Are Filipinos considered Asian or Pacific Islanders?
Posted 7/3/08 , edited 7/4/08
Ewan ko kung ginawa nyo na 'to but I couldn't find it in the general forum so I decided to put it up here.

Check this out; I found this:
[source = Yahoo! Answers]

Are Filipinos Pacific Islanders or Asian?
*Note; this is a conversation between to people (Steve and SBD1). I underlined the names (& put color to it) so you know who's statements belongs to who.

Steve : They are Asian, specifically Southeast Asians. New flash people: Not every Asian looks Chinese. Look at the people in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.. they are darker and have different features, just like the Philippines. This whole 'Filipinos are Pacific Islander' crap came from Filipinos who think being Asian is too 'nerdy'. They are a disgrace.

SBD1: Theres no need to get personal. I don't know why you keep thinking being Asian means looking Chinese or w/e. There are many different groupss of people in Asia. Asian isn't a racial term, it basically means anyone originating from the Asian continent, which Filipinos did. Look at the link below and read, I listed a source. Where are you getting your info? List a source if you think you're right.

SBD1: It's a shame you're in denial about this. I can't even believe you mentioned Virginia Tech, it just shows how immature you are. Keep believing what you want. I've listed facts and you choose to ignore them.

SBD1: Yes you were the one getting personal. The fact that you used the Virginia Tech massacre to insult me was low and immature. I only called those people who consider themselves 'Pacific Islander' a disgrace because they are ashamed of who they are. I don't care if your friends agree with you or not, the fact is, most of the world doesn't call Filipinos 'Pacific Islander' or 'Fil-Islander', they are known as Asians or Southeast Asians. And no Filipinos don't call themselves Asian because they want to be like the Chinese or whatever crap you were trying to get across. They consider themselves Asian because they are. If you actually went to the Philippines you would understand. Their ancestors migrated from Asia and they're in Southeast Asia, just like Malaysia and Indonesia. You don't even seem to realize that Austronesians and Malay Polynesians all migrated from mainland Asia. It seems you have a grudge against people you consider the only Asians. So you resort to calling yourself anything other than Asian. You don't realize that Asian isn't a racial or ethnic term, there are many different kinds of people in Asia. So since Filipinos migrated from Asia and they're IN Southeast Asia, then the best thing to call them is Asian. Why are you so ashamed about this? Just because most people think being Asian means Chinese doesn't mean you're the same as them. Filipinos and Chinese are very different people but they're both from Asia.

SBD1: I would rather just be called Filipino and if not Pacific Islander. I DONT look asian and have never been raised around Asians. I live my life as an Islander. I feel more at home with my Islander people. No offense to asians, such as East Asians, Thais, etc. Obviously there are differences in a Filipinos way of categorizing themselves. I understand that some Filipinos appreciate being called Asians, and some get insulted, such as I. It would be better to just call them filipino, we all agree on that name. But myself, I am Filipino , Austronesian, Malay polynesian, or pacific islander. We were polynesians before the invasion of Spain, and the invasion of chinese and korean businessmen.

* 7 months ago

Steve M: Think what you want buddy, you are the disgrace. But I will always claim Filipino, Austronesian, Malay Polynesian, or lastly Pacific Islander. If you do not want to ready about Filipino History before the Spanish and the Chinese transplant invasion. Then, dont say sh*t. I will NEVER claim ASIAN. STEVE M is just angry cause he was nerdy ASIAN kid that got picked on, kind of like the Virginia Tech guy taking out his displaced anger on innocent people. So get a life, get some filipino history education, and stay out of Filipino disputes.

To steve m: Me get personal? Read what you put "they are a disgrace" (remember?). I have many Samoan friends, MANY! Many Tongan friends as well and they are all tattoo artist are extremely deep in the polynesian culture, pacific islander thing. AND guess WHAT they DONT have a problem with it AT ALL! So there goes that. And with the whole asian thing in the Philippines, I know its like that over there, I have heard. My theory why? Is because who are the successful business men in the Phil, not the filipinos, the invading @$$ chinese and koreans and they see them more noble or wealthy. Therefore, they want to be more like them. Typical Colonial, westernized, enslaved mentality crap, but that is a whole other debate, hahahaha. Well, go ahead and call yourself asian, me and my friends from Los Angeles, along with my SAMOAN and Tongan friends, will consider Filipinos, Islanders. LAter HATER! Islander pride, Filipino pride, Austronesian pride, malay polynesian pride, NEVER asian! To make you happy with no debate, how about FILI-ISLANDER. There happy! hahahaahah

Immature? you wanted facts, I stated, them, thats how I live my life, how I was brought up, and guess what Virginia Tech did happen, and guess what he was? So have fun being a HATER! Just for future references, I am Filipino and Portugese, raised amongst Hawaiians, Samoans, and Tongans and they have no problem with it, guess who is the only having a problem? YOU! PEACE HATER!

If you havent noticed, I put pacific islander as last before calling myself ASIAN, I would rather put, again, I reiterate, Filipino, Austornesian, Malay-polynesian or overall Fili-Islander. Again, what are you going to do with the many, MANY filipinos that do consider themselves Pacific islander first, what? Debate with all of them, hate them, etc. Man, get over it man! Philippines = 7,107 islands + Me (half filipino) = Fili-Islander(remember didnt say pacific islander first), thought I should put it in formula form, maybe easier for you to understand. hahahahahahha

I couldn't find the thread to this so I posted it here. What are your views?
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