ichiruki (ichigoxrukia), ori/ichi (orihimexichigo)
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i personally think that ichiruki is da best couple eva!!!!
It would be nice if Kurosaki and Kuchiki end up together giving the fact that they have gone through a lot together and the fact that Ichigo is a pure blooded and his father is a former Captain making the relationship possible. I definetly like the Ichigo/Rukia pairing it's too nice.

Ichigo feels guilty that orihime's been abducted by the arrancar b/c he couldn't protect her.... same with Rukia, but that's different! When Rukia was abducted he was dead worried, he was hopeless more than that he really had lost the will to fight and all.

manga chapters(quotes) :
"Thank you rukia. because of you, the rain has finally stopped falling"~ichigo
"That's the kind of man you have been in my heart, ichigo!"~rukia

i know that inoue confesses to him while hez sleeping or something and almost kisses him...but still i think that rukia is really meant to be w/ichigo!!

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Posted 2/25/07 , edited 2/26/07
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