He is wondering what that was and same time felt warmth coming from that image. That is the last thing he saw as ReGZ's grenade launcher kills him. Quess feels Glab's death and starts going crazy/hysterical.
Quess: Ah...Everyone is dying?! Colonel! Colonel!
Hathaway: Quess!
Quess: Get out of my way!
Hathaway: Quess! *Jegan gets in front of Alpha* This MS is Quess, right?!
Quess: Ah... Help me, Colonel! *Char feels Quess' presence*
Amuro finds Char finally. Battle takes place along with following conversation.
Char: Amuro, you came! But it's too late!
Amuro: ...?! If I beat you, I can stop Axis!
*Char uses his last funnel on Nu and hits Nu's left shoulder*
*Nightingale fires its beam and funnel at Nu again, but both attacks are absorbed mysteriously*
Amuro hears, "papa!"
Char: That's impossible. It doesn't have the energy to make that barrier!
Amuro: Barrier? *He hears/feels what Char said and notices Hi Nu is being surrounded by aurora*
Amuro again hears, "papa!"
Amuro: A voice?
Avoiding Nightingale's attacks, Amuro detects the 4th Musaka ship. He destroys it and a big explosion follows (same as the movie). He then proceeds to stop Axis' nuclear pulse engines. He stops the first one. While working on the 2nd one, his beam rifle energy goes out and a Geara Doga attacks him. Beltorchika starts heading towards the engine since Amuro is there. She sees a Gear Doga sneaking up on Hi Nu and ends up ramming into the Geara Doga. This is successful, but Beltorchika loses consciousness. Amuro wondered who the pilot is, but didn't have the time as Axis was already preparing for its descent.

Chapter 14 - Rainbow of Space
Inside Axis, Bright and his team are busy setting up explosive devices (same as the movie). On the surface of Axis, Hi Nu and Nightingale are engaged in hand-to-hand combat. Hi Nu goes away. Char follows and sees Amuro leaving the cockpit. Amuro himself is going inside Axis. Char does the same thing and enters inside the Axis. Meanwhile, Hathaway is still trying to get hold of Quess. However, she is busy searching for Char. The action/dialog inside Axis between Amuro and Char are similar to the movies. Last, Bright and his team are returning to Ra Cailum.
Ra Cailum and Rewloola are firing at each other. In between the fire another Musaka blows up. Both Amuro and Char got out of Axis and returned to their MS. Both of MS resume their hand-to-hand combat (more like wrestling).
Battle sequences: Nightingale jumps and kicks in Nu's side. As Nightingale falls, it steps on the arm of Nu. Nightingale once again jumps, but Nu kicks Nightingale's leg. Nu follows up by ramming into Nightingale. Now Nu is kicking at the side and back of Nightingale. Char tries to stop the kicks by holding onto Nu, but Nu instead karate chops Nightingale. Both MS separate and charge each other again. They grab each other's hands. When this happened, Nightingale's elbow frame broke. Oil starts to come out of Nightingale. Nightingale punches Nu and Nu counterattacks Nightingale. Nu's punch does more damage as it was a direct blow to the Nightingale's cockpit.
Still screaming "Colonel!" Quess approaches toward Nightingale and Nu. Hathaway's Jegan is barely hanging onto Alpha.
Back to the Nu vs. Nightingale. Nu is now winning the battle. Nu rips off the head armor plate of Nightingale.
Amuro: This is it! Char!
Char: What! *this is when Nu starts to win*
Amuro: Char! *rips the head armor off*
Quess: NO!! *Alpha rams into Nu*
Amuro: Uwaa!
Quess: Not Colonel!
Amuro: Get out the way!
*Alpha tries to squish Nu.*
Quess: Colonel! Colonel is...! Is mine!
Amuro: Quess?! You...
*a beam pierces through the cockpit of Alpha and Quess screams*
Amuro: Huh?
Hathaway: Woops, it hit?!
*Gundam goes after Nightingale*
Amuro: You won't get away!
Char: You sure? *Nightingale's auto-eject activates and cockpit pod is released.*
Amuro: Don't underestimate me! *Nu captures the pod*
Char: What?
Amuro: I won't let you go alone!
*As Bright boards Ra Cailum, Axis starts to blow up*
Char: Did you do it, Amuro?!
Char declares victory as the rear end of Axis will drop on Earth. Amuro says, "I won't let it!" and starts pushing against Axis (rest are similar to the movie except Amuro and Char do not bicker over Quess or Lalah). The EFSF 88th Fleet's MS arrive and join in with Nu to push Axis away. Amuro tells them to go away as Hi Nu will handle this. Aurora, coming from the Nu, pushes all of the MS away. The novel switches scene to an unknown location on Earth and colony where a new life is born. Axis slowly drifts away from earth due to this aurora.
Amuro: Ah...what? Am I looking at the world?!
Char: Was I too caught up in myself? That's impossible? Then... *Char pulls out a locket and opens it*
Ra Cailum bridge crew: Looks like the rear of Axis is changing course!
Bright: Tell Gundam, Amuro! To get out of there!
Bridge crew: Impossible. Radio communication is blacked out due to overload-wave. He can't hear!
*Beltorchika (still in ReGZ) is floating near Ra Cailum and regains consciousness*
Beltorchika: Where's Amuro? *sees Axis and knows that he is there*
...Light shines because there is life...
*Char looks at the locket, but he can't really see. Inside the locket, there's a picture of his sister*
Char: However, Artesia. This was a good result for Artesia. *note: Sayla still lives on earth*
Amuro: ...Beltorchika! *Amuro doesn't actually feel unfortunate when he said this*
Ra Cailum bridge crews look as both parts of Axis seemed to head towards the sun and leaving Earth behind. Beltorchika doesn't feel Amuro's presence once Axis starts to go away.
Mesuta: Colonel! Colonel! *crying*
Your motive was not absolutely wrong. Absolutely. If it wasn't, then what were...we doing...
The novel concludes with Beltorchika praying that the unborn baby is safe and the chirping of Nightingale could not be heard anymore.

The End

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Thank you so much, I watch the movie but this gives me a better understanding.
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F / Side 3
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I'd love to own this novel in English, but I doubt it will ever come out, pity because it would be so great to acctualy hold it in my hands...
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Well with everyone's interest focusing more on the newer series it's safe to say....It's never gonna come out in English.
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Wow, I really wished they animated this thing, or at least ship an English copy of the book over here in the US, it kinda is better then what they did with the Movie at a few points IMO. So the Nightingale, doesn't sound that much different from the Sazabi, and after reading those fighting sequences, the Nightingale didn't sound as if it was that huge behemoth, all the fan info on it made it out to be, if the Hi Nu was able equal it in hand to hand combat, and with the Nightingale, being fast enough to do jump kicks and stuff and hang with the Hi Nu in speed and reaction time. I'm glad/happy with that. and it didn't sound like there was anything New wepaons the Nightingale or the Hi Nu has over there predecessor have sept for being stronger improved versions, useless I missed something?

Edit:man after reading that I feel so teased!
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Here a more detailed entries about chapter 1 and chapter 2.

In the morning, to be able to wake up as late as possible is a blessed affair. Even so, if it happens day after day, can it still be considered an accident?

If our purpose in life is to seek enjoyment, then we need to invent entertaining activities that we will never tire of. Should this ever be the case, we may never stop killing each other...

However, “living” is not about seeking such an intense phenomenon.

Humans are slow and stupid.

They are only concerned with feeling comfortable. If they are able to enjoy a moment of happiness, they do not require more. A large part of life is spent on “What shall I eat? What shall I wear? When should I visit the toilet? When should I bathe” and such other trivial matters.

Those unable to experience life in this way do not think at all. During their daily lives, they cannot acquire proper food or portable water because they do not have any consumption “standpoint”.

In order to support these needs, a basic economical structure needs to be created. For this reason, no matter if you are a blue or white collar worker, you endure and force yourself to work.
This is a difficult thing; but without such work, going to the bar, grabbing a drink, and chatting with others becomes a special treat to lift one’s spirit.

If everyday life became a holiday, then what would this extended holiday be?

“Murder clubs… I heard rumors about them.”

“… Mmm …”

Beltorchika buried her thick lips in Amuro’s chest. “Mmmmmm…”

“Is that true?”

“On Earth, it seems such of games exist...”

“… So, if the rest of life becomes a vacation, will we know how to live properly?”

“People are like this now. If this goes on, do you think that comforting feelings will still exist?”

“Huaaa huaaa...”

Beltorchika grunted sensually.

“When I’m with you, Amuro, I always feel good... I don’t care about any of that.”

“Really? Don’t you feel embarrassed saying that? Get off me, my chin is hurting... Bel-chan your chin is too sharp...”

Amuro grabbed Beltorchika’s hair with both hands and lifted her off.

“That hurt!”

Snorting, Beltorchika sat up, used both her hands to wrap a towel around herself and stood up from the bed.

“You’re too rough!”

Beltorchika’s lustful voice, well defined back and soft, uniform bottoms disappeared from the room.

“Yeah… I can be like that sometimes…”

Amuro continued the thought in his mind.

Towards who?
Amuro didn’t understand, but he had the strange habit of talking to himself. He raised his right hand to open the blinds.


It didn’t seem like dawn- the sunlight resembled noon. Their bedroom was enveloped by the sunlight. The feelings of both pride and shame entwined with each other and rushed up the chest of the half naked Amuro.

“… Ah shit...”

This was also meaningless talk.

Amuro adjusted the angle of the blinds and his lower jaw while examining his upper body. He was surprise by the robustness of his body. The small chest hair he had, like the hair on his head, was a weird reddish tint.

“… It doesn’t seem similar at all... ?”

He thought in his heart, as that did not resemble that of either of his parents.

“I’m not a bastard child, am I?...”

This was something to be worried about when it came to his mother, Kamaria Ray. He had learned as much in his youth. When he thought about how his father, Tem Ray, the fact that he was Tem’s son could not be easily denied.

“Father sure died at a good time…”

His change of thought was sudden.

The sound made by the running shower could be clearly heard.

The sound was more intense then usual, but Amuro didn’t notice.

Firstly, this was because his feelings were sagging; and secondly (how shall we say this?) common noise from everyday life would not wake him from his thoughts.

Amuro’s mind might occasionally be a mess, but this was only part of everyday life, after all.

He decided that he was going to get out of bed.

A feeling of having to face reality, finally made him think about what was going on.
Having to leave the “nest” he shared with Beltorchika was actually a rather compelling thought.

When spending time together with Beltorchika, they isolated themselves from all facets of reality, so that the two of them were alone together, and their relationship didn’t feel so ragged. This was not just in terms of sex. If they let various “messy” events get in-between them in the rare times that they were alone, they would not care about each other. Had that happened, such a “nest” would not exist.

Therefore, in order to leave this “nest”, some courage is needed.

“… It says they can’t see any movement of the “Sweetwater’ fleet? That’s a lie!”

The sound of running water continued in the shower. Amuro felt apologetic towards Beltorchika as he used the keyboard of the computer terminal on his desk next to the bed and downloaded Londo Bell’s data. This was another bad habit of his.

Amuro straightened himself and mindlessly gazed at the monitor.

“Char’s motives have changed?”

Displayed on the screen was secret data processed by the Ra Cailum, the military vessel that Amuro was assigned to. Only people of Amuro’s rank were able to access it.

“…Going to make a move soon. Then I definitely must leave by tonight.”

Even though the situation was so, the unit had not formally sent him a notice. This was because most of the things that required Amuro’s presence had already been done. However, it wasn’t complete, it was just prepared.

Even if he had spent every day rushing around to help prepare against Char’s fleet, Londo Bell had always been pretty well prepared, so Amuro was required to do very little.

In addition, the commanding office of the Earth Federation Forces had yet to issue an order to move out.

However, Char, who they had their sights on, had already moved his fleet out of Sweetwater last night.

Thus, Amuro and Beltorchika had to realize that this is most likely their last break.

Before Amuro entered the bathroom, he printed out the log from the news transmission and several pieces of other information.

At the same time, Beltorchika entered the kitchen to prepare food.
These activities seem normal in Amuro’s house, but it was actually busier than usual, as it was, after all, an odd period of rest time.

“… Last night’s information has leaked out. Char’s fleet left Sweetwater. The Sweetwater government has also made an unilateral statement to support Neo Zeon…”

Amuro placed the newspaper down on the television. When he is alone, Amuro always avoids being disturbed by external noises.

“When is it?”

Beltorchika Irma, upon commencing her meal, asked Amuro.

“It’s tonight, I guess. The attack…”

“I don’t understand. Then, should I go to Anaheim Electronics, like we planned?”

Beltorchika, who was in her intimate undergarments, was also starting to talk about work.

“Let’s do it. You’ll help me make the final adjustments to the Hi-Nu Gundam. Londo Bell only has that suit usable.”

“Before we go, I’ll buy a few things. Has ReGZ, that MS, been assigned to Astonaige?”

“Of course. Compared to you, Bel-chan, he’s more professional.”

“I’m very sorry then…”

Beltorchika held a cup of milk in her hands and gave a shrill laugh.

“ All right, help me to buy some frozen strawberries, because on the way back, I want to eat something sweet…”

Amuro went along with Beltorchika’s shopping topic.


Planning ahead on what to do before returning home, that was a characteristic of military personnel.

If people were rushing out on a trip, they would not need to think about returning. Like rushing out to buy a model kit but end up only looking at the manual; buying some ingredients to make pickled vegetables by drying them in the living room, and yet at the same time prepared canned food. This was something an average soldier would do.

But Amuro has forgotten these natural instincts because he has unconsciously lost the basic foundation of family values.

Amuro finished his preparations, kissed Beltorchika and walked out of his apartment.

The small lanes of Karsi**(Note: I can’t properly translate the name. It is a location in India, can be a street or even a city name), a market district located in the northern part of India, has retained its original look from several hundred years ago.

After entering the age of space colonies, and the forced migration to outer space, the number of residents had declined until it had been almost abandoned. However, the entirety of India was considered a “special zone”, so a few people moved around the place.

Today, there were a few black cars speeding around nosily. In addition, several police officers wearing special protection used for “man-hunting” were also running about.

On Earth, there are several Earth Federation Forces “special zones”. To put it simply, they might be called “Nature Reserves”.

When it comes to India, due to religious implication, its status as a “Holy Land” has been preserved.

Thus, there are a lot of people coming in from the various colonies to visit it, and due to the popularity of religion, the place has also become a tourist attraction for the younger generations.

However, it is not as lively as it was in the past, as no one is actually allowed to reside there. The reason why it is fairly crowded is because trade with tourists is allowed. Though it is contradictory, it is the way things are.

The police agency of the Earth Federation Forces, even though they watch over the people who are coming in and out, have no intention of managing the huge land of India. However, the Earth Federation Forces, in order to not let people notice this face, will occasionally (out of the blue) go after those who have broken the law. As the action is, their actions are very aggressive while they pursue targets. Due to this, they have been branded “Man Hunters”.

Today, the action was different from their usual “Manhunts”.

“What is it?”

“Are they searching for someone?”

This was a strange rumor. Man Hunters did not search for specific people. Random selection was more of their way of operating. After that, they would pack a predetermined amount of people into the escort car behind them and vanish like the wind.

If it was just like that, it would be easier to handle, but Man Hunters, while apprehending their targets, tend to half-heartedly use their weapons, resulting in at least ten innocent victims per raid.
Because of this, several bad rumors were circulating constantly.

It is said that some people paid their way into become a Man Hunters. India was probably the only place left now that still practiced the word “hunting”.

“Are they searching for a specific person?”

The lane was no wider then three meters, but due to the changing times, it could now be considered a big street. Some people were in the center of the lane. They were old Hindus who lived in the corners of darkened rooms and were talking in a muffled voices while waiting for the Man Hunters to pass by.

“Sigh... ! As I said, we should not have let Quess join us!”

The last man spoke angrily while running.

A girl of about ten years of age stuck out among the bunch of youths that were running in front of him.

“Then, you shouldn’t have followed!”

The girl in front cursed while rounding yet another bend.


She jumped past the white bones of a cow’s corpse. Following her, the bunch of youth also jumped past that pile of white bones.


The man who was complaining tripped over the pile of bone, fell seemingly head-first into a pile of feces and landed on the pavement.

“A boat should be there after we get out of this river dike right?”

An intelligent looking youth who overtook the girl asked. They were dressed in what could be considered as a “vagrant” manner. Their jeans had holes and their vests were tattered and torn.


The young man that had fallen down yelled miserably.

“Don’t look!”
The young man that was in front slid down a slope that was next to the horizontal river.


When the gun shot was heard resonating from the houses, the young woman named Christina lifted up her ragged long skirt and slid down the slope. The girl following behind her did not bother with her shorts, and just slid down the muddy ground that was mixed with cow feces.

Following that, another two young men followed and slid down.

The flow of the horizontal river, compared to a hundred years ago, had dropped by half. They ran through the gap between the river dike and the old shore, a flat river bed of around ten meter or so in width.

The river dikes were used by the Hindus in the past as bathing facilities. At the area where the water flowed to the lower regions, various Man Hunters could be seen coming down by the ladders on the river dikes.

At the same time, old fashion gas-propelled patrol cars, which were following the route the group of young people were fleeing on, started to drive down the slope.

At the central part of the river bed, where water was flowing, was a small boat made from thick wood. However when the leading young man jumped onboard, intending to ride it, it gradually started to sink.


That muddy colored water, relentlessly submerged half of the small boat.

“Swim over!”

Christina who had lifted her skirt up, loosened the powdery mud from her legs and patted the back of the girl following closely behind her.

The young girl who was wearing a cowboy vest was suddenly startled and slipped, her feet landing on the bottom of the river.


The young man who was standing on the small boat gave a sharp groan and felt the gathering water.


“Do not try to escape!”
This voice came from the heavily armored transport vehicle that had slid down the ladders of the river dike and charged into the river head. The machine guns positioned on top were all aimed at them.

Man Hunter patrol cars were located downstream, armored cars were on the river bank and behind them, and they scattered dust as they closed in.

That black mask and thick defensive gear were used to protect the vital parts of the human body and could also hide a person’s appearance.

“We didn’t get it wrong?”

“This little imp here is Quess Paraya!”

The Man Hunter who was commanding the operation from the top of the armored transport vehicle made the confirmation.

“You have nowhere else to run! I’m arresting the whole lot of you for abducting a minor!”

The young girl who was protected by the band of youths did not understand the meaning behind those words, but she understood that the “minot” was her: she was the youngest among them.

“What are you all saying?”

“You’re Quess Paraya, right? We’re here to protect you. Come here, quickly!”

Suddenly their speech became more courteous.

“You Man Hunters!”

The man who was beside Christina, suddenly strangled the girl called Quess and made a twisting action.

“Now Quess is going to die! If you all insist on doing this, we will not hand her over until our safety is guaranteed!”


Christina wanted to pull away the man’s hand, but Quess had already bitten his arm.


Quess went a bit limp. After that, the man fell to the ground, as if his body was a wooden club, and lifted up a cloud of powdery mud.

Quess spat out a mouthful of saliva.
“… These people are friendly!”

The man hunter paid no attention to Quess’ words and leisurely continued.

“What is it? What do you all want?”

Christina spoke to the Man Hunters intensely, and her metallic necklace echoed her words..

“People who randomly find amusement on earth, what else do you want to say?”

The Man Hunter who was standing in front of Christina slowly turned around and slamed his baton into her chest, right where her heart was.


Christina’s body collapsed forward and lay flat on top of the coarse river bed.

“That’s too much!”

“Quess Paraya, please come with us.”

The man hunter who was standing in front of the young girl once again spoke using a polite tone, but he still did not remove the black visor. They were all arrogant.

“I don’t want to!”

“Your father is waiting for you.”

Two Man Hunters walked closer and lifted her up by her armpits. Quess feet floated above the ground, and no matter how shestruggled, she couldn’t get away.

Bang, bang, bang!

Shots rang out behind them.


Sunlight shone into Quess mouth as she screamed.

This wass the current situation in India.

“How is the situation?

“Boring. We’re heading for 5th Luna. It looks like Char is following the plan, just like Amuro predicted…”

“We won’t do anything stupid and let him invade earth, right?”

“It won’t end up that way. It wasn’t easy for the commanding office of the Earth Federation Forces to give permission. Those guys were planning only on making a move after the battle ended!”

Bright Noa, the captain of the Ra Cailum and Amuro Ray were finally relieved.

What they hated was not that their fleet couldn’t move out if Lhasa didn’t issue an order. They would take matters into their own hands if it came down to that. Doing so, though, might have resulted in life in prison. The most important thing, however, was to act instead of just sitting around and thinking. The Earth Federation couldn’t afford to wait and take the damage .

Their enemy was now Char Aznable and the fleet he commanded – the Neo Zeon.

That man, to Amuro and Bright, was a special entity that they could not personally ignore.

“Captain, supply will be done in another three hours. Everything is going on smoothly.”

Amuro, using the monitor on the bridge to observe the loading sequence of the MS squad, was preparing a report, as was demanded by his rank of Captain. ** (Note: Amuro’s rank is “Captain”, but Bright is the captain of the ship.)

“Understood! Captain**(Note: Referring to Amuro here), leave it to us, we will make an end to that traitor!”

Bright seemed to be forcing himself to find some parting words.

“Don’t be too hot blooded. Captain……?”

It was Amuro. The feeling he was having was the same as Bright’s.

Thinking back, both of them were “reared” in a drifting state by the Earth Federation Forces. This battle could be a chance for them to vent their frustration. Of course, it was very clear that they could not look at battle in such a wat , but it couldn’t be helped that those feelings still existed.

Char was not a person to be underestimated. As things were at the moment, he couldn’t be let near the earth.

“I understand, I’ll mellow down…… Is Beltorchika still heading to the moon, as planned?”

“Aye. The work on the Hi-nu Gundam seems to be behind schedule.”
“Will there be a need for it in the future? We do have a modified ReGZ until then. How’s that? Is that okay?”

“I’ll use it! Bright, are you okay?”

“No problems. Using the annual pension given by the army, my wife and kids should be able to get by. Yeah, that’s the only good part about the Earth Federation.”

“Mirai’s strong. Even up in the colonies, she can survive.”

“Can you believe this? ‘Til today, I haven’t gone into space for long while.. From White Base to Argama and then to Neo Argama as a captain, even though I was always nicknamed by you as an “old-fashioned father”, for some reason those guys in Lhasa has also treat me as a Newtype. They always kept me under observation, treating as if I would rebel upon entering space... so they have bound me to earth?”

Bright Noa was suddenly transferred to Londo Bell a month back, which was partly due to his vast combat experience. If Char was not stationed in one of the space colonies, Sweetwater, his military career would have been spent on earth forever more.

“Prepare for launch! Start the countdown!”


Brightshouted. The vice captain, Melan, supervised preparations to leave the dock while Amuro went down to the MS deck.

“Captain! Please do not head in front with just your ReGZ! If you get into any trouble out there, you’ll cause your wife to be sad. I don’t want to see that happen.”

Pilot Lieutenant Kayla Su, slid below the modified MS Re GZ and went to the highest mobile deck.

“Would you not say that? I don’t remember having a wife.”

“Is that so... then, that who is that lady who has that similar name to ‘Londo Bell’?”

“She’s a comrade!”

“Eh? You didn’t marry her?”

“Beltorchika didn’t like the idea, and I didn’t really encourage it… If there is a need, we’ll go through all of the necessary formalities.”

“In what kind of situation?”
“Er... If there is a child, and a warm family location is needed, Beltorchika and I will go through with it... I guess.”

“Is that okay?”

“Well, I guess there’s no choice…”


From inside the ship, the sound of the armor undergoing vacuum preparation could be heard. The Ra Cailum was in space.

“Kayla, is the ReGZ ready?”

“Well, if we installed the backpack, the mobility of the machine would drop too much!”

“I understand. I won’t force things.”

“Whatever you say...”

The ReGZ was a MS based on the frame of the Z Gundam, with different armor. It wasn’t very high performance, and a backpack containing a mega particle beam cannon used in cruisers was to be installed, to turn it into a support MS.

Amuro had strongly encouraged them to be mass produced, so as to supplement the inferiority of the Jegan, the main MS of Londo Bell. However, this effort was semi-wasted by the appointment of Bright.

The Earth Federation Forces had requested requested in-advance that Anaheim Eletronics, which is around Von Braun, to develop a new MS and deploy it to Londo Bell as part of Bright’s appointment, effectively making it Bright’s gift.

Amuro let this MS be equipped with the psycommu system that he had designed, turning it into a piece of equipment specifically used by Londo Bell. This was the Hi-Nu Gundam.

Even though their offensive abilities were limited, the Earth Federation Forces were not willing to let Newtypes use Gundam-type MS, hiding them away like atomic weapons.

They worked too narrow-mindedly.

Accompanying the flag slip Ra Calium were three Ra Clop-class cruisers. Together they headed on a straight trajectory toward 5th Luna.

During this time, they needed to investigate Char’s motives for moving his fleet there and be ready to receive any commands coming from Lhasa. Thus, the fleet needed to continuously monitor astrological objects and constantly conduct laser communication with headwuarters.

This wass a very primitive job.

With the advancement of computers, navigating a fleet was easier, even with the radar-interference caused by Minovsky particles. However, due to these particles, all forms of wireless communication are knocked-out. They have to resort to laser transmission. Even than, as high frequency waves might bend due to the influence of Minovsky Particles, they have to ultimately rely on Morse Code.

If observation wasn’t needed in this kind of stressful environment, which was vital to understand the situation, most wars in space would end up being just a simple exchange of missiles, and would come to a swift conclusion.

This being as it is, melee combat still exists in space. Things like MS, humanoid machines which previously existed only in the realm of comics, were now dominating space battles.

On the MS deck that Amuro was standing on, there were nine of these humanoid machines - Jegans- with him.

Should we call it height or machine length? This machine was around eighteen meters; a true giant. The part that resembled a chest had a small hatch, through which is a spherical cockpit. Inside, there is a chair located right at the center and on the walls of the sphere is a three hundred and sixty degree display. The images shown on them are the same as what the pilot would see around him. This is done by using various cameras to capture the surrounding view, and after being processed by the computer, the images shown in the cockpit as a three hundred and sixty degree image.

As this kind of images is produced based on the visual equivalent of the “eye level”, it has been called “All Seeing Equipment”, “All Angle Display Equipment”, and “Reality Monitor”, among other names.

However, the kind of images produced by these computers has been changed to that similar to video games. Even though it is simple to change the display to be realistic, if those highly intensive images are directly displayed on the monitors, it is not uncommon for pilot to entering a state of anxiety.

Thus, the images produced by the panoramic monitor has been changed to resemble that of video game devices.

On the other hand, it is exceedingly popular for the video game devices commonly available to feature more realistic software.

In this situation, even though it needs the pilot to enter into a realistic battle, there is a greater need not to terrify the pilots.

Above Quess’ Head

At the Karsi Police Headquarters, after Quess Paraya was retrieved by her father Adenauer Paraya, they immediately headed toward the New Delhi airport on a jet plane and entered the International Departure Hall. It all happened so fast; only a few hours had passed from being caught in the river bed to meeting her father, who arrived by helicopter .

This was only possible because Quess’ father, Adenauer Paraya, was a high ranking officer that had been assigned the position of “Commanding Officer of the Earth Federation Forces.” If this had not been so, the police would not have mobilized such a large operation just to search for a single child.

The person that Quess detested the most was waiting. She hid behind her father, pretending not to notice the woman.


“Why do I have to take the same flight as her?” Quess turned her back on Adenauer and began to head outside.

“Quess! Bear with it! We only have to reach space. After that, you can do as you wish.” Adenauer spoke in a gentle tone to try and coax Quess. Even though he appeared imposing, he had no choice but to act sweetly toward his daughter.

“Space?” Quess stopped. She couldn’t help thinking that there was something fishy behind her father’s words, as he had never shown a desire to go to space even though he was an officer in the Earth Federation.

“Indeed. Earth is too dangerous. Just go along with it temporarily, together with mama…”

“That woman is not my mother!”

“You just have to wait a while. Once we’re in space, you can do as you wish. So…”

“Really? Are you telling the truth?”

“Of course.” Adenauer patted Quess on the shoulder and they walked together with the porter toward the woman. She was Adenauer’s current wife, and she was waiting to the side of the departure counter with a few other men.

“Sorry for keeping you.”

“Why was it so slow?” The woman spoke placidly to Adenauer, seemingly not paying any attention to Quess.

Quess was complaining in her heart, but stopped when she thought about leaving the hall; it was filled with the awful stench of decaying, dry flowers.

“Well, goodbye, sir. We anticipate your results.”

“Ah, goodbye… Quess?”

Quess silently walked in front of the group, gazing at her father’s arms as they wrapped around the waist of the woman as they descended the stairs toward the terminal. There the majestic body of the Oriental Express reclined in an upright position under the hot climate of India.

“It’s a chartered flight?” Quess set her mind at ease because there would be many passengers, thereby reducing the chance of seeing “that woman’s” face.

Adenauer, after seating his wife in the front row, went to the next row back to check on Quess.

“How is it?”

“What do you mean?”

“Err… I bought a house at Londenion in SIDE-1. I thought it will be to your linking.”

“Why didn’t you say so earlier? It’s because you live on Earth that you were cheated by her!” Quess intentionally allowed the woman in question to hear her.

“… Quess…!” Adenauer looked helpless. He was just following the wishes of his wife.

“Will you call mama over, then?”

“That’s not possible. She hasn’t sent us a single letter since leaving for space…” Adenauer stopped when he noticed his “current” wife approaching him from the passageway.

“That’s different from what you said earlier! Didn’t you say that we were escaping to some other safe place on Earth? You didn’t say anything about space!”

“Chara! Char has already moved his forces. My mission is to negotiate with him to prevent the battle from spreading. Otherwise, you’ll all be crushed by Char’s plan to drop an asteroid…”

“Doesn’t the Earth Federation have their space forces and Londo Bell?”

“Because Lhasa’s situation has not stabilized, we can’t properly gather the space forces. It would take too long, even if we wanted to prepare to intercept an attack. As such, I have to negotiate with Char…”

“Isn’t that Newtype Amuro Ray in Londo Bell?” Quess interrupted the conversation between the couple.

“Newtype? That ‘human evolution’ garbage? That only exists in comics!”

“After seeing you, I would think so!”

“What are you trying to say?!”

“Stop arguing!” Adenauer told them.

“Commanding Officer, we are about to depart. Please take your seat,” said a crew member popping in from the cockpit.

“Ah, please go ahead! For God’s sake, please sit down…” Adenauer begged his wife, and dragged her to the front row.

“… It is weird sitting in this kind of civilian craft! Why can’t we use the military’s larger shuttles?”

“Didn’t I say that the military has begun to mobilize? It’s safer to take a space shuttle from Hong Kong.”

“Why aren’t there any operations planned to stop Char from freezing Earth?” Quess whined behind her father.

“Because the Earth Federation Forces did not believe at all that Char was still alive!” Adenauer replied in a sorrowful tone after settling his wife down.

“There are billions of people living in space, Papa, and you all thought that by looking up from earth, you could understand them? It is too late to go to space to understand them after the situation has become this bad!”

“… Who would have expected that he could actually form up an army on his own?” Adenauer’s head sunk into the headrest of his seat as the Oriental Express took off steadily.

The Express would take them to Hong Kong in less then an hour.

Even as the Express was making adjustment to its altitude, high above them the Ra Cailum’s fleet was moving towards the space around 5th Luna to engage Char’s forces.

In a stable point in orbit on the night-side of Earth, sparks of light radiated from the center of an asteroid. After the light stopped, the thrusters of MS Teams produced long tails as they converged on the object from nearby space. As these tails entangled together, the MS began their melee.

The bulky MS facing away from 5th Luna were the Geara Dogas launched from the 5 cruisers Char Aznable was commanding.

The Jegan MS Team launched from the Ra Cailum, and their support vessels tried to evade the shots fired by the Geara Dogas while approaching 5th Luna.

“The target is 5th Luna! Don’t focus on anything else!” This was the common objective of the Ra Cailum’s MS Pilots.

“But…!” Before he could reply, the pilot’s Jegan was destroyed by a Geara Doga behind him.

It was obvious from their methods of attack that the Geara Doga pilots were specially trained. The Earth Federation Forces MS Pilots, which were seemingly forming a straight line, lacked battle tempo and appeared to have been stopped easily.

“Captain Amuro!” As if they were responding to this cry, three Jegans formed a straight line and flew past the destroyed Jegan. “It’s 5th Luna!”

The commander of the 3 Jegans, Lieutenant Kayla Su, headed toward the meteor that was in the shadow of Earth.

However, 5th Luna, which was gradually growing closer, suddenly bust into a dazzling display of light. The four nuclear-powered thrusters of the asteroid had started firing.

“They’ve fired!” Kayla was frightened by the intensive light. 5th Luna was starting to drop toward Earth.

The Jegan Team was to stop the Neo Zeon’s Rewloola fleet and the meteor drop at all costs. If they failed, the Earth’s climate could turn destructively cold.

In addition, it was already known that 5th Luna was heading toward the headquarters of the Earth Federation Forces in Lhasa, Tibet. Char had declared as much when he took over Sweet Water. However, the Earth Federation did not believe he could do any such thing and had been slow even in sending out the Londo Bell force. “How can the private army of one man have the strength to destroy Lhasa?!” They had never thought he would drop an asteroid. Even Amuro and the other members of Londo Bell were skeptical.

“If the Earth Federation does not recognize the sovereignty of Sweet Water, we will directly attack Lhasa!”

They were confident that Char’s declaration was referring to a Mobile Suit invasion or a nuclear strike. Only when Char sent out a third of his fleet to 5th Luna did Londo Bell realize this plan could be carried out with a small force. 5th Luna did not have any troops residing in it because it was actually a small asteroid brought back from the asteroid belt. It was originally used to collect the materials needed to develop the space colonies. Char took an interest in it because it had nuclear thrusters, which allowed the (roughly) ten-kilometer asteroid to move.

An intense beam of light appeared and surrounded Kayla and the other two Jegans. It was the exhaust from the nuclear thrusters.

“Captain Amuro, the enemy has begun to drop 5th Luna onto Earth, and we failed to prevent it!” Kayla screamed as evaded a beam attack. The two other machines were hit and suffered heavy damage.

The flash of light generated by the nuclear-powered thrusters outlined the Ra Clop-class space cruisers, making them look like three red triangles.

“5th Luna’s angle of descent is okay! Speed, okay!”

“Testing speed reduction using nuclear explosions!”

“Okay! Speed is minus 23, affirmative!”

The left side of the Rewloola’s narrow combat bridge became 5th Luna’s control center. We might think from the conversation that dropping a meteor on Earth is very easy, but it was actually very difficult to maintain a constant speed to prevent friction from incinerating the asteroid upon its entry. It is even harder to drop it at a specific point. However, the operation seemed to be going smoothly.

Mesuta Mesua, sitting in the seat to the right side of the captain, confirmed the control operations of 5th Luna, pressed the right arm rest, and shouted: “Colonel Char!” Her luscious lips and full cheeks gave her a gentle and feminine charm even though her face was elongated and slender.


The small monitor on the right of Mesuta showed the Rewloola’s MS deck. Mesuta adjusted the image of the monitor towards a red MS and enlarged it.

The Suit’s unique appearance made it look intimidating. A yellow normal suit floated toward the cockpit located in the head of the MS. As it glided into the cockpit, Mesuta’s monitor displayed the image of a Caucasian wearing a yellow helmet.

“Glab Gas is still stuck in combat at the moment. I think there is a need to provide him with assistance.” Mesuta took a quick glace at the three-dimensional panoramic monitor that was between the captain and her. Using 5th Luna as the center, friendly and enemy vessels, along with major MS movements, were display by the computer graphics on it.

“Will it allow them to breach our line?”

“Londo Bell is stationing its Mobile Suit forces in front of 5th Luna.”

“Have the remaining preparations to drop 5th Luna been completed? If so, give the order to retreat.” Char, whose image was being shown on the monitor, seemed to be thinking about more important things and did not look back at Mesuta.

“I know it’s already an issue, but we can’t scatter any more Minovsky Particles to cover the retreat of the MS Teams.”

“I know… This is also the first time the Nightingale will enter combat. I’m a bit worried I will be unfamiliar with it…”

“I understand. Let’s re-activate Kaparas’ team then, although their casualty rate has reached 20% and they’re on the way back to the ship. We can establish wireless communication with them.”

“No, I want to use this chance to familiarize myself with the Nightingale. I will go provide cover and bring back Glab’s Psycho Doga. Nightingale, launching!”

That red frame glided up toward one of the Rewloola’s linear catapult launching decks. The indicators in front of the machine changed to reflect “GO.” The power cable that was restraining the Nightingale detached after a series of vibrations, leaving the majestic frame of the Nightingale floating above the linear catapult. It was impossible for the Suit to use the catapult because its limbs were too big. The six thrusters gave off bright streaks of light, propelling the heavy machine forward. A moment later, the Nightingale rushed straight in front of the Rewoola toward the light emitted by the nuclear-driven engines of 5th Luna.

The launch sequence of the Nightingale could be seen from the combat bridge. Mesuta saw it: “… Glab, that brat. He should have been strengthened by it, right? What is wrong with him?!”

Glab Gas was Mesuta’s only artificial Newtype pilot. He was obsessed with winning, which was a problem with artificial Newtypes, but he was also the only one that could use a psycommu system (a device that strengthens brain waves) to control funnels. Originally he was determined to be the pilot with the greatest combat potential, but he had not done anything outstanding since the operation began. He was now cut-off in the space in front of 5th Luna. Mesuta, who had devoted herself fully to helping Char, was cursing at his ineptitude.

Mesuta lifted up the visor of her normal suit: “Coordinate the retreat of the MS Teams and launch the remaining MS Teams from the escort fleet!”

“Launch the escort squads!”

The last three Geara Dogas onboard the Rewloola left the ship. They were followed later by a few other Geara Dogas from the accompanying ships.

“Londo Bell’s fleet should start to chase after the falling 5th Luna. I guess the only thing to worry about now is the possibility of laser attacks from the SIDE-2 colonies.”

“Right. Can we distract them?” Captain Ryle finally lifted his visor up and looked into Mesuta’s eyes.

“We probably can, but there’s something strange…” Mesuta activated one of the monitors located on the ceiling. Several numbers were displayed on a summarized map that contained the location of the various colonies, 5th Luna and Earth, along with a rough estimation of where SIDE-2 would shoot from. “SIDE-2 could have attacked at any time in the last thirty minutes…” Her expression became gloomy.

“Neo Zeon spies have infiltrated SIDE-2’s ranks. They can suppress any laser attacks… Ah!”

Mesuta pointed her laser pointer toward the officer that made the remark, shutting him up.


“Don’t rely on such unforeseen things! Quickly prepare the MS Teams to form a defensive line!”

“Aaa… Yes!”

Char’s Nightingale replaced the troops that were retreating, and was closing in on 5th Luna.

“Is it here?”

The Nightingale accelerated, and in one swift motion maneuvered directly in front of 5th Luna.

“Is it there?”

The monitor directly in front of Char showed the flashes of explosions as he approached.

Inside the narrow equator of 5th Luna, the Re-GZ piloted by Amuro was defending against another MS. Part of the back weapon system was damaged and had burnt off. Even the Suit’s main weapon, a mega particle cannon, was exhausted. Considering his current condition, he was unable to move.

“Not only have I failed to stop 5th Luna from being dropped, I can’t even defeat this Suit!”

Amuro saw the shadow of the enemy for a 3rd time. That one was different from that of the other enemy MS, because it could use remote-controlled weaponry. It could thus be considered a more dangerous MS. However, Amuro himself was a pilot with Newtype abilities. He was agitated about his failure to make a breakthrough and already knew how inferior the abilities of his MS were.

He turned the suit around, discarded the back weapon system and descended to the surface of 5th Luna with only the main frame of the Re-GZ. The enemy MS, using this brief opportunity, fired lasers and continued its attack. Evading this attack was something only Amuro could do. However, the strength of the enemy pilot had already lured Amuro into this situation.

There was no need for Mesuta to be cursing at him.

However, the enemy had used up his funnels and other accompanying weapons. This was Amuro’s only hope. The Re-GZ could only fly in straight lines, and it had been tough to hold out against his enemy for so long. As it was now, he had only a few means of counterattacking at his disposal.


Amuro’s machine was bouncing along the surface of 5th Luna. He quickly re-stabilized it and continued his own attack on the enemy that was hiding among some debris in front of him. The reflected light from Earth brightened the surface of 5th Luna.

“He’s out of funnels… Let’s do this,” Amuro said decisively. While taking out the beam saber from the waist compartment of his MS, he simultaneously activated all the energy caps from the beam rifle that was grasped in his right hand. Even if the beam rifle left the mechanical hand of the Re-GZ, it would still fire constantly for a second or so before stopping, although the beam rifle would jump backwards due to the recoil produced when the beam was fired. Amuro lowered the frame of the RE-GZ and charged straight ahead. The MS giving off enemy signals flew out of the debris and was momentarily distracted by the attack of the beam rifle. Using this opportunity, the Re-GZ attacked with its beam saber.


The left leg of the enemy MS was sliced of. Amuro withdrew the blade and sliced off the thrusters on the back as well.


It was not enough to cause a fatal blow; it only slowed down the enemy’s attack. Even so, the damage reduced the power of the beam rifle in the enemy’s hand by half.

“… What?” Glab Gas, who was piloting this MS, was astounded.

“The end is near!” Amuro adjusted the frame of the Re-GZ, intending to make a final strike with his beam saber. At the same time, a circular pillar of lasers surrounded the two MS. The two suits disappeared in the smoke produced after the ensuing explosions. The Re-GZ managed to evade the blasts and immediately retreated. “What?” He felt that the enemy’s support had tremendous power. Using the monitor, he was able to capture the enemy’s image.


The red frame of the Nightingale, piloted by Char, was illuminated by the Earth shining behind it.

“That brat Glab,didn’t Mesuta take care of him?!” Char started cursing after seeing the miserable state that Glab’s Psycho Doga had been reduced to on his large monitor. It was because of Glab’s poor form.

“Arr? Is it Char?” Amuro felt a strong psychological oppression upon seeing the red MS, and new it was definitely Char. The memory of that feeling was carved deep in Amuro’s mind, and would never be forgotten. He released several dummies to cover his retreat. “Even now, you still like to do things yourself!”

Ever since Char took over Sweet Water, he had claimed to be its supreme commander. Amuro did not expect that he would take a MS out. If it was him, Char had become self-indulgent, Amuro concluded. It occurred to him, though, that Char piloting a Mobile Suit was not a totally bad thing.

Even though they were once comrades-in-arms, Char had become the same enemy that had once given him that feeling of pressure. The Re-GZ was not sufficient to make a stand against him.

Amuro retreated.

However, Glab’s Psycho Doga actually flew up and chased after the retreating Re-GZ, ramming against one of its dummies. The bomb installed within it exploded and the Psycho Doga was hurled away, losing a leg in the process. It was now crippled on 5th Luna.

“Shit!” Glab’s machine its knees against the ground; he was starting to panic.

The dummies were basically a kind of balloon. The surface was covered by a material that could reflect electronic waves, and thus couldn’t be told apart from the real MS using radar. Inside the dummy was a small propulsion device, allowing it to fly in an irregular fashion and mimic a Mobile Suit to confuse the enemy’s vision. Several reusable dummies are installed in each MS.

Glab looked at the amount of energy left in his beam rifle via an indicator and confirmed that he had to wait several more seconds. The monitor in front was luckily undamaged, but he was annoyed by the image shining above him.

Char’s Nightingale was confronting the enemy’s Earth Federation MS. Earth, which was behind them was gradually growing larger.

“That Earth Federation MS really resembles the Gundam…. Does that mean the pilot I engaged, is either a Newtype or an Artificial Newtype…? Even though Glab knew that he was not fighting against an ordinary pilot, he felt a wave of resentment. He was enchanted by Mesuta, but hadn’t performed well for her in battle. He suspected that the degree of enhancement given to him by the Neo Zeon Newtype Research Laboratory was insufficient. “I can sense the presence of the enemy, but it’s useless if I can’t achieve anything.” This kind of thinking reflected the pride and arrogance of the youthful Glab.

“Huh? The Minovsky particles have gradually worn out?” Glab tuned up the volume of the ear piece in his helmet and noticed some noise.

“…Why must you throw such things onto Earth!? Doing so will result in Earth freezing, making it inhabitable!”

“That is my intention. This is to purge people from the Earth! I have already proclaimed that!”

Following the voice, Nightingale’s red frame charged towards the enemy MS.


A short while later, the two MS shifted to another part of 5th Luna and Glab could not see them. He tried to accelerate quickly, but the Psycho Doga only had half of its power left and could only slowly glide along the surface of 5th Luna.

“…Mankind can correct itself accordingly!”

“I, Char Aznable shall be the one doing the correcting, Amuro!”

Glab could tell that Colonel Char’s voice was full of confidence. At the same time, though, Glab realized that the Colonel was not using his funnels, and was puzzled by it. The monitor in front of Glab caught a glimpse of the two MS, which were locked in serious combat and using their beam sabers. The interference waves resulting from the clash of the weapons enveloped them, causing the two machines to look melted.

“… A single person doesn’t have the right to change mankind!”

“Humanity does not have the right to pollute and destroy Earth! That is why I must begin to change it!”

“You’re too full of yourself!”

“You obviously know that the Earth can’t last if thiscontinues; why are you saying that?! Humans should pay the price for polluting the Earth for so long!”

As the Nightingale swung its beam saber forward, the enemy MS automatically evaded. The Nightingale continued slashing.

“Hmm…?” Glab was astounded, because the enemy MS actually dodged the fierce attacks the Nightingale was carrying out with its beam saber.

“Ha! Your MS is no match for me. This is only my Nightingale’s first battle!” Char’s jeering mysteriously knotted in Glab’s ear.

“Telling the Colonel’s ideals to the Earth Federation Forces is useless: they won’t understand! We have long passed the time to move off!” Glab could not refrain from shouting. The Psycho Doga flew up and fired its beam rifle. Glab screamed savagely, giving people the impression that the Psycho Doga’s action was slow.

Even though Char’s Nightingale is in front, the Re-GZ still tried to attack Glab with its beam saber.

Glab viewed this attack as supernatural.

“Waaah…!” Glab felt the flash of the beam passing by in front of him as the particles cut into the frame. He was forced to lay the machine flat against 5th Luna’s surface.

He could not move at all.

“Glab!” By the time Char’s voice landed in his ear, the Nightingale had already landed next to the Psycho Doga and extended its mechanical arm. The enemy MS seemed to have retreated.

“Colonel! Please chase after the enemy! Don’t worry about me.”

“Your Psycho Doga cannot retreat now! Calm down!”

“Huh? It’s- it’s okay!”

“No, I can tell from the way it looks! Don’t rely on the computer’s read-outs!” The Nightingale’s mechanical hand knocked against the Psycho Doga’s cockpit. Glab had no choice but to open the door and pop into space with his normal suit.

“I did not rely on the computer, Colonel!”

“Don’t say anything else!”

The Nightingale’s mechanical hand grabbed hold of Glab’s normal suit, and Char recklessly took the Nightingale off into space.

The frame of the Psycho Doga, with both its legs missing, was lying against the surface of 5th Luna. Glab looked at the scene, lifted his head to look at the Nightingale’s head, and reflected that his condition appeared strange. The bright mono eye had dimmed, and no longer exuded ferocity.

Amuro was shocked at the speed which the red MS retreated, but he understood that Char was acting according to plan. He moved the heavily damaged Re-GZ out off the shadows.

The bright light of Earth was reflecting off the frame…

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