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Minna-san~!!! this is the first one that I have posted~!!!

Yumika: Megu-chan!!
Megumi: Konnichiwa Yumi-chan! Chinen?
Chinen: Hai~! Yoroshiku!
Megumi: Yoroshiku!! Wow, Yumika, you are like Chii's futago.
Yumika: Until here?
Megumi: Yes.
Chinen: Futago? Why?!
Megumi: Long story… I've been teasing Yumika about being so similar to you, Chinen~ haha!!
Yumika: Off with the evil laugh~
Megumi: Except the fact where Yumi becomes intimidating.
Chinen: Nonetheless…
Yumika: Oh yeah~ Megu-chan, where is Yamada?
Chinen: Yeah, where's Yama-chan?
Megumi: He's in his new drama shooting and he's not yet calling meow!!
Yumika: Omg~ you close now?
Megumi: El Positive!! XD
Chinen: That's so good news!!
Yumika: Me agrees!!
Megumi: And you two?
Chinen and Yumika: Friends.
Chinen: The usual
Yumika: No other~
Megumi: But wha…
Yumika: SO, how's Yabu?
Megumi: desultory~
Chinen: Desultory? Yabu?
Yumika: Megu-chan?
Megumi: Eh, never mind… l better get going now~ I still have my theatre lessons… See yah~
Yumika: Hai!
Chinen: Yumi-chan, what do you want to do now… I'm bored!
Yumika: Me too~ hmm
Yumika: OH!
Chinen: What?
Yumika: Remember the cake shop I told you about last week? The one near…uh… the park…?
Chinen: ano…. Ah! Yes!! Let's take a look at that cake shop!
Yumika: Letsh GO!
*waves flag of Japan XD*
*cake shop*
Chinen: Yes, I know my name and so?
Yumika: Uhuh… Uhuh…. Okay~
Fan: Pic Please?
Yumika: Okay…..~
Chinen: Pic?
Fan: Yup~
Chinen: Okay~
Yumika: Me will take picture meows!!
Yumika: Wow, that's the second one this week.
Chinen: Yup, they're irritating…
Yumika: Is that Daiki?
Chinen: Oh, yeah~
Chinen: Arii-chan!!!
Daiki: huh?
Chinen: Arii-chan!!!
Daiki: Ah! Chinen-kun! Yumi-chan! Ogenki desu ka?
Chinen and Yumika: Genki desu!
Yumika: Anata wa?
Daiki: Boku mo genki desu~
Daiki: What are you doing here at this time? It's so early!
Chinen: Yumi-chan said it's yummy to eat cakes here in the morning!
Yumika: Try one!
Chinen: Here!
*munch XD*
Daiki: Oishi!
*Yama-chan passing by*
Yumika: YAMA-CHAN!
Chinen: YAMA-CHAN!
Yamada: eh?
Yumika: Here!! Yama-chan!!


Daiki: Man, why is he acting blind? RYOSUKE!!!
Yamada: OH!
Chinen: You had your Player up ne?
Yamada: No.
Chinen: But…
Yumika: you can't hear us!
Yamada: So sorry minna~
Daiki: Yup~
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eh...minna-san please continue the story~!!!
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Oh...BTW, credits to anime_delish for the fan fiction~!!
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thanks and your welcome~ I have another one pending.... pending.... and I have to finish the stupid assignment..... XDDD
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