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It's much better to travel when you have at least a few foreign words to go around with. In Tokyo, Japan, you will be surrounded by a lot of strange things and customs which you might want to answer back politely in their own language. Don't go walking right in the heart of Tokyo without learning these ten important Japanese terms.

1. "Hai" - Yes


"Lie" - No.

You can nod your head but Japanese may only think you're bowing. Know how to use these two terms correctly. Look at any item or direction they're pointing and respond if you agree or not.

2. "Kon-nichiwa" - Hello or Good afternoon

"O hayou gozaimasu" - Good morning

"Konbanwa" - Good evening.

Note that there are different Japanese words used during each periods of the day when greeting. If you're having some difficulty remembering all of them, stick to "Kon-nichiwa" whenever you are introduced to someone.

3. "Korewa nan desuka?" - What is this?

This is very useful since you will be offered or given unusual things and food especially which you may have never seen or eaten before.

4. "Wa doko desuka...?" - Where is...?

You may add an English word at the end like "Wa doko desuka train station?" Japanese are most likely familiar with common English words too so using this will keep you from getting lost.

5. "Nanji desuka?" - What time is it?

At this point you may have understood already that "desuka" means what or where. This statement is important to know when you're in the land of the rising sun.

6. "Toire wa doko desuka?" - Where is the bathroom?

When nature calls and you're someplace where no one speaks a word of English, at least you have some words to keep you headed at the right place.

7. "Ikura desuka?" - How much is it?

This is important since you're dealing with money. More or less it can help you haggle or at least give sellers the idea that you know what you're doing.

8. "Sumimasen" - Excuse me.

There may be times when you accidentally bump into someone or simply create an accident. This is similar to saying sorry or apologizing too.

9. "Itadakimase" - I receive.

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hmmm, very interesting!
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lol for the most part correct, with a few spelling errors
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luv it.
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