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Shikamaru asks Naruto if he has any ideas. Shiho offers that it doesn't matter how small the idea is, anything would help. Naruto says there is one thing that's been bugging him, the first "ta" character. Shikamaru and Shiho are confused, but Naruto states though the letter looks like a 9, it may not be.

He had a lot of experience with Jiraiya's handwriting. Shiho states that Jiraiya must have had a particular writing style. Shiho shows them how the writing difference could change the character interpretation. Shikamaru asks why he didn't mention it before, but Naruto retorts that it doesn't reveal anything anyway. Shikamaru says the books Naruto mentioned might break the code.

Shiho agrees, stating that the numbers could correspond to various things like page numbers, lines, etc.. Shikamaru asks if "ta" has any connection to Jiraiya's books. Kakashi pops his head in through the window and says it's probably the one he's holding, Icha Icha Tactics. Naruto states Jiraiya wrote that book while they were out training. Shikamaru says the code was surely meant for him then and Naruto smiles. Shiho states they should probably check the page numbers that match the code numbers.

Shiho asks Kakashi to read the first sentence of every page. Kakashi is embarrassed at having to read the risqué writing but Naruto yells to just read it. Kakashi reads the lines, so Shiho lines up the first word of each sentence, which reveals the phrase "the real one isn't with them". Naruto asks what that means and Kakashi says they should speak with Fukasaku since he was there. Shiho asks if she can come along and Shikamaru says that's fine. He offers that they need to talk to Tsunade so she can get Fukasaku.

Shiho blushes and Naruto states they should go to her immediately. In the Rain Country Konan, Pain and Madara recline. Madara asks what held up the invincible Pain and Pain offers that he had an unexpected visitor. Madara retorts that the Sannin Jiraiya lived up to his reputation. Pain offers that he's dead now, so the Kyuubi is his new focus. Madara states that Konoha will be hunting Pain now.

Konan replies that no one can defeat Pain. Madara says only two Bijuu remain, and he sent Sasuke after the Hachibi. Konan asks if he's up to the challenge. Madara says yes and takes his leave. Pain tells Konan to get ready and five figures join them. The four previous Pain bodies and a new female Pain. Pain then declares that they're going to Konoha...

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