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Posted 7/5/08 , edited 7/6/08
I thought the group would like a little change.. maybe to increase activity.
So add some music here and there, add some more pics on the front page and such. I plan to add a game on it so yeah. =] Maybe you guys would enjoy it. who knows. xD

I need the following format like this if it isn't too hard to ask.
Song name
Link (gotta be imeem ~duhz)

I am going to make 2 new member ranks, for one of them your powers are.. you get part of the mods, AND creator's powers.
(Meaning you get power to ban people.. >.> But we know you'll use that power for good right?) =D

second new member rank will be you get usual powers, plus mod powers.

There will be a pole for these songs sometime in September or mid October, for you guys to advise for the best song. =] winners get the new members rank.

People who's participated I'll give them the second new rank power. :/ I don't know if this will be sucessful, but I hope it will be.
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