what character would u like to cosplay??? give at least 3-5 :D

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28 / F / sOmEwHerE oUt thE...
Posted 7/4/08 , edited 7/5/08
hi guys its me again hahahaha LOL :D
haruhi13 here :D

well as for me :D

my first is in vampire knight of yuuki cross i like it also aslo of kaname kawaii kawaii :D
my second is in school rumble (i forgot her name) she has a 2 ponytale in her hair.... the yellow hair... am i right?? ahahaha :D
my third is in gundam seed cagalli's uniform the one with white thingy aslo of athruns uniform the zaft uniform (actually i love these 2 characters cagalli and athrun >.<)
my fourth is in la corda d 'oror the uniform of the boys also the girls but i'd like the boys uniform yeah \m/
en my fifth is the...the.....in air gear the orange one also iki his uniform ahhahaha i like it LOL :D

Posted 7/4/08 , edited 7/5/08
That girls name from school rumble is Eri. Half japanese half british. Or was it american? Well here are my top picks if I ever wanted to cosplay seriously:

1: Elite Heartless from "Kingdom Hearts 2".
2: That commander guy from "Magna Carta: Tears of Blood".
3: Calinz from "Magna Carta: Tears of Blood" only I'll be covering my hips. Cuz a guy showing his hips is kinda gay. I like his overall look though and its something I can pull off with some work.
4: That ninja guy from "Ninja Gaiden".
5: Nero from "devil may cry 4".

Yeah I like video games more than animes.
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25 / F / lala.
Posted 7/6/08 , edited 7/6/08
1) Rima Tohya - Vampire Knight
2) Misa Aname - Death Note
3) Tifa Lockhart - Final Fantasy VII
4) Lenalee Lee - D.Gray-Man (If my hair would grow damn long)

I'm going to cosplay Misa sooner or later, though I like Rima more but I think Misa would suit me more x)
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100 / F / ( ̄ー ̄) where there...
Posted 7/11/08 , edited 7/11/08

*Sunako Nakahara from Wallflower
*Rikuu from KH2
*Yuuki Cross from Vampire Knight [because of Zero Kiriyuu-Sama]
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30 / F
Posted 10/9/09 , edited 10/9/09
Misa Amane
Posted 9/16/10 , edited 9/17/10
1: Nadeshiko from Shugo Chara
2: A kid L from Death Note
3: Mistukuni from Ouran
4:Sunako from the wallflower
5:Don't know yet..
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29 / Kanagawa
Posted 4/25/11 , edited 4/25/11
hmmm...planning to cosplay the ff:

1.) grell suttclif
2.) kasane ted
3.) k-on
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