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[translation] Akanishi Jin in FLIX August 2008

This is only the Jin parts, no generic movie parts:

Akanishi Jin: First Challenge in the World of Voice Acting

Akanishi tried his hand at voice acting for the first time in the Japanese dub of the Wachowski brothers film "Speed Racer," as the title character. He looks back on the distinct challenges posed by acting only with his voice.

"It really is the world of Dylan and Catherine..."
[Dylan and Catherine are characters in Japanese comedy skit ... I think they've been on cartoon KAT-TUN, but basically they are very very exaggerated characters who are supposed to be American. These people:]

Without trying to make anyone laugh, Akanishi described his heartfelt response to his first try in the voice acting world for the Hollywood movie "Speed Racer." Drawing a comparison with the overblown comedy skit, he looks back on the hard work of adding voice to the movie after it was completed.

"If you don't [over-act], it doesn't come together. It requires more expression than the regular acting you do in dramas. You can't just imagine how you'd do the scene normally, either. The acting itself was more difficult than matching with the images because you can't act with your face."
The Akanishi Jin right in front of me now changes his expression slightly each time he talks in a way reminiscent of delicate acting. Indeed, it's difficult to imagine him making exaggerated motions alone in a sound booth.

"I hear that there are really people who add their voices in while moving around. I just stood normally, though (laugh). There's a scene where Speed hits his head during the race and groans -- that was a little embarrassing to do. It's too weird to suddenly make that noise while you're just standing... I hesitated with turns of phrase that I don't normally use, too. Like '~, you know' or something. In every day life, I never say 'I'm ~ you know.'"
[He raises examples of phrases that he doesn't habitually use. If you speak Japanese, the original text was ~なんだよ and ~なのさ]

The one who groans in the midst of the race is the genius driver Speed Racer, who is animated by his voice. Speed, who is filled with a strong sense of justice, confronts the racing world head on regardless of its injustices and corruption.

"I watched the movie once before we started. My first thought was, 'The CG is amazing!' I was surprised at how well-made the graphics were, and I thought that it had a good tempo, so it was easy to watch."

Without looking at it from the perspective of playing Speed himself, it means, "I saw it from the viewpoint of a regular moviegoer." Then, asking him about how he saw the character of Speed from the eyes of a third party, he replied easily, "He is the very ideal of a cool hero."

"In my eyes, he is very cool. I like his spirit of standing up against things that he thinks are wrong. I am also the type of person who will make my opinion known when I think that something is mistaken. I'm not always right, but if I can't accept something I need to get it off my chest."

Further, regarding Speed's unwavering love for the family that supports him, "Family is very important to me as well, so that part echoed most in my own heart." On top of that, he made a fun comment about the mysterious disguised Racer X who interacts with Speed, but in order not to spoil the plot, we'll add it in without the offending parts.

"If I were him, I would take my mask off right away (laugh)."

A big fan of American movies, an actor he loves and respects -- "I watched Training Day and was completely overwhelmed. If I were to dub one of his movies? That would be an incredible honor for someone like me...." -- Denzel Washington. Of course, he also follows the Matrix series.

"I go to the movie theaters, too. If I were to list five movies I like.... hmmm. American Gangster, Training Day, Butterfly Effect, 8 Mile."

After mentioning two substantial titles immediately, "I'm drawn to stories that seem like they might really happen in America," his last choice was on the more light-hearted side. "Bad Boys. I like Martin Lawrence."

Incidentally, upon clarifying that he was referring to the first Butterfly Effect, he responded honestly, "The second one was kind of weird, wasn't it?" He is a genuine movie buff.

With a robust appetite for the challenge, he tackles the opportunities presented to him earnestly and head-on. Although it's not as simple as Speed's philosophy that life = racing, this seems to be Akanishi Jin's style.

"I'm not someone who devotes my life to work. ....I'm sorry (laugh). Of course, I like it, and I enjoy it. The experience of being a voice actor is not simply another step in improving myself; I feel honored to have participated in this creation."

I had just asked him, "Is there something you have been absorbed in recently?" It's a question that would have been easy to lightly turn aside or answer shallowly. His frankness in confessing his ambivalent feelings must be part of his personality. For that reason, his immediate answer to my next question is that much more significant. Are you interested in being in a Hollywood movie?

"I am definitely interested. I would love to be in one. It doesn't even matter what movie. Yeah, I'd love to do that."

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thanks for this..really want to watch dubbed speed racer coz of jin's voice..^^
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diera5034 wrote:

thanks for this..really want to watch dubbed speed racer coz of jin's voice..^^

watashi mo ><
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diera5034 wrote:

thanks for this..really want to watch dubbed speed racer coz of jin's voice..^^

totally agreeing <33
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