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Red Alert! Sasuke has a girlfriend!

It was sunny day in Konoha. Everyone was busy with their jobs and families. Naruto was with Hinata in Ichiraku eating his 13th bowl of ramen for today. Hinata was gigling while silently observing her childlish boyfriend. Yes, everything was how it should be, but where was our favorite Konoha heartthrobe? Lets take a peek

Two young ninjas were sitting in the shade of beautiful Cheery Blossom tree. Dark – haired raven boy was leaning on the tree trunk, while pink – haired girl sat next to him reading her favorite Love story.

Kyaa!! Tomori – kun is so cute!! He and Ayaka – chan make a perfect couple! That is called Eternal Love – squealed the girl with hearts in her eyes.

-sigh- Girls – Sasuke grunted somehow irritated at her fangirlish behaviour

Ne, Sasuke – kun, do you believe in love? – she looked at him

-sigh- Sakura, we are ninjas, ninjas do not fall in love. Love is just a noisence on the way to the true power.

You cant really think like that Sasuke – kun! Feelings and love help us to fight with more power! We get new strenght to protect those who are dear to us! – she said and smiled

Oh, really? – he raised an eyebrow – and how are you so much experienced with all that? – he smirked

Because I fight for those who I love – she blushed and added – like Kakashi – sensei, Naruto, Ino, Hinata and the others *including you* - she silently added in her mind

Hn. Whatever – he stood up to leave

Hey, Sasuke – kun, I bet you cant find a girlfriend in one day – she grinned

He looked at her confused and then smirked.

Tch, course I can dont make me laugh – she grinned


You are like an Ice cube


You cant even ask a girl out without being a scaredy cat


I mean, sometimes I even wonder wether you have hormones or n-

she was cut of when he slamed her in the tree. He leaned his face dangerously close to hers which coused her to blush deeply and his smirk to grow even wider.

By the end of this day, my dear Sakura, I will get myself a girlfriend – he walked away with a smirk still plastered on his face

She stared in shock, her heart beating wildly. She slowly touched her flaming cheeks repeating every word he said in her head.

Omg....that was....he is going to...she shrieked and quickly runned away to the house of her best friend


Someone was knocking rapidly and smashing (more like that –giggle-) on the huge wooden door of the Yamanaka residence.

Hey, slow down with that knocking! Sheesh....wanna break the door? I swear to god, if that happens I will split you into two and then smash – Ino yanked the door open, yelling only to quiet down after she saw the crying face of her best friend, Haruno Sakura.

Ino, I am –sob- sorry –sob- but I had to talk to someone – she cried and launched herself into the expecting arms of her best friend.

There, there, everything will be okay. Come in and I will make us some juice and cookies, okay? She smiled and went to the kitchen

Sakura sat on the chair with flowery design and sadly looked trough the big window. She spotted two birds, one female that was pinkish coloured and a matching black coloured male. They were chirping happily and cuddling. (Oh the bitter irony....poor Sakura – chan) Sakura felt hot tears that were slowly sliding down her milky face, her eyes were blank and slightly souless. Only me – she tought – Only I cant have a happy ending. He is surely gonna find a girlfriend who looks like a model and they will probably marry and then lead a happy life and and... – she was interrupted in her toughts as Ino walked in, carrying a silver tray with weird looking juice and yummy smelling cookies. She put the food down on the table and sat accross her best friend who was still unhappy, crying and fuming.

So, my dear forehead – chan –Sakura twitched a little at this – spill the story out !

Ino are you sure? I mean it might hurt you too (Sakura tought that Ino still likes Sasuke a bit) – she asked fidgeting

Yea, talk! I wanna hear it and I am all ears – she smiled

Okay, it started this morning when.....


Oi, Teme! Wait up! – hyperactive blonde was running after his best friend

What now, dobe? – Sasuke sighed and asked not even bothering to turn around

Hey, where is Sakura – chan by the way? I tought she was with you? – the blonde stood next to him

How the hell would i know? – he smirked, remembering Sakura`s blushing face

Hey, why are ya smirking now Teme?

None of your business idiot – he groaned annoyed by the yelling blonde

Damn it Sasuke – bastard! Argh!! Nevermind....actually I wanted to ask you ...If you...If you – he giggled like a female twirling his fingers (somehow like hinata) while Sasuke eyed him weirdly

Why are ya giggling like that moron? O god, dont tell me your a fanboy too – Sasuke twitched, Sakura herself was annoying enough, if Naruto turned out to be a fanboy too, he would literally jump in a lake and kill himself.

No way! Are ya nuts? I actually wanted to ask if you saw Jiraiya – sama cause ya know, he promised to give me a special edition of Icha Icha Paradise! – Naruto grinned


Ouch! Itai! – Naruto was on the ground, groaning in pain, with a lump on his head, the size of venus (Good job Sasuke =)

That dobe – Sasuke groaned and walked away


He did what? – Ino was yelling, shocked after she heard Sakura`s story

Ino, he will find some perfect girl and then....and then – she broke down and cried

Calm down Saki! Be brave and dont show that bastard that you care! After all, its a challenge for him – she grinned – I am sure the Ice Cube cant do it, so cheer up girl!

I.....I have to, dont I? – she asked looking at her grining best friend.

Hell yeah you have to!! Ganbatte yo girl and show him how strong you are! – Ino cheered her on

I guess you are right –sniff- thanks for everything Ino – chan – she smiled and took a bite of cookie and immediatly turned green

Just one advice, Ino – pig, please stay away from the kitchen – she laughed

Hey! – Ino fumed

Hahahaha – Sakura laughed and then stood up – sorry Ino I gotta go now, see yah later and once again thanks for everything – she smiled and walked out of the house

Anytime forehead – Ino smiled and closed the door

Hope everything goes well – she sighed and walked back to the kitchen


Young handsome ninja was leaning on the railing of Team 7`s bridge. Warm wind slightly ruffled his dark hair, while he observed colourful sun set and listened to the last chirping birds of the day.

Sakura, you can come out, I know your there – he said not tearing his gaze from the peach coloured sky

Ehehehe ... I was just uhm....checking for something and the good news is that I found new type of bug – she got out of bushes nerviusly laughing

Hn. Yea right – he rolled his eyes and turned around to look at her

So....- she trailed of thinking what to say- did ya, uhm, ya know – she looked at him

What? – he smirked

w-well –gulp- I mean did you find yourself a girlfriend? – she said and looked down

Tch....what did you think? – he smirked widely

O-oh....I see, well then I h-hope your relationship goes well – she turned around, almost crying and started walking away

He suddenly hugged her from behind stoping her from any movement

Hey, where do you think your going? – he growled

W-well, I have to do something – she lied blinking the tears away

Liar – he glared

B-but you said that-

I said that I found a girlfriend, I didnt say who it is – he smirked

She turned around shocked

W-what do ya mean? – she asked with wide eyes

You know Sakura, for a kunoichi your pretty dense – he chuckled and carresed her right cheek while smirking

Why you little!! How the hell am I supposed to know- she was cut of when his mouth covered hers. She was too shocked to move, the kiss was much more than passionate. He pulled away after a long time smirking widely

Now do you see what I mean – he smirked

I think I get the clarification – she giggled while blushing furiously

Hey, lets go and get some ice cream! – she said taking his arm and interlacing their fingers

Aa. – he said

So your back at one-worded answers, huh? – she looked at him

Hn – he smirked going ahead of her

Hey, wait for me! You are so mean Sasuke – kun! – she exclaimed running after him

He chuckled and extended his hand to wait for his pink - haired girlfriend.

Moments later, the new lovely couple walked away into the sunset

~ The end ~

Well this is my second story and first oneshot so ya know....please no too harsh comments people  and hope ya all liked it! Oh and quote of the day, should I say of this story is: Sometimes there is a happy ending, but you have to work hard for it...tehe.....yeah now even Sakura & Sasuke have a happy ending  I wish a happy ending for all people out there too....

Sasuke: It was stupid
Author: Hey your mean!
Sasuke: -smirk- hn
Author: How dare ya Uchiha!!! –glares-
Sasuke: Hn. Lets go Sakura – smirks-
Sakura: Kyaa!! Hai Sasuke – kun – they walk of
Author: Damn that Uchiha....I should have made him drown in a lake in this story – anger –
- wind blowing –
Author: I always end up alone –anime tears – :(
Neko Gaara : Are ya awkay?
Author: Yay!! Panda – kun!! –huges him tightly –
Neko Gaara : -purrr-
Author – Lets go Gaara – chan!
Gaara – Hai.....remember Read & Comment people or Gaara will be sad 
Author : thats right (think about poor Neko Gaara – chan ) Ja Ne minna – san!

Loves ya all lots & lots,

Saki - chan

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hehe ^^ nice story ^^
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cute story!! hehe.. i'll post something like that too.. hmm.. soo creative..

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new CR profile it...
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that wuz cute even though i didnt read it all (srry) i liked it
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that was alot to read. but i like it. its so cute!!
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F / Somewhere
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Nice story ^^ I liked it X3
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luv it! Panda-kun.... lol
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LUV IT N WOT BIG DAY 4 SASUKE wait i'm sasuke lol 0-0 x]
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23 / F / HEAVEN
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how pretty
although i'm kinda jealous
i'm happy that at least i look like sakura
although i don't have pink hair and green eyes
mine are gray/blue but they change color
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Thanks for the comments everyone =) I`ll be posting a new story soon as I copy it from my notebook hehe
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Nice Story !!!!!!!!!!
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