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4th Role Play character
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23 / F / In the forest
Posted 7/5/08 , edited 7/5/08
Make it here........

Character name:
Character Description:
Family Description:

Description cannot be short...........

My Character!!!!!!

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22 / F
Posted 7/5/08 , edited 7/9/08
Yo too many charectors
but heres mine anyways

Character name:tatsuki *kat* tamigawa
Role:Mitsukis assistant
Character Description:She is a strong martial artist/vampire.She was raised by her god parents because her real parents died when she was five.She was turned into a vampire by a the pureblood vampire that killed her parents.She has a split personality which an't very good on other peoples end because when she goes into the bad side of her personality things are seriously,very bad until her familar miko tells her everything is alright.She is kind most of the time but when things are dangorus or people are being mean too her she turns into her bad side which she calls shi(means death).
Family Description:Her mother and father were killed by a vampire well they were out in the woods training with her.Her mother was a warrior and her father was a martial arts master.She has a twin brother named tatsu *raio* tamigawa who became a warrior like her mother.He was with them but got away before the vampie could get him.Her got his god parents and came back and saved her.
Her and her twin brother are never apart.
Me and my twin brother
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22 / F
Posted 7/6/08 , edited 7/6/08
Username: dominicanena1
Character name: Kimiko
Role: assasin/ninja
Description of Character: She is a rebelious girl, who often is seen walking the streets of the city, it is unusual for her to be in her house. She is a great singer, and as well plays the guitar. She loves going to concerts and shows, and dispite the fact that she dress, acts, and looks like a rebel, and she loves rock music, she also likes classical music although she denies it. She is has a short temper and is extremely protective of her friends. She also has a familair named Tomo, she is Kimiko's pet black cat. She uses two weapons, they are: "Bloody Roses", her duel machine gun pistols, "Death's Sceptor", her scythe, and "Cat's Claws", metal claws that appears on her hands at her will. Each weapon has it's own tenchique, for example: with "Bloody Roses" she uses a technique called "man at gun points"; with this technique she can multiply her bullets as she shoots them at her opponent, with "Cat's Claw" she uses a technique called "Cat's Anger"; with this technique, she calls out Tomo in her demon form and they then both show they're claws and slash they're opponent, there are many more techniques she uses. "Death's Sceptor" has special Techniques, she only uses it as a weapon. Kimiko is later revealed to be the an assasin from hell to hunt down wondering souls and demon that have escaped.(p.s. this means she is a demon as well)
Family Description: She live with her father, who often goes out and is found lying drunk on the couch or on the floor whenever Kimiko get's home. Her mother died when Kimiko was 5, leaving Kimiko to tend to the house. Also, since her dad is often drinking and doesn't work, she works at the nearby cafe. She has an older brother named Kazuku, who's whereabouts are unknown.She is now looking for her brother. Also, Tomo almost never leave Kimiko's side.
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24 / M / New York
Posted 7/7/08 , edited 7/7/08
ok im going to use the same thing that i put in 3rd char cause this is way to much

Username: gokuvsnaruto
Character name: Neji
Role: still dont have one
Description of Character: i was a simple boy and did what a simple 13 year old bot did until one day two of my teacher kidnapped me(they were new) and they explained that they were brothers and my gardian angels later i found out that i was next in line to become the mafia leader 4 the magical world(the magic maria). i thought it was impossiable but they explained that they were gonna train me into a powerful maria leader. they told me i had power unimaginable. i had to master how to wielder every type of weopen i have to master the all the elements i had a pet dragon that i could fuse with i had retractable wings. MOST important i had to recruite members into the mafia family *SHOCKED*

(im the one on the right)

Family Description: I have no family but startin a mafia family if u want to join but now i live with my to

1st gaurdian: blaze
attitude: goofy and fun
Human name to live in human world: kabuto
place in mafia family: left hand man
dragons name:sparky
pic of blaze:

second gaurdian: shadow
age: 24
element: darkness
attitude: serious but loveable at times
place in mafia family: right hand man
dragons name: Jr.
pic of shadow:

p.s. im looking 4 people to becom part of my mafia gang so if u bored
p.s.s this isnt an advertisment 4 another group i mean mafia in the rpg
Posted 7/7/08 , edited 7/7/08
User name:Wolf_Demon_
Character name:Rain
Role:i don't know
Description of Character:Rain is a 14 year old boy who lives in a feild with his father and step mother butwhen Rain woke up in the middle of the knight he saw his house on fire.When he saw his parents his father and mother were on the floor dead from being burned alive.They were holding a chest in there arms.Rain then opened the chest and there were two orbs,two gloves and a giant egg.When he picked up the orbs he was shocked that they started to talk.but before he could say anything a beam from the ceiling fell.He held on to the orbs grabbed the eggs and jumped out the window into the field.He had fell to the ground and hit his head knocking himself out.When he woke up in the morning he noticed the house burned down.Then all of a sudden,the giant egg Rain had started to hatch.Out of the giant egg came a dragon,it looked strange,it was brown,blue,and red.But that's when he found the letter in the chest.It said that he had unimaginable power and with the orbs that his power will increase greatly,and that they will also be his trainers,also that the dragon is to be his pet,and companion.Then at that moment the orbs talked, they said their name were Inro(red one)and Jugo(blue one),they fit perfectly into the gloves Rain had on and gave him even more power.They also let him use elemental power,but their specialty was water and fire.Rain named the dragon Sky,and in not long time he joined a mafia family.
This is Rain
Family Description:His father and step mother is dead,but he does not know his step father and mother or his step brother
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26 / M / dreamland
Posted 7/9/08 , edited 7/10/08
Username: KirbyHappy
Character name: Sora
Role:New member at the company and Mitsuki's subordinate (spy )
Age: 16
Description of Character:Mysterious boy vampire who is a new member at the company. He has always a smile on his face and looks like an ordinary boy. Not that they know that he is sent by the professor that put a curse on Mitsuki. He has brown hair and light blue eyes (like the sky) that is how he got his name by the professor which raised him and taught him many things like magic and swordsmanship. With his two dagger he sets out on a mission for the professor to observe Mitsuki and see how the experimentation went. Little that he knows that he may be an experiment himself... More details to come in the story...

Family Description:Nobody knows he never mentions anything but all that Sora knows is that the professor found him one day when he was a baby.
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M / Who honestly care...
Posted 7/10/08 , edited 7/10/08
sorry for the delay!

Username: topjenkinz
Character name: Lino
Age: N/A
Role: Guardian of the group (good guys ^.^)
Character Description: Raised on a far, Lino was always admiring the military groups passing by. He's always dreamed of becoming one of the best fighters of the world. He is presently in the special forces, mainly to protect his group. He is a master of weaponry and has been trained in magic and can use his weapons to direct magic. when in combat, he uses speed and agilty as well as brute force. He is also part of an experiment and has what is called a Spark where his eyes glow and his abilities become superior.
Family Description: Lino originally had a sister, a brother, a father, and a mother. His father joined the military and became a major. Lino's brother also joined to fight along side his father, only to be killed by a preemptive attack from the enemies. His father grieved and put that into his fighting, once destroying half a fleet. During that battle, he was shot by a rocket. Lino enlisted in the army around 13 and has served for only a few years but has quickly become a major like his father. He aims to become the best fighter ever and to protect those who are close to him, becoming a guardian.
Posted 7/25/08 , edited 7/25/08
username: wrath89
name: Wrath
role: an assassin for hire who will take any job i take interest in. i am fearless and sometimes insane taking on entire armies alone if necessary... then only reason i have survived this long is because of my flexibility and skill in battle.
description of character: age, where i was born, family, everything is a complete mystery about me. i work alone in the shadows and have many enemies. i am the bringer of chaos and seek out my battlefield wherever it may be.
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24 / M / Cookie Land~!
Posted 7/26/08 , edited 7/26/08
character name: ryo
Role:mitsuki's older brother
Character Description: he is nice and caring to everyone. he has 1 familiar called daichi wich would go on his neak if he wished for daichi to change he would turn into his rod. he can do magic and is an awesome cook . if mitsuki is in trouble then ryo will protect her with all his might.he listens to the wind to comfort himself.
Family Description: ryo always had work to do at the headquarters so he and mitsuki never had the chance to meet. but when he heard about there parents death he lived with mitsuki even though he had work. when ryo was 10 his familair came to him. when ryo was young he has been training with his magic until he mastered magic at 15. when ryo lived with mitsuki he was the one to do the cooking and cleaning but it never bothered him.

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M / Singapore
Posted 7/9/08 , edited 7/9/08
Character name:Lucifer
Age:18 (character looks around 20+. has lived for a very very long time)
Role:Fallen Arch Angel and Protecter of Commander Chief Mitsuki Aikawa
Character Description:
Lucifer, as the name suggests, was the Fallen Arch Angel from Heaven. He is able to manipulate both Light and Dark magics (as will be described in the Family section.), and has two familiars, Shadow and With. Shadow's takes on the form of a midnight black panther while With shows up in the form of a snow white wolf. Both familiars are able to boost Lucifer's capabilities but Lucifer treats them more like companions. Lucifer has a pair of wings, the left one's black, the right white. Lucifer was saved by Commander Chief Mitsuki Aikawa after being flung down to Earth and has since been protecting and shadowing her wherever she goes. He is also a good listener and confider and tries to provide comic relief in many situations. (such as an undercover Janitor)

Family Description:
Lucifer was one of seven sons (archangels) created by God. He was the one that was made most in his image. Despite common belief, God is not all powerful in this Dimension ad was soon afraid when he realised that there were humans on earth more powerful then he was. Soon he created massive armies of monsters to defeat the humans and sent down his Arch Angels to direct these armies. During one of the more peaceful times, Lucifer chanced upon a human girl struggling to practise a sword in order to save the lives of her family. Amused at her struggle to survive, Lucifer trained her and slowly fell in love with her. However God found out about it and killed the girl. He casted a dark curse upon lucifer, etching crimson runes into the left side of his body. The curse turned Lucifer's left wing Black but it also gave Lucifer the ability to use dark magic. God then exiled Lucifer from heaven and left him bleeding profusely from the curse marks on his body. That was when Commander Mitsuki Aikawa chanced upon him and saved him. The curse, as Lucifer soon found out, only affects him when the moon turns full. It would deplete half his Light magic, cause him constant pain while the runes on his body glow bright crimson red and pulse.

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23 / F / My DREAM LIVE sta...
Posted 8/23/08 , edited 8/23/08
Username: Tsukishima_Amu
Character name: Utau
Role: A famous singer/clebrity/model ,who is actually a very strong pureblood vampire
Description of Character: Utau is a famous celebrity,model and a singer. She is actually a VERY STRONG PUREBLOOD VAMPIRE but doesnt depend on her powers to become the top singer ...She loves music ,dance and singing... She will even wear disguises and sings in streets when she is bored...She is a half vampire,half goddess before..But she risks and fuses her two sides together, and nearly lost her life...But eventually succeed in fusing and become a very strong pureblood vampire instead....She have both goddess and vampire powers. Although she is a vampire, she is a very cool, kind, cheerful and caring actually...She will help take out the bad guys whenever she saw them. Her powers consist of all elements but her most powerful power is a power which was long-lost in the past, Music and Dance, she could use Music and Dance to do anything she wants. For example, she could sing and make someone who listens to it dies etc...She also have a guardian who is called Dia. Dia can shape-shift into any strong or weak weapons or living things. Dia increases Utau's strength,health and power into the maximum when Utau wants to.
Family Description: She is an orphan and could only remember things when she was 5,she remember that she have a childhood friend named Mitsuki and wants to find her, so she decides to settle down in a city/town/village to find new friends or a new family...


Dia , Utau's best partner/best friend
Posted 9/22/08 , edited 9/23/08
Character name:kagome
Role:a student from school working on acheveing my goul
Character Description:well my character is just a teenager in high school still maybe in tenth grade so anyways she is a hard working student who and loves animals to death...she has a part time job at a pet shop and owns a white puppy named sparky...she is kind and is very shy also shes not to girly shes like a tomboy and gets along with alot of role playing she is single and doesnt really mind having a bf or not...she also likes to play sports but has not decieded if she will join any clubs or sports yet...well thats all i can think of at the moment...
Family Description:she is alone becuz her mother and father went away but they pay her rent for her so she is most of the time alone or sometimes with friends and she visits some of her family or runs into them around town....

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20 / F / rainbow :)
Posted 10/4/08 , edited 10/5/08
Character name:Jasmin-chan

Role:a princess and a student
Character Description:she is like a princess who and loves animals so much,her attitude is like a princess too...she has two white puppy named naa-san and pitchi ...she is kind and is very shy she also gets along with alot of people.....she also like studying and hanging with her friends

Family Description:Her family is rich so they have a big house.She hates her brother when skipping school even her brother is very smart he needs to study,Her parents go on abroad so all that's left is her brother and her 2 twins of sisters.
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F / Over here
Posted 10/5/08 , edited 10/6/08

Character name: Ichigo Oujo


Role:A student with a huge secret(Secret is she is a Vampire)

Character Description:She is funny fun cool and you know stuff like that but one day she is walking home from cram school and she see's a cool loing necklace and picks it up. But when st picks it up a holagrahm(sp?) appears and there a old woman and she says a crant then Dokuro feels a joilt and suddenly she's a whole new person

Family Description: She has no family. She lives with this women who felt sorry for her and let her stay at her house tell collage. Dokuro and Miyu tha woman are like sisters but when and if Miyu find ou about Ketsuki-Sama(Dokuro's vampire form) Will she still fell the same.

Miyu Koshiba:


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Posted 10/9/08 , edited 10/10/08

charachters:larain and gadge


heritage:death faries/vampires

past:they have parents their names are lillian and derix.

lillian:she is a vampire from a high ranking social class that is later abandend because, a jipsie named esmerelda profisized her to doom the clan by loving out of breed.

derix:is a death farie, his duty(yes i did just say duty)is pretty much to pick up the slack of the angel of death.there are many death faries all very beautiful but most very cruel.derixfell in llillian at the age of 16 and concieved a set of twins larain and gadge

Gadge:she is a very smart outspoken kind of person who always has an opinion and loves to read draw and talk ....alot

Larain:she is a very quiet shy person who dosent like to fight or displease anyone.she loves sitting in trees and practicing hanging upside down but is reallyinto music.
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