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Posted 7/4/08 , edited 7/5/08
I'm just quoting this; it's from another forum-thing, it's not what I'm saying, although I do truly agree with her.

I might be generalizing when I say this, but this fandom is none too friendly. I am willingly to bet my life that there /are/ level-minded people here, who love the series for what it is, a great epic story-one that we all adore.

But I think it must be my fault that I can't get to these people. There is an army of irrational fangirls that stand between me and some relaxed chats with some admirable fans.

I thought maybe after the initial "outrage" of Eclipse then people will chill out. But I was wrong.

With all the Anti-Jacob Black groups that spans all the way to Deviantart to fanpop, I can't even help defend the character anymore. I'm argued out. *shakes head* There is no compromise.

I have lost my faith in this fandom. So I shall go retreat to my other beloved fandoms. I'll keep reading and loving the series. And go watch the movie(I'M SO F-ING EXCITED FOR THAT) They're too fabulous to not enjoy.

I'll see some of you around the Jacob Black places(mainly LJ and here), as I will lurk around for news and updates. But other than that, I bid the Twilight online fandom adieu! You have been less than welcoming for people who enjoy ALL the characters especially Jacob Black.

Y o u r t h o u g h t s ?

Honestly, as much as I do love Edward, it isn't just about him.. not really haha xD. I mean, some of the fangirls (boys? o_O) give us such a bad name. "OMGGG EDWARD IS BEST!!!1111 JACOB SUX!! DIEDIEIDEIEEDE?!! 2222!!!111" Seriously, get a grip oWo;; Can't ya have a heart&love everyone D8? I know, I know, sometimes you can't stand a character; but seriously, I don't understand how anyone could hate Jacob -- he's really good, & I think he has good intentions. D8

But in the end. This whole damn thing is fictional. D8 D i s c u s s ; ; < 3
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