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Johnny's about Tackey

Yokoyama Yû

Tackey and I are Ôsaka friends. *laughs* When he comes to Ôsaka, he calls me. Last year he invited me to yakiniku on my 23rd birthday. He's a really cool person.
He has this aura, I can't talk like I usually do. Everytime I meet him, I get nervous. By the way, I have a request! Please look at my eyes more.

Matsumoto Jun
We used to have fun together a lot, but lately we haven't met at all. We went to a CD shop quite some time ago and had fun, but that was it. Mostly we meet at work. Ever since he's started doing the Taiga dorama, he's become this distant person... yeah right, that's a lie. *laughs* I want to go and have food together again, it's been so long. Takizawa-kun, if work has quieted down, please give me a call.

Aiba Masaki
You always say "Let's go eat together", but you can't really go, ne. Takki and I also went drinking together. Speaking of that, when I threw up after drinking sake for the first time, we also were together. *laughs* He's like a big brother, when we go and have yakiniku together, he always pays for me. Oh yeah! Recently when I ate mud turtle for the first time in my life, it was very tasty. Next time, I'll bring Takki with me, for sure. *laughs*

Kamenashi Kazuya
From my perspective, Takizawa-kun is like a big brother. I don't lie to him or cheat at all. He's funny and warm... I admire someone with such abilities and character. I have talked about a lot of things with Takizawa-kun. What kind of things... I can't tell that here. *laughs* Sometimes he just calls me and asks "What are you doing right now?" When I say, "I was sleeping.", he says "Oh..." with a sad-sounding voice. I think that Takizawa-kun in reality is someone who gets lonely quickly.

Akanishi Jin
He has a good relationship to the senpai and kôhai. And he is a good listener if you need someone's advice. But he often gets angry at me because of my attitude towards work. I'm happy because he's always serious when he answers me. He's someone who really cares a lot for other people. Well, that hasn't changed from before. *laughs* A message for Takizawa-kun? There is one, there is! Just tell him this one word, "Please!" He should understand if you say that. *laughs*

Murakami Shingo
To say it with one word, he's chivalrous. I think his attitude is great. We often eat together. We go eat Italian or okonomiyaki together with two common friends. [AN: I'm not very confident I got the meaning of the previous sentence right, sorry! ^^;; ] Speaking of that, around three years ago, the both of us went to Disneyland and had lunch there. Well, we're busy with work so we don't have much time, but I learned about the place of his usual game, so next time, I want to do it together.

Nishikido Ryô
Takizawa-kun probably doesn't remember, but he once gave me a book that contained only photos of pro-wrestling masks. But I've already done away with it... And then, when will he take me out to eat together? When Jin and I were together he called him and talked to him, but though he said "Come along too next time when we go eat", he still hasn't taken me out. *laughs* But I would never say that to him if he really stood in front of me.

Nagano Hiroshi
Once we did something like a year-end-party where a lot of the Jimusho's stars gathered. When I was in the middle of preparations there, Takizawa said "Please stop. I will do it, so please sit down." At that time I thought 'what a honest and well-mannered guy'. He used to have a fair-skinned, cute face, but now he still has a pretty face and is good-looking. Like before, he still has this obedient and shy part that hasn't changed. Since it's interesting to act together with other groups, it's great if I can work together with Takizawa. Lastly, do your best for your solo concert!

Ikuta Tôma
I owe a lot to him. With various meanings. *laughs* When I go out to eat with him, we always have sushi with meat or fish. He always takes me along to really good restaurants. On Takizawa-kun's 20th birthday, a lot of us Juniors gathered and everyone said "Words of giving" [AN: I think he means that they gave him a present and a little speech, thanking him.] One of the little ones among the Juniors said that he was afraid of him. At that everyone burst out laughing. *laughs*
Once me and Jin went to Takizawa-kun's home to have some fun and even while he said "I have to get up early tomorrow morning, go home!", he let us spend the night, as if it couldn't be helped. We only cause him trouble. *laughs*

Yamashita Tomohisa
For me he is like a parent. When we cooked hotpot and I saw Takizawa-kun chop the vegetables, he looked like a mama. *laughs* I thought "He's going to become a great mama." Lately, we send each other mails a lot, but when I ask him "What are you doing today?" I just get a one word reply, "Yoshitsune". *laughs* So I just answered "Bye". Takizawa-kun is someone with a deep sense of duty and kindness... if your telephone number changes, please make sure to tell me.

Yaotome Hikaru
Once when we went to different areas for a concert, I was called out to his room. Then he told me a truly scary story. I was really afraid. Next time, I'll tell Takizawa-kun a scary story and make him cry! Takizawa-kun gave me the mail address of his cellphone, but it disappeared, so please give it to me again.

Yabu Kôta
For me, Takizawa-kun is perfect. He can sing as well as dance and act. When we acted together in "Taiyô no kisetsu" he told me "It's okay if you're just normal. Don't be nervous, it will be alright." He's such a kind senpai!

Nagase Tomoya
Takki and I don't hang out privately, but when we met, we talked a lot. My impression of him at that time was "This kind of guy can be found everywhere". Though he seems to have the public image of being a super idol. *laughs* I like it that Takki can be so normal. I want him to always have this "normalcy". No matter how busy he is with work, he makes time for the things he likes. That's impressive, isn't it. He also seems to like spending time at his computer, but I guess he isn't like me who forgets the time and stays at the computer until morning?

Imai Tsubasa
Are you playing the game I gave you? When I gave it to you you were like "Great!!!", so doubtlessly you were happy about it, weren't you? But there was also staff around, and since he is the king of reaction... I think his reaction looked a bit as if he was on television, but doubtlessly he was happy about it! He's doing the Taiga dorama, so I guess he doesn't have much time to play it, but I want him to relax and relieve stress with that game.
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thats gr8
he so cute
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yeah..he is....hes juz a gud senpai..evryone seems to adore him..=]
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he's so adorable....
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so kawaii just like a big bro to everyone ^__^
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i love Takki and Yamapi pair

aside from TxT of course
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