the retards of crunchyroll
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Posted 7/4/08 , edited 7/5/08
Hello everyone, i'm going to post about the retards here in CR!!!!

basically this is so you can detect retards in a chat room and get them kicked by abiding the rules.

1. They constantly break this rule. 8. DO NOT drag out words, punctuation marks, or add excessive emoticons.

the rule says, not to drag words or marks, etc etc.

example: hiiiiiiiiiiii kyeruuuuuuu. >_>

2. They break this rule too. Be in the correct room. To discuss drama, go to the drama room; to discuss anime, go to the anime room, etc. This is similar to the forum, there are sections for specific subjects.

and the following

The main chatrooms (crunchyroll, anime, games, music, drama, fansubs, uploaders, mods,random) are to be ENGLISH-ONLY. If you wish to speak in another language, make your own chatroom (see below).

Multiple lines of short words (or lines) such as 'blah,' 'hey,' 'hi,' 'u there?' 'lol,' 'haha,' 'what,' 'bye,' and 'bored' are not allowed. This can be considered spamming and will encourage others to spam as well.

Type intelligibly. Refrain from extreme 1337, text-speak, or ghetto-talk.(oh boy seeing someone follow this rule is so rare...)

Roleplaying is not allowed in the main channels. If you wish to roleplay, you need to create your own channel and roleplay there. Excessive roleplaying after warnings from a mod will result in a kick and, if continued, a ban.

this is simple, i'm going to put up a small group, to go against said "retards" our job is to get these losers KICKED from the chat, PERIOD. all everyone does is go and spam, and break all sorts of rules.

Now you may say, oh but life isn't all rules have some fun!

typing with bad grammar, so i can't read hell, IS NOT FUN.

typing of actions that no one wants to know/care about IS NOT FUN.

spamming is NOT FUN.

life stories are NOT FUN, unless asked for.

the group is called, anti-CR retard association

or ACRR for short, please join.

to join you need to qualify you can qualify in 2 ways.

1. I see you chat in the room, and your grammar is correct(typo's are ok everyone makes mistakes)

2. You abide the rules during the chat.

3. you dismantle(destroy/pwn) any retard(reasons above)

4. you send me a message with a reason why you wish to join. (good grammar)

5. you are not a jonas brother fan, i hate them, if you want me to post a forum with reasons, i'll gladly do it.
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The bar
Posted 7/4/08 , edited 7/5/08
Ok, breath deep man, it will all be ok. This thread really doesn't have a purpose, it is mearly a rant and has no place in the extended discussion section. Just calm down and don't let a bunch of kids get to you like this.
Posted 7/4/08 , edited 7/5/08
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Posted 7/4/08 , edited 7/5/08
we dont need another thread with rules. so this is pretty much breakin a rule ehh?? lol nice one
Posted 7/4/08 , edited 7/5/08
I agree with you... eff 'em!
Posted 7/4/08 , edited 7/5/08
This thread is advertising a group. Can't you just use the invite buddy button?
Posted 7/4/08 , edited 7/5/08
Each mod has their own way of handling spammers. Beside this is an advertising thread.

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