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Posted 7/3/08 , edited 7/9/08
Prologue ✿

"Hey, Amy you forgot your...." She stopped. What layed in front of her was Amy's dying body. She called an ambulance but she would have to wait 10 minutes before anyone came to save Amy.
"Amy... Amy?!?! No... Why couldn't it have been me instead.... Why?" She put her hands together and wished. She wished it was her instead. She closed her eyes. Everything went blank. She opened her eyes again. This time... it was her laying on the floor... dying... but this time.. no one came to save her. Amy had already went home, her family had been at her brothers baseball game. And before long, she had died.

Ever since that day, the spirit of the girl who died has been dwelling her use to be house, looking for a friend... a friend to end her loneliness.

Chapter 1 ✿

Tiamii a new girl to the town of Bramblenew was very hyper, she never was board of would let her-self become board. She had just started liveing there and everyone was very frightened by her, every time she walked outside the neighboring kids keep shouting "it's the haunted house girl" or "she's going to be running out of that house in less then a week".
Tiamii's parents where to full of them-selves to even notice Tiamii's misery. Every day she would wake up to the noise of kids throwing eggs at her window. She felt rejected, She felt alone. Just went Taimii was about to start crying she heard a very soothing, calm voice start to sing.
"odayaka na kaze no naka kokage de kimi to madoromu meippai hirogeta te chiisana karada tayorinai." Something started stroking Tiamii's head. She turned around. It was a beautiful girl transparent looking girl with white hair, she wore a miko styled kimono. Tiamii quickly lifted her head.
"Who are you?!" Tiamii yelled.
"I'm sorry, am I bothering you..."
"N-..........Thank you..."
"Your welcome..."
Turning and facing the girl Taimii said, "Hello, my name is Taimii, do you want to be my friend?" Doing the same the transparent looking girl said, "My name is Shii Tatsumi, and yes... I would really like that."

Two Weeks Later ✿

Gaining up all her courage (with Shii's help of course) Taimii walked out the door. Maybe they will be nice to me this time. As soon as she walked out of the door every thing went silent, then the whispering started. Taimii was just about to run in but then she saw Shii standing in front of the door signaling her to continue trying.
"Hi.... my name is T-taimii do you guys want to be my friends?" She was talking to no one in particular but they seemed to understand she was talking to all of them.
Just when a girl was about to talk to her a boy yelled out, "Why would we want to be friend with a freak like you."
These words stung Taimii in the heart. She ran to retreat her-self, she ran and ran. Finally when she stopped she broke own and started crying.

Taimii had not noticed but a truck was driving her was. It hit her. Everything went blank. When she opened her eyes again. Shii was standing there with a calm face... but was crying.
"I'm sorry...I-I tryed to prevent this from happening...b-but...."
What is she talking about?
"I tryed t-to stop, the s-same thing from happening to you... t-that happened to me."
Getting up to stop Shii from crying Taimii noticed that she wasn't in her body anymore. ""
"I-I am the girl who died here, many years before you where born....A-and I died the same way too..." Taimii was so shocked by hearing this she couldn't spit out a word.
"Please...please...d-don't hate me!"
"I don't hate you!!!" Finally Taimii was able to talk.
A light started shining above them.
"Taimii... do y-you see that..."
"Then it's time for us to go..."
Before you could even blink, Taimii and Shii disappeared. They disappeared to a place where non of this ever happened..
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Posted 7/4/08 , edited 7/4/08
nice..but i feel the ending a bit weird..but still nice!!xD
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24 / F / Some where... pla...
Posted 7/4/08 , edited 7/5/08
yep i was righting this because of a weird daydream i had. i exspected it to be weird (at the time i decided to type it was really late)
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