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Post Reply Do you think Takiko will die?
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Posted 6/22/10 , edited 6/23/10
Well to be honest, FY did state that Takiko would die because her father killed her, however, Yuu Watase has stated that she is a different person know than when she was a few years ago when she wrote FY. My guess is at the end there will be a twist in regards to Takiko dying or not. I think that since Genbu represents the life and death part Yuu will twist it so Takiko and Uruki have a fulfilling ending without it being sad. Although her other works have had main characters die and are "tragic" they all tend to have a sad yet happy ending. Like FY Miaka and Tamahome were able to exist because Suzaku's symbol meant love, so my guess is that Yuu is going to bring that in when deciding the fate of Takiko and Uruki. We won't know until it is posted and she didn't plan on making the Genbu Kaiden series until after, so she could changer her mind! (hopefully in a happy way)
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