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Posted 7/26/09 , edited 7/26/09
**Academy Fantasia season 1 (21 Jun - 21 Aug)**

The 12 people who had been selected to be an Academy Fantasia superstar for season 1 are.

V1 Jeen
V2 Vit
V3 Nan
V4 K
V5 Joomjim
V6 Aof
V7 Namtarn
V8 Top
V9 Zeenam
V10 Por
V11 Mam
V12 Nun

*Week 1*

- In the first week, K V4 got the least popular Vote but there is a surprise where this is only the beginning so no one have to Academy Fantasia in this week

Week 2
- This week song is a song that you like
- Shocking event that happen was Top V8 had been eliminated when I had the highest vote and he did a very good job in the second week

Week 3
- This week song is song in different style
- They announce the reason why Top V8 was eliminated.
Top had a contract sign with other company before he entered AF1. Therefore he either choose to be AF superstar or be a superstar of the other music company name "Iconic" After Top album was released, the rating doesn't go above 3.5. Top wrote a book revealing everything about Academy Fantasia but nobody care about the book.
- Mam V11 was eliminated

Week 4
- This week song is a combined music genre
- Nun V12 was eliminated

Week 5
- This week song is pair song
- Zeenam V9 had the lowest vote but due to the error with the SMS vote so the result was very accurate. Therefore, nobody have to leave in this week

Week 6
- This week song is smooth soft song
- Nan V3 was eliminated

Week 7
- This week song is the song used in movie or drama
- Por V10 was eliminated

Week 8
- This week song is Rock song
- Joomjim V5 was eliminated

Week 9
- The final announcement was

1st Vit V2
2nd Jeen V1
3rd Aof V6
4th Namtarn V7
5th Zeenam V9
6th K V4
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