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Chibi Classes

Chibi Anime
*Teacher : taru1
*Students: shinki7, friend02, lulubug1010, hihi72, fire_lava, rainprincess_cute, herlie, SOSO14, yukiritsuka, mayuayumi, mikikiyora, luckystars07, Frost_Dolphin, fabulous_ghurl, huiching1999, naompje, Anitia97, aisheteru_hiei18, babyoak, nodlex, kintsuchl, LollipopWay, kissymai, babycresent, azncutie4ever, animeprincess94, MewCuxie12, rainprincess_cute, DreamSinger97, kanime224, animaelovvahjene, ladywolve, trixiekate

Chibi Art
*Teacher : friend02
*Students: shinki7, whatevrgal, fire_lava, nodlex, herlie, SOSO14, cathrine114, luckystars07, Frost_Dolphin, naompje, Anitia97, Akinna, aisheteru_hiei18, Dancestar10, gurenwei01, loveroflovefilms, hihi72, Siswoac, kintsuchl, kissymai, oninichan, azncutie4ver, MewCuxie12, DreamSinger97, Genie225, kanime224

Chibi Avatar
*Teacher : shinki7
*Students: friend02, taru1, fire_lava, nodlex, rainprincess_cute, jenitoreja, yukiritsuka, moon_05, fabulous_ghurl, taniata, Anitia97, angelji, aisheteru_hiei18, babyoak, Dancestar10, butterballz, hihi72, kissymai, kintsuchl, gurenwei01, joyostwa, snow_crystal, sophie22, oninichan, azncutie4ver, animeprincess94, whatevrgal, DreamSinger97, FallenAngel265, kanime224, s9735287i, trixiekate

Chibi Cafeteria
*Teacher : gurenwei01
*Students: friend02, whatevrgal, shinki7, fire_lava, nodlex, herlie, cathrine114, Akinna, glamorgabby, icypudding, babyoak, d0tammy, hihi72, oninichan, babycresent, azncutie4ver, animeprincess94, MewCuxie12, FallenAngel265, kanime224, s9735287i, ladywolve, trixiekate, plantkeeper

Chibi Fashion
*Teacher : friend02
*Students: Mystical_guardian, hihi72, whatevrgal, shinki7, fire_lava, friend02, nodlex, rainprincess_cute, herlie, mayuayumi, mikikiroya, cathrine114, H0m3gRlz4Lyf3, fabulous_ghurl, huiching1999, naompje, Anitia97, Akinna, aisheteru_hiei18, plantkeeper, babyoak, jayree, rainprincess_cute, joyostwa, sophie22, findtrouble69, azncutie4ver, animeprincess94, ladywolve

Chibi Music
*Teacher : amu_kinomoto
*Students: Mystical_guardian, hihi72, taru1, shinki7, friend02, fire_lava, yukiritsuka, mayuayumi, mikikiyora, cathrine114, fabulous_ghurl, LollipopWay, Strwberry, aisheteru_hiei18, plantkeeper, jayree, xiaogracie, nodlex, lzj96, azncutie4ver, animeprincess94,DreamSinger97, FallenAngel265, Genie225, kanime224, animaelovvahjene, ladywolve, plantkeeper

Chibi Pets
*Teacher : Strwberry
*Students: shinki7, friend02, Dancestar10, fire_lava, xiaogracie, Siswoac, snow_crystal, findtrouble69, azncutie4ver, kanime224, plantkeeper

Chibi Poetry / Writing
*Teacher : lulubug1010
*Students: shinki7, friend02, fire_lava, Akinna, Siswoac, kintsuchl, azncutie4ver, DreamSinger97

Chibi Sports
*Teacher : friend02
*Students: shinki7, friend02, fire_lava, yukiritsuka, mayuayumi, luckystars07, naompje, jayree, lzj96, azncutie4ver, kanime224, plantkeeper

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If your username is not still listed here. Please quote this forum reply. And really sorry about it. We MODs have been very busy nowadays, especially in school, so please mind to understand us. But we're trying and doing our best to keep these Classes and at the same time the group in an orderly manner. Thank you everyone!

Take Note:

-Please don't submit a reply inquiring that your username is still haven't showing up here if you, yourself, still don't apply for a chosen class(es) and still haven't gotten approved by any of the MODs.

Common Question:
-Q: How will I know if I got already approved as a Chibi Class(es) Student?
-A: How? You can only know it if your posted reply is quoted with a graphic/image saying like this: "Thank you for joining (one or optional) the Chibi Class(es). Hope you would have fun!". And that should quoted ONLY by the MODs! If it's quoted by regular members, please report it to us immediately and please give us a notice.

Format of your submitted reply:
-Chosen Class(es):

Arigato everyone! Hope all of you still love this group!

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