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Lets start with the warning first- I am in no way fluent in japanese, I post lessons really late because I am lazy. lol Also, they can be wrong although I am pretty sure they are mostly correct!

Now lets start :)

Lesson 2

Okay. You have to know that Japanese nouns have NO gender. Meaning, if you are in Spanish, you get what I mean. There are no masculine or femine or however you spell it XD So no worries about that!

Secondly, Japanese nouns have NO numbering thingy! lol Which means you know .. .like "There are cats" None of that. lol You get me, right? sorry, bad explainer here

thirdly, Verbs Conjucation are NOT affected by numbering or gendering, neither. Now, what does that mean?
Here they are:
Group 1
1.aruku (to walk) 
2. asobu (to play)
3. au (to meet) 
4. hairu (to enter)
5. hajimaru (to begin)
6. iku (to go) 
7. kaeru (to return) 
8. kakaru (to take) 
9. kaku (to write) 
10. kau (to buy) 
11. kiku (to listen) 
12. matsu (to wait)
13. motsu (to have) 
14. narau (to learn) 
15. nomu (to drink) 
16. okuru (to send) 
17. omou (to think) 
18. oyogu (to swim)
19. shiru (to know) 
20. suwaru (to sit) 
21. tatsu (to stand) 
22. tomaru (to stop) 
23. tsuku (to arrive) 
24. uru (to sell) 
25. utau (to sing) 
26. wakaru (to understand)
27. warau (to laugh) 
28. yomu (to read) 

Group 2
1. kangaeru (to think) 
2. miru (to see, to look) 
3. neru (to sleep)
4. oshieru (to teach) 
5. taberu (to eat) 

Group 3
1. kuru (to come)
2. suru (to do)

Lets see, the verbs only have two tenses which are the present and past.

Now, the hardest part of learning japanese is the way things are written. It does not go by alphabet like English. It goes by Hiragana, Katakana, and kanji You can write Japanese with all threee :)

Now good luck! Japanese writing will be shown later ... someday .. when I am not lazy .. or someone else who has time
I hope you enjoy this lesson
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Posted 7/2/08 , edited 7/3/08
=D thanks for taking the time to post this ^-^
it's a big help =D
in your first post you said that you got it from a workbook
what work book are you using?
I'm fairly new to Japanese (kinda ^-^;;)
and I don't know which books would be helpful ^-^
although I agree it is alot easier to learn romanji before you learn
to write in Japanese =D (although I alrdy know Hirigana =P)

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hi ,, i like this lesson ,, when my sensei explain it i didnt like but when i read it using the book it seemed better ! n here its the best .. thanx alot
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