Beauty and Hottie Part 2
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Chapter 8
“Shut up Shadow. You already have a servant and she’s not a prey.” Natsume said coldly.
Misaki was there and she took out a frying pan and hit it on Tsubasa’s head…
“OUCH!! Misaki what did I do wrong this time” Tsubasa ask while in chibi form and crying anime style…
“That’s what you get for trying to cheat on me and targeting my best friend as a prey.” Misaki said with a cold tone…
Mikan stood there, quietly observing her master’s friends…
“Mikan-chan, don’t mind them. They are always like that since they were 10” Ruka said. Anna and Nonoko are beside him.
“Oh, hi Ruka. It seems like you know quite a lot a bout them.” Mikan wondered if Ruka knew them since 10.
“Yeah. I’ve been Hotaru-sama’s servant since we were 10.” Ruka said while looking at Hotaru then blushes a little bit.
“Whoa. She looks cold by the way.”
“Actually she’s not if you really know her.” Ruka blushes more.
He seems to like Hotaru-sama a lot.. Mikan grin while thinking bout that...
“What about Anna and Nonoko?” Mikan asked.
“Yeah, after Ruka-kun became Imai-sama’s servant, Nonoko and I too were taken by Yuu-sama and Koko-sama.” Anna answered.
“I see. Now that I’ve become Natsume-sama’s servant I’ll be meeting with you guys more often.” Mikan smiled. Anna and Nonoko replied her smiles.
How dare she totally ignore me!
“Polka, I’m thirsty. Go get me a drink.” Natsume was kind of jealous because Mikan totally ignored him.
“That’s Mikan for you, Hyuuga Natsume.” Mikan growled then she walked away, leaving the others dumbfounded.
Wow! No one has ever called Natsume by his first name. She’s really something. Everyone thought with shock.
That little girl, how dare she call me by my first name! Natsume was pissed.
Everyone sweat dropped as soon as they felt the temperature rising.
“Stop that, you’re making the cafeteria melt! You dumb fire-caster.”
Mikan is coming towards them and soon she felt the temperature too so she used a bit of her Steal Alice to make the cafeteria cool down.
“Natsume-sama, you know you’re not supposed to burn the cafeteria.” Mikan grinned.
“Tch. Non of your business polka.” Natsume was took his drink from Mikan and was walking away from them until…
An ice dagger makes its way and landed just right in front of Natsume when he dodged it safely.
“That’s Mikan for you Hyuuga Natsume.”
Mikan walked pass Natsume with a smirk.
How dare you! Have you forgotten that I’m your master? Natsume grew fiercer.
Mikan read his mind, pause her walking and turn around.
“In fact I don’t even care you’re my dumb master. Tell you something new, this bracelet I’m wearing, as everybody thinks that only the master can take it off. But only I knew that my powers are strong enough to break this thing.”
“Natsume its not me I haven’t use my Alice yet.”
How does she know what were I thinking?
In fact everyone was thinking the same thing. Mikan smirked and continue to walk away leaving the others dumbfounded, except for Hotaru because she has already knows about it.
“IMAI! 1000rabbits for her information now!” Natsume scowled.
“Now you’re talking business Hyuuga.”
Hotaru handed an envelope to Natsume. He opened it, read it and found out that she is a very dangerous lady, and he was quite happy about it.
Interesting girl. Natsume smirk.
“I’m leaving. Ja.” Natsume walked away.
The other’s was still too shock to make a move.
“Ruka, Let’s go.” Hotaru commanded.
“Hai. Bye-bye minna-san.” Ruka waved to them.
Somewhere near Mikan
That arrogant brat. So what if his my master? All I have to do is break this stupid thingy and the contract are off. Mikan is burning with rage.
She formed an ice dagger on her hand, the moment she was going to break the bracelet a figure appear behind her and grabbed her hand.
“I’ll burn you alive if you dare to destroy it.” The figure said.
“Natsume-sama!” Mikan slapped away his hand and walk away from her.
“Little girl, you’re my servant and you shall obey my command.”
“Don’t be arrogant Hyuuga. I can break it anytime I wanted to.” Mikan grin.
“Then I’ll see you do it now if you dare.”
“Hah! I won’t fall for such a trick. I’ll just play with you for awhile more since it’s boring.” Mikan smirked.
“Serio-sensei, you don’t plan to keep hiding are you?” Mikan said coldly.
Natsume was shocked as he did not felt Persona’s presence.
Since when he was here?
“Well done my Shiro-Neko your senses are getting keener.” Persona walked out while revealing his figure.
“My, my Natsume what a coincidence that you’re here.”
“Persona! What do you want?” Natsume scowled.
“Oh don’t worry I’m not looking for you. I’m here for Shiro-Neko.”
“Is it mission?” Mikan asked.
“As the matter in fact it is. Meet me today 11p.m. at the gate. From there I’ll explain everything.”
“Understood Serio-sensei.”
What does he wants again can’t she have some rest?
“I appreciate you’re worries for me Natsume-sama. But I’m okay.”
“Who do you think I am going worrying over a little girl?.”
“Suit yourself. I’m going to my room now. Ja.”
Mikan was still wondering what kind of mission she’ll receive.
She’s doing more mission than I am. Persona, you got something to spill.
Mikan’s room.
Mikan lied on her king-sized bed; she keeps having flashback of what happen yesterday.
Then the handsome young man turn Mikan to face…and lifted up her chin once again, and kissed her, this time they both reacted to this kiss, Mikan had no choice but to respond to his kiss, and she hate it that she was loving that kiss, when they broke the kiss, Mikan was touch the part where Natsume kissed her lips…
End of flashback.
The picture of Natsume kissing Mikan keep popping out in Mikan’s mind making her blushing as red as tomato.
Why did I respond to his kiss? It’s not like I have feelings f6r that arrogant brat. His crimson eyes, there’s something about that drawn me to it, it’s like I’m a moth drawn to the fire. Argh!
Little does she knows it was time for her mission. She took her control devices and her half white mask that looks just like the one that Persona had with him.
Mission time, baby.
Mikan had teleported somewhere near the gate.
“Persona if you may.”
“Not bad, very punctual and keen my little white kitten.”
“Thanks. And the mission if you may.”
“You’ve been assigned to escort a certain important person to the Grand-Court.”
“I understood.”
Mikan went in the limo and left.
Someone’s room
“Mikan Sakura. Indeed an interesting person, I would like to see you trying to tame this kitten.”
A beautiful raven locks lady with mesmerizing purple eyes was drinking her coffee while looking at her laptop with the profile of a certain brunette.
“Tch, Tch, Tch, since when you became so interested in Mikan my love?”
End of chapter 8

Chapter 9
“Mikan Sakura. Indeed an interesting person, I would like to see you trying to tame this kitten, Hyuuga.”
A beautiful raven locks lady with mesmerizing purple eyes was drinking her coffee while looking at her laptop with the profile of a certain brunette.
“Tch, Tch, since when you became so interested in Mikan my love?”
A dark figure walked out revealing a pair of sapphire orbs and a dirty blonde hair. Yes it was our tech prodigy Hotaru Imai’s boyfriend and servant, Nogi Ruka. He lifted his girlfriend’s chin and crashing his lips on to her lips, slipping his tongue inside her mouth exploring her sweet mouth. (A/n: eww. Ruka: did I just do that? - Blush -)
After a few moments they broke free of that passionate kiss. Hey! Kissing need air right, don’t tell me you didn’t kissed before.
“Ruka, our dear Hyuuga has finally found his first servant, who wouldn’t be curious? Moreover it’s the best in the lower-classmen, not to mention it’ll be the last.”
Ruka took a chair and sat down. He was curious of what his girl meant.
“Come again?”
“Can’t you see? Hyuuga’s in love, and I smell profit.” Hotaru’s eyes had a pair of yen sign on it.
“Haha, evil as usual my love.”
“Isn’t that what you liked me for?” Hotaru raised her eye brown.
“The Hotaru I love was much more evil than this, but I think I love the current one more.”
Ruka stood up and give Hotaru a kissed before leaving.
“Take care my love. Good Night.”
Next day
A certain brunette was walking towards her classroom with her master, she was also greeted by many fan boys and Natsume was cursed by many fan boys of Mikan, making the air temperature rise, but thanks to Mikan it was nullified.
“Youjo how was yesterday’s mission?”
“It’s too easy for my level.”
Before they reached their destination they heard...
Beep beep beep beep beep
The classroom door swung open revealing 2 important person.
“Ohayo gozaimasu Mikan-sama, Natsume-sama.” every lower-classmen said unison.
“Ohayo minna-san.” Mikan replied with a warm smile.
“Hn.” Was all Natsume can reply.
“Ohayo master-tachi.”
“Ohayo Mikan-chan” said Tsubasa, Yuu, Ruka, Misaki and Koko.
“Mikan, have you heard?” Anna asked Mikan with excitement.
“Heard of what?”
“The school prom is on the way!” Nonoko replied.
“Oh, that’s great.”
Mikan was not looking forward to it because she knew there’ll be a lot of noisy fan boys asking her to the dance, but she was happy for Anna and Nonoko, and the first things that came into Mikan and Natsume was…
Tch fan boys
Tch fan girls
“Mikan who will you be going with?” Anna asked.
Natsume was actually not paying attention to their girly talks until he heard what Anna asked. He was listening carefully but hid it under his manga.
“No one, probably not going, as you guys already knew I got those noisy fan boys around to take care of and I have no partner in mind.” Mikan replied politely.
Behind Mikan was sitting our famous ‘Ice Queen’ she was smirking and finally spoke up.
“Sakura, why don’t ask Hyuuga to go with you?”
“Yeah Mikan, we’re all going with our master.” Misaki said.
“Nonoko, haven’t you realized that, you guys, with your master, ARE ALL COUPLE?”
Gulp, Mikan’s pissed I guess.
Anna, Nonoko, Ruka and Misaki sweat dropped.
“Oi, little girl, I got lots of fan girls.” Natsume started.
“Natsume-sama, as you know I’m a normal healthy person, and I’m not a bisexual.”
“Baka, I’m telling you, go to the prom with me. I don’t want any stupid fan girls bugging me, and that’s an order.”
“WHAT!!Mikan, you’re not going with this black cat. You’re going with- OUCHIES“BANG
Everyone sweat dropped when they saw Misaki with her frying pan and Tsubasa with his bump.
Mikan sighed.
“Oh well that settles it, I think it’ll be like killing two birds with one stone. Settling Natsume-sama’s fan girls and my stupid fan boys.”
DING DONG yep it was the starting class bell. Narumi came in, um no DANCED in with his weird looking cloths again.
“Good morning class, as you all knows that the day after tomorrow will be the prom night. Girls remember to choose the perfect dress for your self, and boys remember wear to please the ladies.”
After Narumi finish with his sentence he spotted Natsume and Mikan sitting together.
Perfect timing and choosing Mikan, let’s just hope you can tame this little kitty down.
“Well I think we have a pair of new servant and master, I presume, and Sakura Mikan who is going to be your prom date?”
“Hyuuga Natsume a.k.a my master.”
Everybody in the class look towards Mikan and Natsume. Those fan girls was giving an EXTREME death glare to the famous Mikan and the fan boys was cursing EXTREMELY at Natsume under their breath.
“MATTE! Why for all the girls it has to be a servant to be Natsume-sama’s prom date. His date was suppose to be the one and only me.”
Those people who knew Mikan and saw her power before gulp and thought,
Wrong move missy, you just made a devil your worst nightmares
An ice dagger was formed and was passed thru the lady.
“Shut up lady, you’re an eyesore, and who are you anyway?” Mikan was pissed.
“WHAT! You don’t know who am I? Well let me tell you, I’m Sumire Shouda. President of the official Natsume fan club.”
“Hn. Then I presume you doesn’t know who or what am I, you worthless loudspeaker with a useless Alice as Cat-Dog Alice.”
Sumire was on fire.
“Worthless!? Mikan Sakura I challenge you to a duel! You slut.”
After Sumire finished her sentence Mikan was not on her sit anymore.
“Where did she go?”
“I’m right behind you.” Sumire gasped and was terrified by how she appears at the back of her.
“Think twice before challenging me to a duel, think twice before calling me a ‘slut’.” An ice dagger was formed in the palm of Mikan while she pointes it at Sumire’s neck.
“Let me introduce myself, I’m Mikan Sakura, 15, Nullifying Alice and SEC Alice. Have both the rarest Alice and the most powerful Alice in this academy, IQ 228. Oh, if for your idiotic brain SEC means stealing, erase and copy. So if you don’t want to become Aliceless I suggest you to back off, bitch.”
After Mikan finished her words she went back to her place, leaving Sumire and the other classmates with shocked expression. Natsume was more than satisfied with what she had done to Sumire.
“Well then class, hope you’ll find a good dress and nice wear for the prom night, today class is free. Adieu!” with that Narumi left the class.
Sumire P.O.V
Mikan Sakura, who is she? And heck why is she a multi-Alice user! Darn it. Curses she’s so close to Natsume-sama. Wonder who can defeat her.
Better get back my seat before I get killed. Ah wait! Koko! Stop reading my damn mind!
End of P.O.V
“There’s not quite a person that can defeat Mikan-chan.” Koko answered her question, but making Anna, Nonoko and the others looking at Koko.
“Yikes, I was just answering Sumire’s question.”
“Little girl. I’m ditching class.” Natsume said.
“Damn you, my name is Mikan not little girl, Hyuuga.” Mikan grinned
“Mikan Sakura, let me warn you. No one calls Natsume-sama by his first name!” Sumire shouted.
An evil strong aura was formed.
Feewwww Thud. Yep it was an ice dagger once again.
“Shut up Permy. Oh by the way, this school there’s no one can defeat me, not even the principal, make sure you watch your back.”
“Anna, Nonoko and Misaki meet me at central town café, the one I was working previously at 3pm.” Mikan said, no more like commanded.
“Yes Mikan.”
Mikan and Natsume went out from to the class to the Sakura tree.
“Never knew there’s such a beautiful view from here.” Mikan shown a very beautiful smile making Natsume blushes a little but he manages to hide it.
End of chapter 9

Chapter 10
Mikan and Natsume went out from to the class to the Sakura tree.
“Never knew there’s such a beautiful view from here.” Mikan shown a very beautiful smile making Natsume blushes a little but he manages to hide it.
“Natsume-sama, do you want to go back to your dormitory?”
Mikan took his hand and, snap, they were in Natsume’s room.
Ding Dong
“I’ll go get it.” Mikan ran to the door, she opens it and found a grey-haired with teal eyes colors cute boy, she smiled and scoop him up and asked.
“Little boy, are you looking for Natsume?”
The little boy sucked his thumb and nodded.
“Yoshi.” Mikan close the door and brought him in.
“Natsume nii-chan!” the little boy jumped out from Mikan’s embraced and ran to Natsume.
“Ah, Youichi.” Natsume leaned forward to carry little Youichi up. Mikan just stood there and smiled.
“I’ll go make some drinks for you and little Youichi.” Mikan said
Mikan walked into the kitchen and started to make some juices for Youichi.
Apple juice will be nice I guess.
Well back to Natsume.
“Neh Natsume nii-chan. Who is that lady? Is she some fan girls again?”
“She’s my servant and no she’s not a fan girl, she’s more than that.”
Youichi was confused about what Natsume said.
Natsume nii-chan never owns a servant before; this onee-chan is different. Maybe Natsume nii-chan is in love with her! Then I must try to make them together, I can’t do it, Hotaru nee-chan will help me I guess!
Mikan came out from the kitchen with 2 cups of drinks.
“The Apple juice for Youichi and Hot-chocolate for Natsume.”
“Arigatou onee-chan.”
After they finish their drink
“I haven’t introduced myself!” Youichi was going to start introducing himself but was cut off by Mikan.
“Hijiri Youichi 8 years old, Summoned-Demon Alice, Dangerous Ability-class, very close to Natsume, Your servant is Hyuuga Aoi and you like her too.” Mikan giggled
Youichi jaw dropped and blushes at the same time.
“How did onee-chan know? Is that your Alice?”
“No Youichi. I’m a multi-Alice user, which means I got 2 Alice. Nullifying Alice and SEC Alice. SEC Alice means Steal, erase and Copy Alice. Most probably I can have all the Alice in this school.”
“Onee-chan, you’re powerful!”
“It’s quite normal now.”
“Little girl. Don’t you have to go to Central Town with the others?”
“You don’t have to remind me. But do you and Youichi want to come along?”
“Neh, Natsume nii-chan I want to go Central town.”
“Natsume-sama change your cloths before going. 20 minutes later I’ll be back in your room with Youichi.”
“Youichi we’ll be going you’re room first.”
Mikan cradle him and teleport to his room.
“Youichi, I’ll be back in 10 minutes. Make sure you changed into your casual cloths. Kay?”
Youichi nodded in agreement.
Mikan reached her room and went to the toilet to wash her face, and then she took out a pink colored Spaghetti stripe top and a black mini-skirt from Play-Boy. She let loose her high pony-tail and teleport to Youichi’s room.
“Youichi are you done yet?” Mikan asked.
“Hai, Mikan nee-san.”
“Then let us go Natsume’s room.”
Mikan and Youichi are now in Natsume’s room.
“Natsume-sama, are you ready yet?”
“Hn.” When Natsume saw Mikan his thoughts were. She’s drop dead gorgeous.
Mikan took Natsume and Youichi’s tiny hand and…
They have arrived in Central town.
“Mikan-chan, we’re here!” shouted Misaki. Misaki, Tsubasa, Anna, Nonoko, Koko and Yuu were all there.
“Ah, they’re there.” Mikan held Youichi’s hand like a mother with her son and walk towards them followed by Natsume.
“Eh, why is Youichi-chibi here?” Misaki asked.
“I met him in Natsume’s room.” Mikan replied firmly.
“Well let’s start shopping.”
They first went to the dress shop to buy their dresses while the guys store was next door choosing their tuxedos.
Mikan picked out a spaghetti stripes maroon colored knee length dress with 2 roses patterns on top of her dress. Nonoko choose an off shouldered baby blue dress with frills on her sleeve. Anna chose a pink tube top with laced ribbon on the back of her dress. And last Misaki chose a half off shouldered darker pink dress with the length that reached her toes.
After all the boys and girls finished shopping, they went to the accessory shop to buy some accessory to match their dress. After every needed store they have went, they had dinner together.
They went to a shop call Café D’amour. The waiter shows them to their sits and Mikan saw Hotaru and Ruka just came in. “Imai-san and Ruka!” Mikan shouted.
“Ah. Konbanwa, minna-san.” Ruka greeted.
“Care to join us?” Mikan ask politely.
“Okay then.” The tech prodigy replied.
After they have eaten Youichi said. “Mikan nee-san, can I call you my mama?”
Everybody jaw dropped except for Mikan who is too shock to reply, Hotaru who was quite amazed, and Natsume who still remain emotionless.
Smart move Youichi.
“Hotaru nee-san, I think Natsume nii-san is in love with Mikan nee-san.” Youichi whispers to Hotaru.
“Yeah I know, and your point is?”
“I need your help to help me get them together. Is it okay with you?”
“I have the same thinking Youichi.”
End of flashback.
“Erm, I don’t mind being called as your mama. But who is going to be your papa?”
Natsume and everybody else were listening carefully.
“My daddy can be….”
End of chapter 10

Chapter 11
“Erm, I don’t mind being called as your mama. But who is going to be your papa?”
Natsume and everybody else were listening carefully.
“My daddy can be….”
“…Natsume nii-san.” Youichi pointing towards Natsume’s.
“WHAT?!” Shouted everybody unison except Hotaru, Mikan and Natsume.
Mikan smiled and said.
“Okay then. Natsume do you agree?”
“Yatta! I got a mama and papa!” Youichi said. He is really happy.
After a long day of shopping the group decided to go back to their dormitory. After Mikan bid good bye to them. Mikan, Natsume teleports back to their dormitory with Youichi.
“Youichi do you want me to bring you back to your dormitory now?” Mikan asked.
“Noppie mama, I’m sleeping with papa tonight.”
“Okay, tomorrow morning I’ll be coming by.”
“Oyasumi nasai Natsume and Youichi.”
“Oyasumi mama.”
Before Mikan leave she gave Youichi a peck on his forehead.
The next day.
Mikan woke up, took a hot bath, changed into her uniform and teleport to Natsume’s room.
“Ohayo Youichi, Natsume.”
“Ohayo mama!”
Youichi ran towards Mikan and gave her a hug, Mikan kissed his forehead.
“Did you sleep well?”
“En, papa sang me to sleep.”
Sang? Mikan raised her eye browns upon hearing this.
“Natsume, I never knew you sing.” Mikan giggle while she pats her ‘son’ head.
“I do, but only to Youichi.”
“Aww, that’s too bad. Well better get going to the cafeteria.”
And once again Mikan took Natsume’s and Youichi’s hand and POOF they are in front of the cafeteria.
Youichi was curious why it was so noisy in the cafeteria.
“Mama, why is it so noisy inside the cafeteria?” Youichi asked.
“You’ll see chibi-chan.”
The door swung open, revealing 3 important people.
“Ohayo gozaimasu Mikan-sama.”
“Ohayo gozaimasu minna-san.” Mikan is with her infamous sunny smile once more, leaving Youichi jaw-dropping.
On the other sides, fan girls and boys. 3 parties.
Mikan, Natsume and Youichi met up with the rest of the gangs and sat down. Youichi’s fan girls starting to surround him asking him question about Mikan.
Fan girls 1: “Youichi-sama why are you hanging out with a slut like this old hag?”
Fan girls 2: “Yeah, you should be hanging out with more beautiful ladies like us.”
Youichi was pissed, he activates his Alice, letting those girls chase by ghost. After a short while Mikan nullified them.
“Youichi, I know they are annoying but this is the cafeteria, but you don’t want to pay for spoiling the cafeteria don’t you?” Mikan nagged.
“Yes mama.”
The fan girls are shocked after hearing what Youichi said.
“MAMA?!” All the girls said unison.
After awhile, an 8 year old lady with raven shoulder length hair and pale crimson eyes came towards them.
“Ohayo gozaimasu, Youichi-sama, Nii-sama.” This lady greeted him.
“Hn.” Both Natsume and Youichi said together.
“I presume your Aoi Hyuuga. Youichi’s servant right?”
“Yes, Mikan-sama.”
“Don’t be so formal with me call me onee-chan is enough.” Mikan said politely.
“Aoi-chan do you want to get food with me for our masters?”
Aoi nodded in agreement, and left with Mikan to the food counter.
“Neh, Aoi-chan, what do you feel about Youichi?” Mikan asked
“He’s cold, annoying and a jerk. But sometimes he can be a very good friend and caring ones.”
Mikan sweat dropped. “So like a miniature of Natsume, don’t you agree?”
Aoi nodded. After both the ladies took their food for themselves and their master they went back to their table.
10 minutes later.
“It’s time for class. Let’s go give me your hands.” Mikan said.
Aoi, Youichi and Natsume gave her their hand and snap they are now in the corridor to their classroom.
“Bye-bye chibi-chan, Aoi-chan.”
“Bye-bye papa, mama.”
“See you later, Mikan onee-chan, and nii-sama.”
After Youichi and Aoi went in class, Mikan and Natsume also proceed in to their own classroom.
Their first class teacher, Jinno-sensei came in to the class and started to teach. Mikan was not paying attention to Jinno-sensei class.
“Ms.Sakura, please do come up and show your friends how you do this algebra without your Alice.”
Mikan stands up and walk towards Jinno-sensei and whispers to him.
“I’ll make you regret asking me doing all this question.”
Mikan finished her work perfectly without her Alice. Suddenly there is smoke coming out from Jinno-sensei’s pants.
“Ouch ouch!”
Everybody in the class from golden silence turns to a field with laughing hyenas. That makes Jinno-sensei even furious.
“Sorry sensei. Detention was never in my dictionary.” Mikan smirks.
Jinno-sensei stomps out of the class with rage covering his ass with his hand, preventing people to look at it. Suddenly Mikan turn from a smirk to a serious face.
“Persona I don’t presume eavesdropping was suppose to be in a teacher’s dictionary.”
End of chapter 11.

Chapter 12.
“Sorry sensei. Detention was never in my dictionary.” Mikan smirks.
Jinno-sensei stomps out of the class with rage. Suddenly Mikan turn from a smirk to a serious face.
“Persona I don’t presume eavesdropping was suppose to be in a teacher’s dictionary.”
A person came out from the door, revealing a guy wearing black leather coat and a lot of control devices around his neck ears and wrist, and not to mention a mask on his face.
“Well, well shiro-neko, wasn’t that too harsh against Jinno?” Persona said sarcastically
“What’s your business here?”
“Meet me ‘there’, there’s mission for you. And be more careful of what you’re doing.” Then he disappeared in to darkness.
“Tch, stupid teachers.” Mikan left the classroom and proceed to Youichi’s room.
The door swung open revealing a beautiful brunette with chocolate eyes. Aoi and Youichi are very happy to see her.
“Mama!” Youichi ran towards Mikan and hugged her, while Aoi walk slowly beside him.
“Konbanwa, Mikan onee-chan.” Aoi said with a bow.
“Konbanwa, chibi-chan, Aoi-chan.” Mikan replied with a gentle smile.
“Mama, can we go find papa?” Youichi ask with an innocent and cute face.
“Hai lets go.” Mikan took Aoi and Youichi’s hand and went back to her class to find a certain bad boy.
The door in high school division for B class swung open.
“Papa!” Youichi ran towards the black cat at the same time Natsume scooped him up and patted his head.
“Yo, Youichi. How’s your day in class?”
“Boring as usual, lucky mama come and picked me up early.”
“Konbanwa Nii-sama.” A certain raven lock girl said.
“Yo, Aoi.”
“Natsume-sama, I have a mission soon, please do take care of them.”
“Little girl, you can stop calling me “-Sama” already, it’s so weird.” Mikan smirked after hearing his proposal.
“Okay, You can stop calling me ‘little girl’ by then, Hyuuga.” After she finishes she turned and was about to leave.
“Deal…” Natsume haven’t finished his sentence, Mikan already left him.
“…Polka dots.”
Youichi smacked his forehead with his palm, and sighed.
This is not going to be easy.
In the northern forest
“Persona, what time, where, and what?” Mikan said.
“Shiro-neko, slow down. Today 10pm, meet me at the gate, I’ll need you to find this girl and bring her UNHARMED to the academy from the AAO warehouse 13. She has the Lightning Alice.”
Persona took out a picture of a girl of 8 years old, golden eyes with purple colored hair.
“What do you take me for Persona, a complete newbie?”
“No, I’m just expecting the best from you.”
“You better do.” After that she teleported to her room and took a small nap.
“Nat-chan, I’ll miss you, even though we just met yesterday, thanks for accompanying me, and remember your promise.” A little girl wiping her tears of her face.
“Don’t cry Mikan, it makes you even uglier, and to make it up to you, I’ll give you this.” The boy gave her a heart shape necklace.
“Arigatou Nat-chan, it’s so pretty.” She said with a smile that worth billions.
“Well got to go, sayonara, take care okay?”
“En, Nat-chan, remember to come find me when you come back.” Mikan said.
The alarm clock rang and suddenly it was on fire.
“Stupid alarm clock, it’s burned again, might as well get another one.” Mikan rubbed her eyes and looked at her watch.
“It’s only 5.30pm; I’ll go buy a clock before dinner.”
Mikan teleport herself to the central town, and she starts searching for a cheap and ‘fire-proof’ alarm clock, but sadly no one sells them. So she decided to take a break in the café she was working last time.
“Welcome to café D’amour.” A girl no older then Mikan greeted.
“Yo, Megumi.” Mikan greeted her back.
“Oh my god, MIKAN-SAMA!” Megumi ran and hug Mikan like there’s no tomorrow.
“Mikan-sama, what brings you here?”
“A drink, care to serve me?” Mikan asked.
“My pleasure to serve the best.” Megumi replied.
“So what would you have?”
“A cup of Mocha please, and that’s all.”
“Thanks for ordering.”
A couple of minutes later, Mikan’s mocha were served; she took a sip and was in deep thought.
I wonder where they sell fire-proof clock. I don’t think there’s anyone selling those, not to mention invented those…wait, invent? IMAI HOTARU, she invents stuff, since I’m rich, I can afford her inventions.
Mikan faster finished her mocha, left the money on the table and left, she teleported to Imai’s laboratory.
The door was opened by a robot.
“Konbanwa, may I know who are you, and what are you here for Hotaru-sama?”
“Mikan Sakura, here to request an invention for Imai Hotaru.”
“Please wait for awhile.”
After a few moment
“Please do come in.”
Mikan let herself in, and saw Hotaru fixing an invention as usual.
“Imai-sama, I would request a fire proof alarm clock please, I’m willing to pay 1000rabbit for it.”
“Alright, it’ll be in your room tomorrow and please pay now.” Hotaru said non-chanted.
“Wakarimasta.” Mikan said, she then leaves with 1 piece of 1000rabbit note.
9.45pm, mission time
Mikan went in to the limo and reached her destination, a big mansion with more then 60 guards. She sighed upon knowing this with her Truth Alice.
“This is going to be long.” She mumbled.
She took off by making herself invisible and then using the Flying Alice to make her flew on top of the mansion. She uses her Scan Alice to find the 10 year old girl.
“15feet to the north and 12feet to the left, located at the left room, with 2 Alice users.” She canceled her Scan Alice.
“Finally I could erase something.” Mikan smirked evilly.
End of chapter 12

Chapter 13
“15feet to the north and 12feet to the left, located at the left room, with 2 Alice users.” She canceled her Scan Alice.
“Finally I could erase something.” Mikan smirked evilly.
Meanwhile, Natsume’s room
Natsume was turning left and right couldn’t sleep because of a certain girl. Yep it was the brunette.
Tch, why is she on my mind now? Argh! Natsume groaned and still couldn’t get some sleep, so he decided to go online to kill time. He went to check his mails, and went to friendster, and then plays some games until he is sleepy, and guessed what! Luck was on his side. Natsume felt tired and soon he was already in his dream land.
“When I come back, I’m going to find you and take you as my wife.” I said.
A girl came to me and said…
“Nice to meet you…I’ve just transfer in today…my name is Sakura Mikan, and I have no friends here…so…can I play with you?”
“I’ll take it as a yes…arigatou Neh.” the girl said to me along with a very bright smile…
“I’m leaving tomorrow night, today is my last day here” I said coldly to that girl…
The girl seems sad...I really liked her, she was very pretty.
“Don’t worry, when I come back, I’m going to find you and take you as my bride.”
“En is a promise neh! I’ll be waiting.” She said…with her smile back again…
Then I left…I heard her screaming about something…I just don’t know what she said…
Back to Mikan
Mikan ran along the corridors and finally she reached a place with dark green door. She banged down the door and there goes the alarm.
Rriiiinnnngggg intruder alert intruder alert.
There were 2 guards there, one was Thunder Alice, and another one is Barrier Alice.
“Hah! They sent a little girl? Has the academy become weaker, I was expecting the black cat?” one of the guards mocked.
“Well, you’ve met his opposite boys.” Mikan smirked.
Mikan was dang god faster then Natsume, she threw an ice dagger and missed.
“Oh, missed, oh well.” Mikan summoned her fire Alice and launch towards the guard, the one of the guard make a barrier around him and the other one, thought that Mikan can’t pass through it. Mikan knew very well he was thinking about it, so she played along, acting like she can’t pass thru.
“Hah! Can’t move nearer? Of course, I’m having a barrier Alice after all.” He was proud about that but he was wrong.
“Oh, really? Well, I’m having the nullification.” Mikan smirked and went closer to them in there she uses here water and Lightning Alice, to shock both of them but not killing them.
“Wh-who…are…y-you?” the Thunder Alice asked.
“Shiro-neko, having nullification and stealing Alice.” Mikan smirked.
“Wh-What?! No! Please don’t steal my Alice!” he said, the other one was still unconscious.
“Who knows, maybe I might, after all the AAO killed my family.” Mikan said, her eyes now from honey brown turned into golden color.
After that, all you can hear was the screaming sound of that particular person. Mikan went into another room that was connected to the room she fought.
“Who is that?” a mysterious voice asked.
“I’m Mikan Sakura; I came to take you to a place call home, name Alice Academy, where freaks like us find friends and family.”
“You mean there are people that have powers like mine?” the girl asked.
“Yes, including me.” Mikan said with a polite tone.
“I’m Miyuki Tomoe.” Miyuki said.
“She’s right here, in the Lightning girl’s room!”
“Faster, captured her!”
“Shit, the message spread real fast. Come let’s go, have energy to use your Alice?” She asked Miyuki.
“Of course!” Miyuki said.
“Let’s wipe some asses, I’ll need to steal and erase all their Alice if possible.”
“All you have to do is hold on tight to me and keep on striking those lovely thunder at them, while I steal and erase their Alice, don’t worry about hurting yourself, because I have already set up a barrier for you and me.”
“Yes, Ma’am.” Miyuki said confidently.
Miyuki climb on top of Mikan and focused on the men in front.
Thung Thung Thung
The lightning is striking everywhere leaving unconscious guards lying on the floor for Mikan to steal then erase. After she had all the guard’s Alice in her pocket, she saw all the other guards were fleeing away and Miyuki was breathing heavily.
“Okay, you did well, Miyuki.” Mikan’s golden orb now turned back to honey brown orb, that made Miyuki gasped.
“Mikan onee-chan…your eyes…” Miyuki was too shocked to saying anything.
“Oh, that, whenever I’m in a serious fight urge to erase or kill people, they always appear out, so don’t mind.”
After hearing that made Miyuki gave out a relief sigh. Mikan took out her black flip phone and called Persona.
“Persona, I’m done.”
“Great job, I’m nearby to that big Sakura tree to your north.”
“Understood.” Mikan snapped closed her phone then let Miyuki down.
“So can you walk?”
“Yeah.” Miyuki smiled towards Mikan.
“Let’s go.”
They saw the limo, went in and went back to the Academy.
Back to Natsume, current time 4.45
Natsume woke up, surprise to saw what he had in his dream.
Mikan was the one I gave the heart necklace to? The thought keep wondering in Natsume’s mind, so he decided to change and take a VERY early walk.
He was near the gate, he suddenly saw a girl with honey brown hair and her dress was drenched in blood, accompanied by Persona, and another student with purple hair whose shirt was also drenched in bloody red came down from the limo.
Another mission? And who’s that girl?
Natsume walk towards them as if he didn’t notice them.
“Ohayo Natsume-sama.” Mikan said and bowed.
“Onee-chan, who is this?” Miyuki asked.
“Oh, this is my master in this school, although I’m far more powerful than him.”
Natsume had a veined popped on his head.
“Little girl, you’re picking a fight with me aren’t you?”
“Eh? No, not really, I just happened to be better than you.” Mikan said innocently.
“Don’t play with me girl.” A fireball was lit up on his palm.
“Nee-chan!” Miyuki said.
“Ah, don’t worry he can’t hurt me or you, if he does, he’ll know that his Alice will be gone soon.”
Shit, why me? Natsume closed his palm to make the fire disappear. Then he suddenly noticed on Mikan’s neck, there is a necklace of a heart shape.
That’s what I gave to the girl back then, so is true, Mikan really is the girl that I promised, wait! What if she coincidently bought the same necklace as I bought? Natsume thought.
“Oi, little girl tell me where you got that necklace.”
End of chapter 13

Chapter 14
That’s what I gave to the girl back then, so is true, Mikan really is the girl that I promised, wait! What if she coincidently bought the same necklace as I bought? Natsume thought.
“Oi, little girl tell me where you got that necklace.”
“Firstly, my name is SAKURA MIKAN; secondly, I happened to have no memories before age 9.”
“Then who is this girl?”
“Miyuki Tomoe. 8 years old Lightning Alice.” Miyuki said.
“Natsume Hyuuga, 15 years old; Sakura Mikan’s Master, Fire Alice, and from D.A class.”
Natsume said non-chanted, almost like rapping.
“Nice meeting you, Nii-chan.”
“Miyuki, you’re tired, let’s go to my room and take a nap, there will be a prom night later.” Mikan said politely.
“Honto ni?” Miyuki asked
“Yea, after we wake up, I’ll bring you to buy your dress, okay?”
“En.” Miyuki said.
“Bye-bye nii-chan, anyway nice meeting ya!” Miyuki said.
“Whatever.” Then Natsume walked off.
In Mikan’s room
“WOAHH, this is big, no is huge!” Miyuki exclaimed.
“Haha, well Miyuki, you could wear my old casual cloths later, now go get yourself cleaned up.” Mikan said.
“Hai!” then she went towards the bathroom and bathe while mikan took out her old clothes.
“Eh, all these clothes, how nostalgic, I missed those times with jii-chan!” Mikan said in a sad tone.
“Mikan onee-chan, daijoubu?” Miyuki just came out from the bathroom, wrapped in a towel.
“Yeah, now changed in to my clothes and go to bed.” Mikan commanded like a mother.
“Hai Hai.”
The after mikan came out from bathing, she found Miyuki sleeping soundly in her king size bed.
2 hours before the prom night
Hotaru’s room
“WOAH! Hotaru-sama is sexy!” Anna exclaimed.
“Yeah, yeah, Mikan-chan looks cool too.” Nonoko said.
“Arigatou, minna, but Anna, Nonoko, and Misaki, you three look gorgeous too.” Mikan said with a smile.
“I’m done changing, what is all the nee-chan talking about?” Miyuki asked while adjusting her dress.
“Eh! Miyuki-chii you look totally kawaii in Mikan’s dress.” Misaki exclaimed.
“Arigatou Misa-nee.” Miyuki said with a bright smile.
“Alright stop talking, Miyuki come here, I’m going to do your hair.” Mikan patted on a chair, hinting Miyuki to sit on it.
After 10mins
“Hai! Everybody is done their make up and hair right?” Anna asked.
“Yeah! Now all we have to do now is to wait for those little boys.” Nonoko said.
Mikan notice that Misaki was deeply in thought with a pissed face.
“Misaki, what’s bothering you?”
“Nothing much.” Misaki replied.
“You’re not good in lying” Mikan said.
“Fine! I’m just getting pissed that Tsubasa will surely flirt with other girls.” She replied.
“Oh please, when he sees you in this dress, he’ll never have a second thought about you.” Anna said.
“If he does, there’s a shooting service especially from Imai Hotaru.” Hotaru raise her baka gun along with her sly grin, making everyone sweat drop.
“If he really did, he won’t be able to see the next morning’s sunlight.” Mikan showed a gentle smile.
DEVIL!! Misaki, Anna and Nonoko thought.
Ding Dong
“It must be the boys.” Hotaru estimated.
“I’ll go get it.” Miyuki volunteered to go open the door.
“Wah, sugoi! Nee-san, all the handsome guys is here!” Miyuki said.
The boys were drooling to see so many sexy babes in front of them.
Koko spiked his hair, to make him looks cooler.
Yuu did nothing to his hair, but he wore his tux neatly.
Ruka’s tie left dangling there to make him look cooler.
Tsubasa and Natsume did not where their tie and they left the top button unbutton. (A/n: Guess what? It’s too hot for me to handle.)
Anna, cling on to Koko’s hand, Yuu took Nonoko’s hand, Tsubasa had his hand over Misaki’s waist, and Ruka did the same too. Natsume was real stunned by Mikan’s beauty, and did not make a move.
“Miyuki, let’s go.” Mikan said.
“What about Natsume nii-san?” Miyuki asked curiously.
“Well, it seems like his still out to space.” Mikan mocked.
Natsume heard that immediately catch up with Mikan.
“Oh, he’s back to earth already.” Mikan insulted.
“Whatever.” Natsume then puts his hand over to Mikan’s waist, making her squeak.
“Are you trying to make a death wish?” Mikan said in a cold tone, after she finishes she saw Natsume smirked as he came closer to her face.
“We even kissed before, now you’re only complaining, I’m afraid that’s a little too late little girl.” Natsume whispers in Mikan’s ear.
End of chapter 14

Chapter 15
“We even kissed before, now you’re only complaining, I’m afraid that’s a little too late little girl.” Natsume whispers in Mikan’s ear.
“ARGH! Hyuuga today is prom night, and I do not want you to ruin my day off.” Mikan send him a death glared followed by a red face.
“Whatever, let’s go.” Then Natsume grabbed Mikan’s hand and walked away.
The ballroom
“Wahh! It’s beautiful!” Anna and Nonoko said in unison.
“Yeah.” Misaki said.
Mikan and Hotaru just stayed quiet and admire it.
Then the crowd started to grow more and closer to them. Mostly are fan boys and fan girls.
Fan Girl 1: KYAA!! Natsume-sama!!
Fan Girl 2: RUKA-SAMA!! MARRY ME!!
Natsume and was very annoyed and jealous, and the temperature is rising high because of Natsume’s Alice. Ruka had a few bats around him, while Tsubasa just smile at his fans causing Misaki to summon her doppelganger to whack him. The crowd still did not quiet down so Mikan was real pissed.
“SHUT UP ALL OF YOU, IF YOU HATE YOUR ALICE, DO FEEL FREE TO LET ME, SAKURA MIKAN TO ERASE IT!!” Mikan unleashed 10-20 ice daggers from her hand and threw it around.
“I can’t even have a pleasant day, if you fan boys and fan girls come nearer to my gang more then 3 feet, do be careful, you might not know I might do to you.” Mikan sending them death glared that make them back 5 feet away.
“Finally.” Mikan said with a sigh.
“Mikan are you okay?” Anna asked.
“Yeah, it’s just 20 ice daggers.” Mikan said.
Everyone sweat dropped; suddenly a boy of 8 years old came and hugged Mikan.
“Hey chibi.” Mikan greeted.
“Hi mama!” Youichi greeted back.
“Youichi, where’s Aoi?” Mikan asked.
“She’s there with Papa.” Youichi pointed towards Natsume and Aoi.
Mikan scooped up Youichi in her hands and went to Natsume.
“Yo Youichi.” Natsume greeted.
“Hey Papa!”
“Konbanwa nee-chan.” Aoi greeted.
“Hey there.” Mikan smiled.
“Hey guys, I found a table let’s go over there.” Koko said to them.
They went up to the big table, in consist of 12 chairs, that makes Miyuki chair-less, so Mikan took a chair with her levitation Alice for her.
“Hey Youichi, Aoi, meet Miyuki, 8 years old, with Lightning Alice.” Mikan introduce to them.
“Hi! I’m Miyuki Tomoe, was saved by Mikan from the bad guys today dawn.” Miyuki smiled.
“Hi I’m Aoi Hyuuga, and he’s my master, Hijiri Youichi, we’ll be your classmates from tomorrow onwards.” Aoi introduced.
“Nice meeting you, my first classmates, the show’s starting.” Miyuki, Aoi and Youichi immediately became best friends.
It was half way thru the night
Mikan was feeling bored and decided to go out for a fresh walk. Natsume noticed she had already left a few moments ago, so he went to find her.
Natsume went out of the school hall to look for Mikan, and lucky him, she was sitting while leaning on the Sakura tree, staring in to space.
“What are you doing here?” Mikan asked.
“Too bored inside.” Natsume replied calmly.
There was an eerie silence between, and Mikan decided to break the silent.
“Want to know a little bit of my past?”
“This is just a little part which I just remember thru my dreams.” Mikan took out her heart-shaped necklace and stare at it.
“This necklace here, was given by a boy, whose name I forgotten to asked.”
That’s necklace that I gave her. Natsume thought.
“When I first met him, he already said he liked me, but because he was transferring away, he gave me this necklace, so that he could find me back with this necklace, however, it’s been 11 years, and he didn’t come, he promised to take me as bride as soon as we found each other back.”
She remembers her past, our past.
“Why are you telling me this?” Natsume asked.
“Because my heart tells me that I can trust you even you’re a jerk.” Mikan insulted.
“Falling for me now are we, little girl?” Natsume smirked.
“Oh please don’t flatter yourself, Hyuuga; you might not get a wife.” Mikan shot him back.
The silence is back! And once again Mikan broke it again.
“Well, it’s been 11 years since then, I guess he would have forgotten me by the time we met.” Mikan said in a sad tone.
Natsume suddenly went and hugged her, unknown to them, there’s a camera behind an unknown bush.
“Money come to mama!” an unknown person mumbled.
“Well, like you said, if I can’t get a wife, and that guy did not come finding you, might as well I take you as my bride.” Natsume said jokingly.
Mikan pushed herself away from Natsume’s embrace, and look in to the lake that is reflecting the moon’s reflection.
“Fate might be cruel, and who knows, maybe either I or you will end up dying before getting married.” Mikan was gazing in to the dazzling lake.
“Hey, I’m planning to see grandchildren before I die.” Natsume said.
“Woah, the Natsume Hyuuga planned?” Mikan mocked.
“Its call a goal, little girl, and I thought you’re IQ is high.” Natsume smirk.
“Hey, you have no idea what I’m capable of.” Mikan said.
“Then let’s see if you’re able to handle this.” Natsume went nearer to her ears and whisper something that made Mikan had the shock of her life.
Back in the school hall, time for last dance, and is the last person
“Now the last lucky person is.” The male emcee announced.
“The last lucky student is, the cute Hijiri Youichi.” The female emcee announced.
The spotlight is on Youichi as he walked up to the stage.
“Now who is the lucky lady?” The male emcee asked.
“KYAA!! Youichi-kun please pick me!” A random girl shouted, making both the emcee sweatdropped.
“Can I confess too?” Youichi asked.
“Serious?” The male emcee was shocked when Youichi nodded.
“Aoi Hyuuga…” The spotlight was on Aoi; she was practically shocked.
“Oi, baka, be my girlfriend?” Youichi asked with a calm stoic face.
End of chapter 15
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