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Posted 7/3/08 , edited 7/4/08
Kyuhyun stood on stage singing his heart out with the rest of the Super Junior members. This is where he loved to be the most. During the time of the car accident Kyuhyun felt horrible what he wanted so badly was to be on stage with his hyungs singing with them. He wanted to be in the spotlight with his other members who were like brothers to him.

It was three days from the 3rd anniversary of Kyuhyun joining the group. It was going to be the third year in which he was officially added to the group. But for some reason today everyone was ignoring Kyuyun. No one made direct eye contact with Kyuhyun.

“Sungmin-hyung.” He said to SunmMin who happened to pass by backstage when the concert was over.

The older boy just walked away seeming as if he didn’t hear Kyumyun’s voice.

“Everyone,” Eeteuk said addressing the rest of the Super Junior members, “We’re going to leave now. Kyuhyun you stay behind and help the stylists and the crew.”

“Yes, I understand hyung.” He said, “Is there anyone else who is going to help me?”

“Just do it yourself. You were gone for a long time so you should help out a lot more.” Kangin stated as Heechul nodded in agreement.

“We’re going back home then.” Eunhyuk said as he walked away without another look back.

Kyuhyun walked behind them slowly with a broom in his hand, he heard the talk of the other members, “If he’s going to leave Super Junior then we should make him do stuff like this on his own.”

Kyuhyun stopped dead in his tracks. What did they mean ‘if he’s going to leave Super Junior’? It didn’t mean that they were pulling him out of Super Junior was it? Was it that the members didn’t like him? No impossible the members were so kind to him when he was in the hospital. ‘Maybe it was because I was far away from them. Maybe they were happier with me in the hospital.’ He thought.

Slowly he did everything he was supposed to. He thought deeply about everything. He wondered what he was going to do he didn’t want to leave Super Junior. Becoming a part of Super Junior was the best thing that had ever happened in his life.

“Okay then I’ll be as nice and be on the best behavior so that they will ask the managers for me to stay in Super Junior.”


A two days had passed and everything was still the same. No one would talk to him. When they did talk to him they usually made an excuse saying that they needed to be somewhere else. He heard more talks about him leaving Super Junior than he had before.

Kyuhyun felt hurt. No one paid attention to him anymore. His roommate Sungmin wouldn’t even talk to him anymore. When they had changed rooms, for the first few nights they would talk to each other until their mouths hurt from talking too much.


Another day passed. Kyuhyun sighed, ‘I guess I’m really going to get taken out of Super Junior.’

No one was home everyone was off on their own schedules.

Today was the day that Kyuhyun joined. It was May 23, 2008. It was exactly three years since he had joined.

Something fell from Kyuhyun’s eyes and down his cheeks. KyuHyun realized what he was doing and he wiped his eyes and decided to get something to eat. ‘No use in worrying about it since I’m the only one worried.’

Once Kyuhyun got to the kitchen he saw a note that was left on the fridge. It said to come to this little theater that was a couple streets away. It was signed ‘~Super Junior’.

‘Are they going to tell me that I’m no longer a member?’ Kyuhyun thought


Once Kyuhyun got there he opened the doors slowly. He was scared of what would happen.

On the stage of the theater there was one person on the stage with a spotlight that lit their face up. It was Sungmin.

“Kyuhyun-ah…” Sungmin said.

“Sorry…” came the voice of Ryeowook as a spotlight came above his head.

“We had to do this..” Yesung said as a spotlight lit his figure out.

“We wanted,” Kangin showed up in a spotlight.

“To keep our distance…” It was Eunhyuk showing up in a spot light also.

“From you so…” It was Donghae’s voice that came from another spotlight.

“That it wouldn’t..” Shindong came next.

“Be painful later.” Hankyung came after him.

One by one a spotlight lights their figures as they speak to show who is talking.

“If we needed to go our separate ways. But we didn’t succeed,” Heechul.

“We came to love you.” Siwon.

“We came to care for you.” Kibum.

“We want to tell you that…” Eeteuk said showing up last.

Suddenly balloons popped everywhere and a banner fell across the member’s faces, ‘Kyuhyun’s Hidden Camera Success!’

Kyuhyun looked at the banner dumb-founded. All of the other Super Junior members ran towards him with a hug. Kyuhyun laughed with tears in his eyes. The members were just too much. Kyuhyun gave each and everyone of the members with a large hug.

“You know we love you Kyuhyun.” Sungmin said taking his hand, “We will never try to have any of our members leave. All thirteen of us will be together forever.” Kyuhyun could feel Sungmin’s hand squeeze his hand hard when he said it. Kyuhyun could tell that this was the truth after all it was Sungmin.

“This incident should never happen.” Kangin said.

“We’re sorry Kyuhyun.” Eunhyuk said, “We wanted to give you a memory that you would never forget. It hurt us too by ignoring you.”

“You hyungs are too much.” Kyuhyun said with a small laugh as he hugged Sungmin again. Tears were running down his cheeks. Sungmin pulled away and wiped away his tears.

“Kyuhyun-ah you look like you just washed your face!” said Heechul with a small laugh.

“Come on lets go get some food!” Shindong said as all the lights in the theater came on. In the light you could see there was a table set off to the side where all the members could eat food and celebrate the 3rd year of Kyuhyun joining.

Kyuhyun noticed that there was a karaoke set on the stage. After Super Junior ate they played around with the set and started singing.

As Kyuhyun sang he felt the spotlight on him. This was where he wanted to be. He wanted to be onstage with his hyungs, singing side-by-side with them.
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